September 15, 2023

35+ Free Printable Certificate Templates You Can Edit

Creating certificates that are perfect for printing involves many steps. From certificate borders to resolution, size, and paper. But why bother if you can use professional certificate templates instead? This blog post contains beautiful certificate templates that work well when printed. Find the one that fits your brand, customize, and print it. It's that easy!

How do you benefit from ready-to-print certificate templates?

Printable certificate templates are like cheats and codes for your favorite game on PC. Things can be done much faster and without as much effort. And the truth to be told – artistic talent does not come naturally to everyone. In other words, if you are not a graphic designer, ready-made templates you can print in a few clicks are your best friends.

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Creative certificates

This set of creative certificate templates is the ultimate choice to spotlight notable achievements in any field. Let's make the design a little more artistic. Designed for effortless printing.

#1 Splash of creativity template

[Download this printable creative template]

Get noticed with this vibrant blue-violet achievement certificate. Tailored for those who think outside the box, a cool spot for your logo and a QR code give a layer of formality. Trust us, it's not your average template. Specifically tailored for the trendsetters and innovators.

Expert tip: Fresh eyes are more likely to catch mistakes. Use the help of a second person to review the certificate content for errors. Use Certifier certificate maker to automate certificate creation and generate certificates based on spreadsheets. It minimizes the chances of any errors.

#2 Techie notebook printable certificate template

[Download techie notebook creative template]

Taking inspiration from a notebook page, this modern design screams IT excellence. And if your printer’s having a color-shy day, don’t worry – it looks just as handsome in black and white.

#3 Certificate template for vibrant celebrations

[Download this ready-to-print template]

Bright, cheerful, and bursting with color, this certificate template is a joy to design. Its lively palette captures the essence of every celebration, be it a cooking class, art workshop, or any special event. Perfect for occasions that deserve to be celebrated in style.

#4 Two-toned triumph ready-to-print certificate

[Download two-toned certificate template]

A distinctive design split between a calm grey and vibrant orange. Highlight the achiever's name and delve into their accomplishments all in one place. There is even space for a quote in this template!

#5 Artistic printable certificate template

[Download artsy certificate template]

Take a look at this artsy template, decorated with a variety of colors and graphics. Perfect for showcasing your linguistic prowess or for language course achievements.

#6 Orange design template

[Download this orange design template]

This certificate's modern design, splashed with vibrant orange on a white canvas, ensures every achievement stands out. Printing this design guarantees an eye-catching and memorable tribute to achieving goals.

#7 Dark violet certificate to print

[Download dark violet creative template]

You’ll love the dark mood of this design, featuring a deep violet background with names illuminated in a contrasting pink. Perfect for when you want to highlight someone's standout contributions.

#8 Floral eye-catching certificate

[Download floral certificate template]

Crafted with florists in mind, this template captures the essence of nature with its gentle flower pattern. But don't be fooled by its specialty. It's versatile enough to bloom for any event.

#9 Floral completion certificate

[Download floral framed certificate template]

With a gentle cascade of floral patterns, this one is a gem for webinars. It's like rewarding someone with a bouquet for their achievements.

Blank certificate background printable templates

If you need some printable certificates with blank backgrounds, here is the set for you. You can literally print the certificate in minutes without much ink spent!

#10 Plain printable certificate template

[Download plain certificate template]

Striking the right chord between vibrancy and subtlety, this design is a great choice. Gently accented with bursts of color, it's adaptable enough for various occasions (yet unique to make any achievement stand out!).

#11 Monochromatic template

[Download monochromatic certificate template]

Stepping away from the chaos of colors, this grey-themed design celebrates the beauty of simplicity. Its unique layout provides a distinctive look and organizes content beautifully – making it apt for those who seek sophistication without the fanfare.

#12 Online course participation template

[Download online course certificate template]

Covered in a refreshing sea blue, this template is your best choice for online courses and webinars. Print your attendees’ digital achievements, and watch them shine brightly.

#13 Adaptable to any occasion certificate design

[Download adaptable certificate template]

This design boasts a blend of multiple options – from lively greens and deep oranges to regal burgundies and calming blues. The vibrant layout mirrors the diverse achievements it's meant to honor, making it an apt choice for various awards.

#14 Course participation template

[Download course certificate template]

Taking inspiration from those ivy-league certificates, this template, adorned with a dark red ribbon and a golden badge, is your classic touch to celebrate the completion of any course.

#15 Traditional tribute template

[Download traditional template]

Perfect for those grand ceremonies marking significant completions. Print this design for a formal and traditional look to maintain the gravity and respect such milestones deserve.

Modern printable certificate templates

Say thank you with these modern templates you can print. They're the perfect way to show appreciation for those who've made a difference, whether at work or in personal projects.

#16 Elegant certificate template

[Download elegant certificate template]

Choose from soothing shades of blue, green, or brown for this elegant certificate. Tailored for acts of kindness, its design invites a personal touch with space for a meaningful message. Perfect for honoring charitable souls.

#17 Professional prestige print

[Download professional print template]

This sleek, modern design sprinkled with subtle green hints offers plenty of room for detailed compliments. Print it out to bring the professionalism of the digital format to tangible life.

#18 Sleek and structured certificate template

[Sleek and structured certificate template]

A blend of modern design and a pink-violet pattern, this one's crafted for the giants of the corporate world. This is your pick when you need a certificate that mirrors professionalism with a hint of flair.

#19 Modern design certificate

[Modern design certificate template]

It is minimalist at first glance, but wait till your eyes catch the vibrant graphics on the left! This printable certificate translates its colorful frame beautifully on paper, giving any achievement that extra pop.

Expert tip: If you want graphics in your certificate design, check their resolution (300 DPI is the best) to get sharp and clear printing. Use vector graphics whenever possible, as they can be resized without losing quality. Check that the certificate size matches the paper you're using.

#20 Corporate class certificate

[Corporate printable certificate template]

Green frames with a clean interior, this template seamlessly blends modernity with a corporate vibe. You can print it out to recognize corporate milestones sharply and neatly.

#21 Pink Poppins print

[Pink printable certificate template]

Featuring a fantastic grey backdrop, pops of pink, and the stylish Poppins font, this design houses a QR code that effortlessly blends into the background. This template reflects a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

#22 Modern certificate of completion

[Modern printable certificate template]

The calm white and blue palette of this template is a symbol of grace and sophistication. This is the perfect gift for someone who has taken the time to excel.

Expert tip: Want to print your certificates professionally? Check out this professional certificate printing guide to get all the crucial details.

Simple print-ready certificates

Make your life easier, and choose one of the pre-designed simple templates you can print with a click!

#23 Bold and blue brilliance

[Bold and blue printable certificate template]

Why complicate things? Go for this clean and bold template with subtle patterns in the background. It's a universal fit for any kind of achievement. Simplicity at its finest!

#24 Minimalistic certificate template

[Minimalistic to print certificate template]

Stunningly simple, yet bare and elegant. This minimalist, no-fuss template is a top choice for content winners and standout students. Less is indeed more in this case.

#25 Sporty, dynamic lines

[Green printable certificate template]

A lush green background with lines makes this perfect for sports and activity achievements. This certificate vividly celebrates every sprint, jump, and swing when printed.

#26 Golden minimalism

[Golden minimalism printable certificate template]

Designed for those who believe 'less is more,' this template beautifully combines a subtle grey frame with a striking golden badge at its heart. It captures the essence of elegance and refined simplicity, ensuring your recipient feels nothing short of special.

#27 Deep green gift certificate

[Deep green printable award certificate template]

Deep greens paired with luxe golden patterns. It's perfect for demonstrating mastery in training programs or any learning milestones.

#28 Golden badge glory

[Golden badge certificate template]

A traditional blue certificate complete with a golden badge and elegant ribbon has been crafted with precision and includes space for a QR code. Pride and accomplishment are evident in each print.

Traditional printable certificate templates

Wrap up courses and workshops in style with this collection of traditional templates. They're your best choice for highlighting your participants' dedication and hard work.

#29 The timeless classic certificate template

[Classic printable certificate template]

Elegance, sophistication, and a touch of vintage charm. This certificate, dressed in a classic shade of green and framed with beautiful patterns, reflects formality. When you want to make an impression that lasts, this is your go-to. Your recipient feels genuinely celebrated.

#30 Majestic certificate template

[Majestic printable certificate template]

When formality is vital, this dark, almost black template with a shining golden frame is the obvious choice. For achievements as grand as the night sky.

#31 Clear and classy certificate of award

[Clear and classy printable certificate template]

Masterfully blending clear, crisp lettering with a gentle, subtle patterned backdrop, this template stands in a league of its own. It’s perfect for those who wish to strike a balance between the seriousness of achievement and the chicness of modern design. A certificate that’s sure to be pinned with pride!

#32 Violet certificate template

[Violet certificate template to print]

Feel the magic of violet with this fancy finish, complete with elegant curves. It may remind you of a fairy-tale princess, but it's flexible enough for professionals, too! A royal touch for special appreciation.

#33 Elegant essentials

[Elegant certificate template to print]

Bringing pure class, this design keeps things minimal yet impactful. It's proof of the idea that sometimes, understated elegance can speak louder than the loudest recognition. Perfect for those moments when you want to convey respect and admiration in a classy, timeless manner.

#34 Vintage-vibe certificate to print

[Vintage certificate template to print]

With its beige backdrop and stylish brown ribbon to the right, this printable certificate holds enough space for congratulatory remarks. Its formal appearance guarantees that each printout evokes respect.

#35 Violet editable certificate template

[Violet and editable certificate template to print]

A soft violet color framed with charming curls. This certificate sticks to the traditional essence of certificates. Adding a touch of heritage to milestone celebrations is a great way to mark the occasion.

#36 Simple design with a violet touch

[Simple design certificate template to print]

Simple, sleek, and incredibly versatile. This white and violet design is a canvas ready to be molded to fit your brand's essence.

Expert tip: Set consistent margins on all sides of your certificate design to maintain a professional appearance. Avoid placing important text or elements too close to the edges to prevent them from getting cut off during trimming.

#37 College spirit certificate template

[College spirit certificate template to print]

Bringing out the spirit of college sports and academics. Perfect for MVPs on the field or top scholars in the classroom, the golden badge provides the finishing touch to this template, perfect for printing.

Download your template and print it

Do you find the certificate design for printing that you’ve been looking for? The last step is to download the template and customize it to your needs. Remember to:

  • Check the spelling and grammar

  • Add logo and branding

  • Generate a QR code to add a layer of credibility

  • Put your signature on it

And that's it! You're ready to push the “print” button!

FAQ: Free printable certificate template

Explore this frequently asked questions section to get the answers to all concerns related to printable online certificate templates.

1. How do I create a printable certificate?

It is pretty easy to create certificates that are ready to print. Choose a design platform or software (like Certifier). Select a template or design certificate from scratch using a built-in editor. Input the relevant details. Customize your design to fit your branding. Save your work as a high-resolution PDF. Print your certificate!

2. Is there a certificate template in Word?

Yes, Microsoft Word offers a variety of certificate templates. All you have to do is go to the 'File' menu and select 'New.' In the search bar, type "certificate" and press Enter.

PS. The Certifier templates are also available in Word format. You can see all the Word certificate templates here.

3. What is the format for printing certificates?

The best format for printing certificates is usually a high-resolution PDF file. This format ensures that the design elements remain intact and that the print quality is optimal. Opt for a 300 DPI resolution for sharp, clear prints.

4. Where can I get free printable certificate templates?

Our favorite choices for finding certificate templates that can be easily printed are:

  • Certifier certificate template gallery – Dozens of expert-designed certificate templates and the option to automatically generate them

  • Canva – Customizable certificate templates (but you have to create each certificate manually)

  • Pinterest – Great source of certification inspiration!


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