Introducing A Major Upgrade Of Certifier's Free Plan: 250 Credentials, PDF Export, & More!

Today we're excited to announce a major upgrade to our Free plan: not only did we increase the limit of credentials you can issue for free, but added some of the most frequently requested features. Read to find out more.

Introducing A Major Upgrade Of Certifier's Free Plan: 250 Credentials, PDF Export, & More! cover image


Uliana Kysheniuk

Updated: July 18, 2023

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Start sending badges & certificates with Certifier's new Free Plan 🎉

At Certifier, our mission has always been to offer unmatched value to our users. This is why we're absolutely delighted to announce a massive upgrade to our Free plan based on the feedback we've received from users like you.

Key features in Certifier's new Free Plan

📄 250 Free Certificates or Badges 

Now you can unlock the potential of Certifier with unprecedented 250 free credentials – no other platform comes close.

🔽 PDF Export 

You asked, and we listened! Now you can easily export generated credentials as PDFs, having the freedom to interact with them in the way that best suits your needs.

🔗 Social Media Sharing 

Your recipients can now share their credentials on social media profiles! This acts as a powerful marketing tool and enhances your brand's visibility.

👩‍💼 LinkedIn Credentials 

Now, your recipients can add credentials to their LinkedIn profiles, enhancing their potential for career growth and promoting your brand.

🔍 Credential Verification 

The credentials you issue are now verifiable. Any third-party viewers can easily check the validity of your recipients’ achievements, reinforcing your reputation.

🪄 Custom Attributes

Your credentials designs are now even more customizable! You can now Your credentials designs are now even more customizable!

📝 Change Requests & Management

We're taking the hassle out of credential updates. Now, you can receive change requests from recipients, update, and resend credentials, all from your dashboard.

Thank you for being with us ❤️

We're excited to see how our new Free plan will empower you and your recipients.

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Uliana Kysheniuk

Product Manager at Certifier. At Certifier, Uliana plays a pivotal role in steering the development and enhancement of digital credential software solutions.

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