Here’s How to Unlock the Power of AI Certificate Maker (+ Prompt Tips!)

Is an AI certificate maker the future? Discover how to use its power to your advantage. Let's dig into its functionality and the role of the Certifier in this dynamic scenario.

Here’s How to Unlock the Power of AI Certificate Maker (+ Prompt Tips!) cover image


Ola Kozielska

Updated: April 08, 2024

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“ChatGPT, I want you to be my AI certificate maker from now.” Well, it’s not that simple (yet). Asking Artificial Intelligence for help isn't the same as asking Siri or Alexa to play your favorite song.

However, what if I told you there's a way to use AI to create beautiful certificates effortlessly? Especially if you have trouble coming up with ideas – AI can help here a lot.

We want to show you how. In this blog post, we'll explore how creating certificates with AI-powered tools work, the benefits they offer, and the secrets behind successful AI-produced certificate designs. Let’s learn how to involve Artificial Intelligence in the process of certificate generation.

Artificial Intelligence as an AI certificate maker

Machine learning gives you the ability to develop AI-based algorithms that can interpret data and decide how to act on it. This same technology can now be used to streamline the creative process of certificate ideas at some point.

What is an AI certificate maker?

AI certificate generator uses a certain database that it processes. For example, Adobe Firefly uses Adobe Stock, etc. It means that AI won't create something out of nothing. When responding to a prompt, AI platforms analyze information from the database and process different design elements, like color, font, and shape, to craft unique certificate designs.

Image icon

Note! AI is not ready yet to generate customizable certificate templates, but you can use it to create some certificate elements, such as backgrounds or icons. Such AI systems as Midjourney or DALL·E 2 can’t handle text and letters on images yet as well.

All in all – AI is capable of helping you find certificate ideas, generate backgrounds, or give you concepts for certificate themes. It can be a huge add-on to a certificate tool, but it will not replace the possibilities that such tools as Certifier gives.

Certifier + Artificial Intelligence combo

Certifier and AI combo for certificate creation process.

Certifier online certificate maker is a tool that allows you to create personalized certificates from scratch. Along with it, it provides a wide range of professionally-designed certificate templates, plus the ability to send certificates in bulk.

Within its drag & drop intuitive design interface, you can change elements without advanced design skills. It also simplifies the whole delivery process by its integration with, e.g., Google Sheets and the option to pull over the recipients’ data in a click. And there is no problem with generating certificates in bulk – you just have to set up attribution on certificates, and voilà! You enjoy a seamless design experience.

Certifier gives you most of what you need – but if you feel that you are stuck somewhere in the middle of the creation process, AI tools can give you the power to push it further.

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Take your digital certificate making to the next level.

AI certificate generators to use in the certificate creation process

The number of tools to generate images is growing with AI's popularity. As they are all based on machine learning, most of them still provide free versions. Thus, every prompt and data you enter there feeds AI with information it can process further – it grows as more users join. Which of the available effective solutions are the best at the moment?

#1 Midjourney

Midjourney as a certificate creator.

Midjourney works in quite an atypical way. You have to invite the bot to your server on Discord – there's no web app provided. It’s the tool that makes a lot of noise, especially among the enthusiast community. It lets you for quite advanced graphic polishing options. You can edit images with upscaling, variations, and parameters by using AI prompt keywords (more on that later).

#2 DALL·E 2

unlock the power of AI certificate maker_Certifier blog_dalle2 as a certificate maker.png

Developed by OpenAI, DALL·E 2 is one of the largest image databases. You specify the type of images you want using natural language text prompts. It still has some limitations when it comes to editing the certain graphics it generates, but it's one of the most reliable sources for basic graphic assets. You can also opt to use DALL·E 2 as a learning tool since it has an extensive library of creative works you can use as inspiration and practice.

#3 Bing

Bing AI certificate maker.

Bing is a Microsoft child for AI image creation. It works best if you will be highly descriptive and know exactly what you want to get. You may need to sign up for an account to access certain features (a free version is limited to 25 prompts).

#4 Adobe Firefly

unlock the power of AI certificate maker_Certifier blog_Adobe Firefly image certificate generator.png

The new Firefly AI family is set to transform Adobe's products. With a primary emphasis on the art of effect generation for both images and text – this tool introduces a new way to edit photos. It’s the solution that has a chance to revolutionize the work of professional designers. They will be able to do certain things more efficiently and much faster. If you have Photoshop in your toolkit, you should give it a try.

Tutorial: Use AI to design a professional certificate

Now it’s time to show you an example of how you can use AI to design a unique professional certificate. Let’s imagine that you want to create outstanding certificate background. As an example, we’ll use Midjourney for that.

Image icon

The legal implications of AI are still unclear. At the moment, the copyrights to the generated content belong to both – you and the Artificial Intelligence platform it was generated from. It is important to use AI-powered tools with caution and always be aware of the changing legal implications associated with them.

Step 1: Open Certifier certificate maker

Open Certifier certificate maker and log in. If you don’t have an account there yet, you can become Certifier member totally for free (just enter your email address to start).

Go to Designs > Create design > Certificate design. Imagine that you chose this certificate template:

Choosing certificate template in Certifier dashboard.

The text layout suits you well, but you would like to try changing its background. Nothing easier. Let’s create something unique together with AI!

Step 2: Join the Midjourney Beta

Go to Midjourney and click the Join the Beta button. Log in (or create a Discord account) and accept the invite. Discord is a chat app such as, e.g., Slack and creating an account there literally takes seconds.

Joining Midjourney Beta tutorial.

Head to the newcomer rooms (called, e.g., #newbies-47). From now, by using the slash command and typing them in the message field, you will communicate with the Midjourney bot. 

Image icon

Note! If you want to subscribe to the plan, you have to type /subscribe in the message field and press enter. After subscribing, you will get priority in generating prompts (no matter the demand). Also, you will be able to chat 1:1 with the bot.

Step 3: Set up settings

After typing /settings, you’ll be able to change such elements as style, mode, and MJ version. We’ll choose the latest MJ version – 5.1, stylize med (it means that the AI will be moderately creative).

Setting up prompt results to generate certificate in Midjourney Discord.

Step 4: Create a prompt

​​Now it’s time to describe what you want to get. We want to generate a colorful certificate background. Backgrounds are much easier to describe than detailed graphics, so it should go smoothly. Remember that you have to type in /imagine first before starting to write the prompt.

Prompt example to generate certificate.

By adding --ar 16:9, you let MJ know that you want to change the aspect ratio (so it will fit the certificate size). There are many other codes you can use to precise the results even more, such as --no to eliminate particular elements from the image or --quality to render the image. You can find an updated list, e.g., here Midjourney Prompts Cheatsheet

Let’s get back to the results we got.

Midjourney example of results.

Step 5: Upscale and download the chosen image

Midjourney gives you different variations to choose from. For better results, we can choose which image we want to upscale. U1 is our choice. Now, Midjourney bot, we’ll give you this image in better quality. If you click on it, you will be able to download it by right-clicking.

Certificate background generated by AI certificate maker.

Step 6: Change certificate background

Once you downloaded your generated background image, it’s time to put it into the Certifier dashboard. You can do that simply by clicking Upload Custom Background. 

Uploading certificate background generated by AI in Certifier certificate maker.

To make it match our background, we added a simple white rectangle element (Elements > Upload Image) and brought it backward. It’s ready!

Step 7: Save the certificate design and automate the delivery process

Click Create Certificate Design. Go to the Credentials tab > Issue Certificates or Badges and select how you would like to add recipients’ data.

unlock the power of AI certificate maker_Certifier blog_automating certificate issuing.png

The setup is complete, and everything is ready to go. Certifier will automatically start sending out your certificates and helps you with all certificate issuing. Then, on this one single dashboard, you are also capable of certificate tracking – see who shares the certificate on LinkedIn or to which email address the certificate needs to be resent. 

Image prompt tips [bonus]

While working with AI, the ability to describe the prompt accurately is the most desired skill. That's a topic you could literally write a book about. To keep things short, the best result will come from describing your thoughts clearly.

This is the reason why giving a detailed prompt is so crucial. As we mentioned earlier, the AI can't handle letters yet, so we recommend not using descriptions like certificate backgrounds solely. Here are the results after giving the prompt: “/imagine certificate background for fragrance academy, minimalistic, pastel pink and orange colors.” Definitely, inspiration only.

Prompt results for AI certificate generation.

So, here is a quick guide on how NOT to get the results like above (no matter which AI tool you choose). 

Be specific

Describe the certificate in detail without being too elaborate. For example, instead of saying, "I want a nice certificate," you should say, "modern-looking, minimalistic certificate, illustration of a mountain, a place for my logo, etc."

Use AI text generators

Crafting image prompts can be hard. To help, you can use AI text generators like GPT-4 to generate a description of the certificate based on your initial ideas. For example, you can teach your ChatGPT how to describe images, e.g., in Midjourney. Input there all the relevant info and then let the AI text generator come up with its own description.

Use keywords and phrases

Use keywords and phrases to increase the accuracy of your descriptions. For example, if you want a modern-looking certificate, you should include words like "modern," "clean," "minimalistic," etc. in your description. 

Think visually

AI tools are best at interpreting visual concepts. Whenever possible, add pictures or screenshots to your description (Midjourney allows for adding image URLs after typing /imagine). This will help the AI understand what kind of design you have in mind.

Polish the results

If you don’t get exactly what you want, don’t repeat the same prompt again and again. Instead, try to “push” the AI to do some tweaks. For example, ask to change the style or the colors. Doing this will help you get closer to your desired outcome.

Involve AI-powered tools in your certificate design process

Many people are horrified at the thought of what speed AI is developing. But, such a certification process powered by AI shows that you should learn to act with its help. As a result, you can streamline a lot of processes and save a lot of time. 

And, there is nothing to be afraid of – as long as intelligence is artificial and not alien, people have control over it. And learning how to use it at your disposal can be your superpower.


Let’s have full control over your certification process.
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