10+ Free Digital Badge Templates (Ready to Use)

Unlock the power of digital badging with these free and expert-designed badge templates. Show off your skills with a bang.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: June 25, 2024

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Is there a single, unique badge template you've already searched the entire web for? Well, you can end up your exploration here. These digital badge templates are ready for you to customize and add that extra flair.

Professional designers from Certifier have already done the hard work for you and created free badge templates library. Take a look at the effect!

Digital badges - what are they?

Digital badges are a form of online recognition that your course participants, employees, students, etc., can earn for demonstrating specific skills, knowledge, achievements, or contributions. As digital credentials, they can be displayed on a variety of digital platforms, such as social media profiles, resumes, and online portfolios.

How can a proper badge template help you stand out?

It may seem that creating personal badges isn't a big deal. The truth is, if you take care of a cohesive brand image, it could end up having a larger impact than you expected. Why?

  • A well-designed badge template creates brand recognition and promotes brand awareness by using branding elements.

  • Creating visually appealing badges with clear messaging motivates individuals to participate and achieve more goals, thereby contributing to the overall growth of your business.

  • Right badge template design helps its recipients distinguish themselves from others and boost their professional credibility.

But here’s the thing – not all digital badges are created equal. To make a real impact, you’ve got to have a badge that looks credible and is in line with your brand image. That’s where a proper customized badge template comes in.

Certifier free digital badging templates to get you started

Here is a list of different types of badges that you can use or draw inspiration from. Through custom badge options and a drag & drop editor, Certifier allows you to customize each badge and give them any tweaks you need.

Just press the “Download the template” button and sign up for a forever-free plan. It's that simple.

Classic badge templates

Classic badge template design.

[Download the template]

These are badges that will impress even the most demanding users. With a classic circle badge template design, they suit any company style. Simply add the badge holder information, job title, and voila – they're ready to go!

Hexagon badge templates

Hexagon badge templates from the Certifier templates library.

[Download the template]

There are many options for badge making, and one of them is hexagon badges. These are unique and creative designs that will surely grab your recipients' attention. Each badge template can be customized by changing the color bases, font size, and text (if you use the Certifier badge generator).

Minimalistic completion badge

Minimalistic badge templates.

[Download the template]

The badge template images above show school badges that are perfect for showing appreciation and reward for student performance. Because of the ribbon, they work best if you want to recognize somebody with a certain title. But don’t worry – they’re not designed only as templates for students – you can use them for any purpose you like.

Colorful theme badge template

Colorful digital badges.

[Download the template]

Why not try something different instead of a traditional circle badge shape? If you’re looking for something non-obvious, these colorful staff badges might be the one you’re looking for. 

Tweaked digital badges

Tweaked digital badge template.

[Download the template]

Do you want to stay within the frames but also tweak a few things? Here is the template that, because of this “broken” ribbon shape, stands out among the usual badge variations. This is a great option if you want to experiment with colors without letting them dominate your designs.

Professional recognition badge

Traditional badge template from the Certifier templates library.

[Download the template]

These badges evolve respect. Their dark design will guarantee that the professionalism and recognition of your brand are kept intact. As these badges use almost black colors, you must use them carefully, as all elements must be visible to be read properly. You can always add a hint of color, though, for the highlight effects.

Detailed badge template

Detailed badge template design.

[Download the template]

If you choose this badge template, you can add the color, text, and company logo, along with the icon that illustrates what this badge is about. Cool and original frames make it a great option if you want to emphasize the design of your badge.

Rectangular badge templates

Rectangular badge template with colorful elements.

[Download the template]

This badge template is complete – has a place for a short description, title, and a company logo. If you also have some badge levels, you can use the star ratings to highlight that. The final result will be a completely professional recognition badge that your customers can use proudly.

Oracle badge inspiration

Oracle badge inspiration.

Source: Oracle Education

Oracle badges are a well-known form of recognition and certification that are often used to recognize employees. Soft patterns on the background give the badge more personality while still keeping it professional. They express the quality and prestige associated with achieving Oracle certification.

Meta Blueprint credentials inspiration

Meta badge inspiration.

Source: Business Learn Facebook

The Meta Blueprint is an online platform that provides access to various learning materials, such as online courses that you can end up receiving the badge. The Meta badge design is super simple yet professional. Sticking to the one main badge color with the white text and border makes it stand out on any page. 

Adobe Creative Cloud badge inspiration

Adobe badge inspiration.

Source: Certified Professional Adobe

Adobe has definitely moved away from the typical badge shape. It's good for the receivers – nobody will miss this badge on their online portfolios. White spaces between elements can be used as an inspiration for how to divide information between elements.

Cambridge Assessment Badges Inspiration

Cambridge badge template inspiration.

Source: Cambridge Assessment

We're expecting Cambridge badges to be traditional. The results surprised us a lot. Design-wise, the badges are beautiful. Using powerful colors along with a simple element at the bottom makes them look modern and unique. Showing up that the Cambridge Assessment Network is keeping up with the times.

Google Cloud Community Badge

Google badge design inspiration.

Source: Google Cloud Community

Refreshed Google Badge design connects more to the broad Google brand. A perfect example for professional community badges to be more than just text with a logo. The simple badge doesn’t mean boring in this case.

How to create personalized badges with Certifier online badge maker?

Most badge maker applications lack intuitiveness and pose problems to the average user. But luckily, Certifier streamlined the process to the minimum. It is super easy to go through, and you don't need any experience to get started. How to make digital badges?

#1 Create an account

Certifier is a universal badge maker that is free to start with as it provides a forever-free plan. You just need a valid email address. That’s basically all. No credit card details are required.

#2 Choose a template

Certifier provides a library of free badge templates that is constantly updated with the patterns. Each style goes in different badge color palettes, so you can choose the one that suits you best. If you wish to, you can create your own badge style from scratch with a blank template.

#3 Create your own badge

Certifier badge generator and creator for creating and sending badges in bulk.

Adding and removing elements is up to you. The sky is the limit here. Change bases, ribbons, and icons. Without the hassle of the badge design. Add the appropriate text, and change the font and its size. There you go – now you can send it out.

Are you sending badges to multiple recipients? Certifier online badge maker makes it easy. Automate badge distribution by sending them in bulk.

Start badging now

Digital badging is a valuable way to recognize and reward people for their achievements. With the availability of free digital badging templates, creating your own badges that are aligned with the brand and look pro has never been easier.

Thus, badge templates are the savior. And Certifier is the real deal. Create your own personal badges now and stand out from the crowd!

Digital badging: FAQs

You might have a lot of questions about digital badging while designing your own. Here's a list of the most common ones.

The most popular badge size is 400 x 400 pixels. This size provides compatibility across various platforms and allows for clear visibility without taking up excessive space. But if you use Certfier design editor, you don’t have to worry about proper sizes. We've already set them up for you.

2. Do I need to comply with any badge requirements?

Yes, there may be certain requirements you need to comply with depending on the platform or organization that will be issuing the badge. For example, some platforms may require that badges meet certain technical specifications or that they align with a specific visual style guide. 

3. What are the different types of badges?

There are various sorts of badges, each serving different purposes, including achievement badges, competency badges, recognition badges, or even invitation badges. The type of badge you choose will depend on the purpose of the badge and what you want to recognize.

4. Is a printable badge available in Certifier?

Of course, it is. You can download the personalized badge template to PDF and print it. However, instead of creating separate certificates for each custom name badge creation, we recommend using Certifier in the way it was intended. Do you need more information on how to do that? You can find them here: Introducing Digital Badges.

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