13 Non-profit Certificate Templates to Customize

It’s finally ready – free certificate templates for nonprofits that you can download with a click. Use them and customize however you want to.

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Aksen Semak

Updated: April 22, 2024

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Nonprofit management requires a lot of stuff to handle. If you don’t have much time to set it all up, it might seem overwhelming.

Now, the Certifier team has released free certificate templates. Collections include designs for nonprofit leadership, required core courses, or fundraising recognition. You just simply have to download them.

Scroll down to see them all.

How to use Certifier free certificate templates for nonprofit organizations?

Our pre-made certificate templates are here to help nonprofit boards tackle the problem with certificate programs. In literally a few minutes, they can create professional certificates for every occasion.

Certifier templates come in several different formats – Figma, Microsoft Word, and fully customizable Certifier format. In other words, they can be adjusted according to the certificate courses as needed.

How to download certificate templates for nonprofit organizations?

Image icon

Click the button under the template.

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Choose the landscape or portrait orientation.

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Choose the format available.

Use Certifier to add an extra layer of nonprofit management – QR codes, tracking dashboards, and automatic email distribution.

Free nonprofit certification templates to download

Here’s the nonprofit templates collection, perfect for any certificate program. Feel free to use it and customize it to your needs.

#1 Award certificate template for nonprofit fundraising

Green-bordered Fundraising Essentials Certificate with a gold emblem, recognizing the study of nonprofit revenue generation techniques.

It’s a real standout in our collection of nonprofit templates. With its cool green theme, it's perfect for students who've just nailed their certificate programs. A big congrats for getting the important stuff, from grant writing to nonprofit management.

#2 Nonprofit management certificate template

Light blue Certificate of Appreciation with geometric design accents on the corners and a date on the bottom.

This certificate of accreditation is perfect for every occasion – a big event, a milestone achievement, or just because. It's a fantastic way to show your volunteers how much they mean to your organization, especially during volunteer appreciation week or after a successful fundraising event.

#3 Certificate template for nonprofit fundraising training

Nonprofit Fundraising Certificate featuring a purple design and a gold seal.

Ideal for anyone looking to complete their education, advance their career, or simply gain a deeper understanding of the nonprofit world. Customize this violet nonprofit certificate of appreciation for your next class of dedicated learners ready to make a difference. A simple and clear layout will help you highlight the certificate date, course date, and logo.

#4 Certificate in nonprofit management program

Certificate of Nonprofit Management with an accreditation emblem, signature, and completion seal on a blue background.

Design perfect for leadership training programs or management workshops. Its simple and minimalistic style is an excellent way to recognize outstanding leaders. What's best of all? With Certifier, you can tweak this template to fit your exact needs. Add your logo, and play around with the fonts and colors to match your brand.

#5 Certificate of accreditation in nonprofit financial management

Dark purple Certificate of Accreditation with a gold star seal, indicating completion of advanced nonprofit administration.

Here's the template that every nonprofit board needs to spotlight the prestige of their awards. With a sleek, dark modern design, it perfectly captures the significance and dignity of high-ranking recognition. Its bold, contemporary aesthetic sets the tone for the importance of the award. Choose this one and make each recipient proud to receive it.

#6 Certificate template for a nonprofit management course

Nonprofit Essentials Certificate with a grey background, validating strategies in nonprofit marketing management.

Take a look at this sleek “Nonprofit Essentials Certificate” with its cool minimalistic vibes. Got someone who's crushed it in Nonprofit Marketing Management? Put their name in lights, just like “Emma Johnson” here. This template comes with everything – neat lines, a verified stamp, and space for the big bosses to sign off.

#7 Nonprofit leadership certificate in nonprofit sector

Lilac Nonprofit Leadership Certificate with a circular emblem on the bottom right and a clean, simple design.

This nonprofit leadership certificate template keeps it classy with a white backdrop decorated with cool violet waves that give off a calm yet artsy vibe. The purple border twists around the edge and adds a neat frame without stealing the show. Your recipient gets the attention in big, bold letters right in the middle. It's simple, it's sleek, and it's got that professional look that'll make any recipient proud to hang it up.

#8 Certificate of completion for financial management program

Blue Certificate of Completion with a gold seal on the upper right, and a blue abstract design on the corners.

Another dark violet template that brings professionalism from the outset. This color is often associated with wisdom, dignity, and ambition, that’s why it’s an ideal choice for certificates that recognize significant accomplishments in nonprofit activities. Change the wording to reflect the specific accomplishment, add a QR code for authenticity, or adjust the fonts and colors to match your brand identity.

#9 Certificate in nonprofit management template

Light purple Certificate in Nonprofit Management with a professional emblem on the bottom right and a straightforward layout.

This certificate template has a crisp, modern look with a soft violet touch. Large, semi-transparent circles drift across the background and create a bubble-like effect. The certificate name pops out at the top and makes it clear what the achievement is all about. Everything's neatly wrapped up with the date and place of issue.

#10 Simple certificate template for nonprofit professionals

Blue-framed Certificate in Nonprofit Marketing with gold seal and blue ribbon accents.

This blue certificate template is all business with its sharp grey and blue lines. It's ready to fill in for someone who's just completed their nonprofit course. It's got a nice gold sticker on it for the year they finished up, and space at the bottom for the date and a signature to make it official. Straight to the point and super easy to use.

#11 Nonprofit certificate template for fund accounting

Deep blue Fundraising Essentials Certificate with a blue badge of honor in the upper right corner.

It’s a nonprofit template that keeps all the details organized. A deep blue left margin balances out the rest of the space. With the issuing date and a unique certificate ID at the bottom, it's all set for sending out and awarding to those who've got their fundraising game on point.

#12 Nonprofit certificate template with minimal design

Certificate in Nonprofit Marketing on a green chevron pattern background with two signatory lines.

This green template, with subtle patterns in the background, is a wonderful way to honor the creative minds that bring fresh ideas and perspectives. And with Certifier, personalizing this certificate is a piece of cake. Add your brand colors, tweak the fonts, or include specific details like QR codes. It's a fun, easy way to make your creative geniuses feel truly special.

#13 Bright certificate template for nonprofit courses

Grey Certificate of Completion for a Board Member Essentials Course with a minimalistic design.

A light background shows off the certificate title in a bold, dark font. Right below, the recipient's name stands out in a large, elegant typeface, clearly marking the achievement. Subtle details like the certificate ID in the upper left and the date of issue in the upper right are neatly placed so that all the essential information is included without cluttering the view. 

Why should nonprofit organizations use certificates?

The ability to get nonprofit certificates can give such organizations a lot of advantages. They're a way to make people feel seen, appreciated, and part of something bigger – your nonprofit community. You can get much more from them than that.

Saying thanks to volunteers

Do you know how volunteers give their time and energy without expecting much in return? A certificate is a simple yet heartfelt way to say that you really appreciate what they’re doing. They deserve a high-five for all the hard work they've put into nonprofit activities. And, certificates are also a great addition to their resumes or LinkedIn social media profiles!

Taking a moment to thank donors

The donors are like superheroes who help when they are needed. A certificate is a small but meaningful way to say thanks. It makes them feel good and keeps them connected to the cause. Furthermore, this small spark might keep them loyal to your organization.

Team’s motivator

The people who work at nonprofits? They're passionate but often underappreciated. You should think about the ways to keep them motivated. These little tangible things can show how much they're respected.

Community buzz

When you start handing out certificates at events or gatherings, it's like telling everyone that you’re all in this together. It creates this warm community feeling that's pretty special.

Nonprofit activities promotion

A framed certificate on a digital wall not only celebrates a donor's contribution but also spreads the word about your nonprofit's work. Shares act like personal endorsements, potentially reaching hundreds or thousands of people. Worth the effort, without a doubt.

Customize further for free

We hope that you’ve already found the perfect nonprofit certificate template. If not, you can always customize it with our free tools. Add your logo, text, and colors to make it truly unique. Then, share it with the world!

Still need some tweaks? Test out the drag-and-drop Certifier editor and see how it works for you.
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