Free Way to More Social Media Shares With Certificates

Ineffective social media ads can be frustrating and costly. Look at how social media certificates can help your business grow without spending a dime.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: January 22, 2024

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Anyone who has tried social media advertising knows how frustrating it can be to spend money on ads that don't work.

The number of social media ads people are exposed to is going up. At the same time, social media clicks and click-through rates (CTR) are decreasing. In other words, it means that it’s getting harder to catch the target audience's attention.

Yet, some solutions go against this trend. Get to know how the social media certification of your program can help you get the exposure you need for continued growth.

Spoiler: it doesn’t cost you any money.

Why do digital certificates matter in social media reality?

Ever heard the saying, "Walk the walk, and talk the talk"? That's what a digital certificate lets you do in digital marketing. It tells your potential customers that your online courses are not just another fake promise – you offer proven practical skills that provide your recipients with tangible benefits.

The presence of your certificates in social media literally opens up a world of opportunities.

Increased visibility that leads to organic traffic

When recipients proudly display their certificates on social media platforms, they become brand ambassadors. They endorse the quality and value of your certificate program to their networks. They show others the achieved goal – the completed course.

Why is it working? People like to see the result. It can motivate them to go through the same way. It sparks curiosity – they are likelier to click on the certificate badge to learn more about the certification program and the issuing organization. It's a kind of influencer marketing. If something is referred by someone they trust, it increases the likelihood that these clicks will result in engagements, such as sign-ups or purchases.

Freeway to reach a targeted audience

Digital credentials are not only a symbol of accomplishment. They are made for sharing. And they can play a vital role in building your business's visibility and reputation within the social media universe.

Take, for instance, the scenario where social media manager shares your social media marketing course certificate on LinkedIn. Their social media network consists of marketing professionals. This organic promotion expands our brand's reach and fosters trust and authenticity among potential clients and partners.

Ongoing online engagement with social media communities

With digital certificates, you can keep up an interaction with your certified online programs community. You can provide updates, relevant content, and exclusive opportunities to your certificate holders through various social media channels. It makes them feel belonging and loyal. This ongoing relationship can be an effective social media campaign – it leads to a stronger brand identity and increases the chance of repeat business and referrals.

7 Actions you can take to increase the impact of your digital certificates on social media

It's time to unlock the full potential of social media certification to boost your reach. Here are tested social media tactics (and not only!) that help you improve your marketing skills. No matter which social platforms you choose – take a deep dive into how to achieve your marketing objectives with social media certificates.

#1 Attract attention with eye-catching certificate design

People eat with their eyes first. It's the same with digital certificates. Your offerings might be superior, but with visually appealing credentials, they might get noticed in the social media noise.

Use the certificate maker tool to craft stunning, share-worthy certificates. They should embody your brand’s identity while captivating your recipients. It won't take long for your awardees to share well-designed credentials on social media – so you'll see your brand get more attention quickly.

Certificate editor for creating social media certificates.

If you need graphic designers at your disposal, you can use the Certifier library of certificate templates created by experts. There are hundreds of customizable layouts to choose from. And it takes a few minutes to make them with its built-in editor! Start for free.

#2 Integrate sharing feature into your certificates

Your recipients can’t keep their excitement of getting your certificate to themselves. Facilitate their celebration by integrating a user-friendly social share function into your digital certificates.

With just a click (or two), they should be able to post their certificates on preferred social media platforms. Not only does this user-friendly feature benefit your awardees, but it also brings your brand under the social media spotlight.

Sharing social media certificates via Certifier.

If you send out your certificates via Certifier certificate management software, your recipients can receive an email with a certificate and sharing button at once. The less they have to do to share the certificate, the more chances they don’t forget to publish it further.

#3 Follow-up after posting

Posting the certificate shouldn't be the end of the line. Stir up some interaction in the comments section. In other words, it's a social media marketing strategy for community building around your business.

  • Congratulate your recipients

  • Express your gratitude

  • Spark a conversation about their experience

This personal touch can foster a deeper bond between your brand and the recipients. You show that you care about them or are curious about how your certificate opens up their career opportunities. All that is boosting your brand's social media presence and creating a professional brand image.

#4 Highlight success stories and user-generated content

When a recipient achieves something noteworthy using your certificate, don’t let it slide. With their approval, share their success story on your social media profiles.

Not only does this social media strategy bring more attention to your certificates, but it also emphasizes the practical value your service offers.

#5 Create badges for more buzz

Badges are little tokens of achievements. You can use them to boost your certification program as they can be distributed throughout the course, not just at its end.

Creating badges for more social media exposure.

These badges can represent skills or levels achieved during the course. It can be super effective on social media – recipients can talk about every step of their progress.

For example, Duolingo allows its online students to achieve badge rewards for education units. It not only works as a huge motivator (those who tried it once know what we’re talking about) but also helps track the degree program's progress.

#6 Boost excitement with contests

Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition. Run social media contests or giveaways asking your recipients to share their certificates, tag their friends, or use your unique hashtags.

Rewarding participants with discounts, early access to new courses, or merchandise can fuel participation. As more recipients share their certificates, the visibility of your certificates on social media will grow!

#7 Use the hashtag power

Create a unique hashtag for each certificate you offer. Motivate your recipients to use these hashtags while sharing their achievements.

Preparing hashtags for greater social media reach.

[Discover more customizable certificate templates]

You’ll create a digital tribe – a community of achievers linked by your certificates. In turn, expect more shares of your credentials.

Smooth sail to more shares with social media certification

So there you have it – the magic recipe for greater shares and social reach with certificates. They're not just badges of honor – they're powerful tools in your social media toolkit, ready to maximize your digital impact.

Don't underestimate the potential of social media certificates – create them today, and watch your social media growth take off.

Social media certificates: FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that may bother you if you decide to use social media certificates for your business.

As a business owner, why should I consider providing social media marketing certifications to boost my business exposure as a business owner?

A social media marketing certification can attract individuals seeking to enhance their skills. As these people share their achievements on their social channels, it naturally amplifies your business's visibility. 

Is having hands-on experience in social media management necessary to use certifications for my business growth effectively?

Not necessarily. While having hands-on experience in social media management can be a big plus (even at the beginner level). But it doesn’t mean you cannot drive a successful campaign only with basic knowledge.

How can I use digital marketing analytics to measure the effectiveness of my social media marketing certification campaign?

Numbers don't lie. Digital marketing analytics gives you insights into the success of your campaign. By analyzing metrics like reach, shares, likes, and conversion rates, you can evaluate the performance of your campaign and tweak your strategies as needed.

How can I leverage social media marketing certifications for successful social commerce on my digital platforms?

When your recipients share their certificates on social media, it naturally draws attention to your brand. Their networks see the value you provide, sparking interest. And voila, you've got potential customers knocking on your door – boosting your social commerce.

Is formal training necessary to understand the best marketing techniques for promoting certifications on social media channels?

While formal training offers in-depth knowledge, you can learn much by experimenting and learning on the go. What's critical is staying in tune with current marketing trends, understanding your audience's preferences, and always being ready to adapt and learn. Flexibility's the name of the game here!

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