February 02, 2023

42 Free PowerPoint Certificate Templates

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42 Free PowerPoint Certificate Templates


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Need a PowerPoint certificate template right now? And best if it's free?

With these free certificate template PPT, you can create customizable certificates that will make any recipient feel special – literally in a matter of minutes.

Whether it's for a job well done or for recognizing someone’s special achievements, our templates are sure to bring a smile to the faces.

Let’s dig in! 

How do Certifier PowerPoint certificates work?

Certifier customizable templates are truly smashing other ready-made designs – they are easy to modify, can be downloaded in seconds, and delivered straight to the recipient’s email inbox (once you become the Certifier member).

If you wish, you can still drill in certificates with PowerPoint, but Certifier templates make this process much more simple.

At least – you don’t have to worry about their designs. These templates were all designed by professionals, so they’re polished in every detail. Even so, they still give you some space for personalization to make them a perfect match with your branding.

Certifier library of free powerpoint certificate templates.

Certifier doesn't cut corners when it comes to creating your certificates. Our certificate designs capture a professional and polished look, making sure that the hard work of, e.g., your business management students is celebrated with style.

Can you imagine how easy it would be to create stunning PowerPoint certificates with just a few clicks? In fact, it's possible. Here's a quick tutorial on how to create certificates with PowerPoint using Certifier.

Best ready-made PowerPoint certificate templates collection

Let’s get to the point. Here is the list of free premium certificate templates PPT for your immediate use.

These are all printable certificate templates, but please remember to use them responsibly and care about the planet. 

Important: All fonts used for the PowerPoint templates below are free and downloadable and are from the Google font collection.

#1 Aesthetically pleasing training PowerPoint certificate templates

Purple free powerpoint certificate of training from Certifier library.

[Get the training certificate template]

This editable template will be right in any professional's workspace. With a modern, bold violet design and easy-to-read text, your recipients will remember the occasion you chose to celebrate. This template will help you present awards and certificates with pride.

Template features:

  • Modern design in outstanding colors, sure to make an impact

  • Easy to edit, customize and print without hours of instruction

  • Ready to insert the official company logo or award emblem

  • Formats available for Microsoft Word, Google Slides, and Figma

Font: Montserrat 

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#2 Professional appreciation PPT certificate templates

Professional powerpoint certificate of appreciation.

[Get the appreciation certificate templates]

This impressive certificate is a useful tool for businesses and organizations that want to recognize the hard work of employees. By using this template, you can customize the certificate's appearance to match your organization's branding and ensure that each recipient receives an attractive award. 

Template features:

  • Simple, modern, and professional design

  • Special place for detailed award description 

  • Elegant layout optimized for easy reading

  • Formats available for Google Slides and Figma

Fonts: Montserrat and Pacifico 

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#3 Awesome certificate of achievement templates

Pastel blue PowerPoint certificate template from Certifier library.

[Get the achievement certificate templates]

How about the template that just looks outstanding? If you're looking for more creative options, this digital certificate template is for you. Additionally, the layout, divided by lines, will make it readable and pleasurable to look at – it will cover all details about the award.

Template features:

  • Design variations in blue-pink, orange, and purple

  • Eye-catching modern design

  • Easy-to-read layout

  • Adjustable to any branding 

Font: Josefin Sans

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#4 Classic certificate of appreciation template PPT free

Classic certificate of appreciation from Certifier free certificate templates library.

[Get the certificate of appreciation templates]

Certificate template styles like this one seem to convey an important message. Indeed, that is the case. This template has an extremely professional look, making it perfect for recognizing somebody's accomplishments. Your appreciation can't be expressed more clearly.

Template features:

  • Plain background makes it a great download certificate template to print

  • The recipient's name is positioned centrally to highlight the certificate's purpose

  • A special place to write an appreciation message 

Font: Cinzel and Josefin Sans

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#5 Arty certificate of achievement templates

Arty with graphic elements free powerpoint certificate template.

[Get the certificate of achievement templates]

Definitely, one of the templates to go into the category of the creative certificate. A perfect fit for any occasion – but especially those that let the imagination run wild, such as a graphic design course. Works well as gift certificate template as well as award certificate template.

Template features:

  • Colorful visual elements that add variety to the design

  • Entirely customizable certificate template

  • Goes in two color scheme options – orange and blue

Font: Josefin Sans

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#6 Formal certificate of achievement templates

Dark blue simple certificate of achievement ready to download to PowerPoint.

[Get this certificate of excellence template]

Another digital certificate that is worth your attention. This template can be your best bet if you want something simple but still stands out. With versions in blue, burgundy, green, and orange, there is a fit for everyone. 

Template features:

  • Classy premium templates design

  • Space for certification details

  • Standard format available for Google Slides and Figma

Font: Lobster and Montserrat

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

⏩ Do you want to add a digital signature to your certificate? Read on How to Create a Signature for Certificate Design in 6 Ways

#7 Shining recognition certificate templates

Colorful certificate of recognition from free PowerPoint certificate templates library in Certifier.

[Get the recognition certificate template]

It's time to say goodbye to outdated certificates that are all the same. Here is a collection of colorful, interesting, and attractive certificate templates that showcases your attention to every detail.

Template features:

  • Highly customizable in the Certifier certification program

  • The colorful slide gives the design an extra spark

  • Format available for Google Slides, Figma, and Microsoft Word

  • Available in a modern orange, green, blue, and purple gradients

Font: Josefin Sans and Prompt

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#8 Slick certificate of recognition templates

College style slick powerpoint certificate of recognition templates.

[Get the certificate of recognition templates]

This is the certificate that will make your recipients feel proud to hold it. It is clear at first glance that it carries an important message. A perfect choice for medical symposiums or university graduates. 

Template features:

  • A two-part certificate template border makes the design look even more spectacular

  • Space for detail description (it allows for more than one signature image too)

  • College-vibe elements

  • Ribbons available in classy dark blue, brown, and green

  • Downloadable to Figma, Google Slides, and Microsoft Word

Font: Birthstone, Cinzel, and Manrope

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#9 Simple certificate of participation template PPT free download

Simple red free powerpoint certificate templates to download.

[Get the certificate of completion templates]

You can use this certificate of attendance as proof of participation in a webinar, an online conference, or any other type of event. The simple and minimalist design can be easily adapted to any brand, making it your own in just a few strokes.

Template features:

  • Minimalistic design, easy to adapt

  • Special space for additional elements, such as badges

  • Available in modest red, blue, and apricot

Font: Montserrat and Sacramento

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#10 Humble certificate of awesomeness

Humble certificate of awesomeness from free powerpoint certificate templates library.

[Get the certificate of achievement templates]

It's this type of certificate that will adapt to every situation. Designed with bright, pastel colors and embellished with some extra objects, it is a great way to show appreciation for the efforts of an individual or team.

Template features:

  • Space for a detailed description of the achievement

  • Gradient background that adds a professional touch

  • Downloadable in Figma, and Google Slides format

Font: Montserrat

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#11 Traditional certificate of achievement templates

Green with golden elements traditional certificate of achievement templates.

[Get the certificate of achievement templates]

This classy template is a great way to recognize and reward outstanding performance. It features an elegant design with gold accents and a modern font. It’s perfect for recognizing excellence in any field or profession.

Template features:

  • Formal and sophisticated design

  • Suitable for special occasions 

  • Available in mint blue, brown, dark green, and olive

Font: Montserrat, Poppins, and Whisper

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

#12 Amusing certificate of achievement

Free certificate template for powerpoint.

[Get the amusing certificate templates]

This type of certificate is playful in nature, with colorful graphics and bright colors that make the recipient smile. It can be used to reward students, kids, or even friends and family members who have achieved something special. 

Template features:

  • Ideal for kids and children

  • Available in pastel colors

  • Simple designs spiced up with graphic elements 

Font: Kalam, Montserrat, and Ubuntu

Available dimensions: landscape (21 x 29.7cm) and portrait (29.7 x 21cm) format

Where can you find more certificate template PPT?

Here is the list of PowerPoint certificate templates for free download. Use them as your inspiration.


Slidesgo powerpoint certificate template.

Slidesgo is a library of certificate template PowerPoint. Please note that you have a limited number of downloads – 2 without signing up and 5 in the free plan.


SlideModel powerpoint certificate template.

SlideModel is another source of great PowerPoint certificate template design. But you get free access only to weekly slides – otherwise, you have to pay almost $25 for one-day access.


Microsoft source of certificate of participation template ppt free download.

Microsoft provides a library of PowerPoint certificate template. Nevertheless, it's quite limited and not updated regularly.

And the list doesn’t end here

Do you still need more PowerPoint certificate templates free download? Nothing to worry about. The certificates listed above are available in a variety of colors and orientations. Browse templates in the Certifier template library.

And we are constantly adding new designs, so stay tuned and become a Certifier member!

The forever-free account lets you customize each certificate to meet your needs 100%. With us, you'll be on fire with creating certificates from today on!

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