May 12, 2023

17 Free Google Slides Certificate Templates (Ready to Download)

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17 Free Google Slides Certificate Templates (Ready to Download)


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17 Free Google Slides Certificate Templates (Ready to Download) cover image

Stuck in a seemingly never-ending loop of trying to create a perfect certificate design?

What if we told you there was a way out – an easier, smarter, and more efficient way of getting your project done? You don't have to struggle any longer with limited Google Slides editing. With ready-made free Google Slides award templates, you can design your perfect certificate in seconds.

Now that’s what we call smart work!

Why Google Slides might not be the best option for certification?

Google Slides is a super easy business presentation tool – you don’t need any special skills or knowledge to get started. However, it’s not the solution that was specifically designed to create certificates. That’s why it comes with many design limitations, and presentation editors are not enough. It's the thing that, sooner or later, may start to annoy you a lot.

Certifier – your remedy for super quick awesome certificates

But what if you don’t need Google Slides at all? Actually, Certifier already gives so many customization options that you don’t need any external tool. With Certifier's easy-to-use graphic design software, you can create beautiful customizable certificates in no time – just drag and drop the elements you want to tweak.

Certifier certificate management software as an alternative to Google Slides.

And the best part is that Certifier lets you for certificate management. You get access to the management dashboard – upload the Google sheets with the recipient’s data and generate certificates in bulk (you can forget about spending hours on putting recipients' data one by one). Not to mention that you can track the certificate status to keep track of what’s happening with each of them. Super useful features at your hand now!

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Free and editable certificate templates for Google Slides (ready to download)

There you have it! Here are examples of customizable templates that you can find in Certifier. The free library of Google Slides certificate templates is just a click away. Choose from dozens of pre-designed certificate layouts, and customize them to make them your own.

📚 Before you choose the template, see How to Make Google Slides Certificate in 5 Steps, or watch this video:

#1 Certificate template perfect for any occasion

Perfect for any occasion certificate, easy to edit in Google Slides.

[Download the certificate template]

Looking for a perfect way to add some recognition to any occasion? This certificate template is the ultimate convenience. It's easy to use which makes it a perfect way to give your gift or celebration an extra-special touch. And it's great for any occasion, because, let's face it... who doesn’t love a certificate?

#2 Award certificate template with modern graphic design

Simple Google Slides certificate of recognition template.

[Download the Google Slides certificate template]

This award sample appreciation certificate is perfect for anyone looking to give their recognition process a modern, professional twist. With a sleek graphic design and customizable additional elements, this free Google Slides certificate template is sure to make any ceremony a hit. We’re convinced it'll steal the limelight from the main event.

#3 Simple certificate of attendance for quick use

Simple Google Slides certificate with blue background.

[Download the Google Slide certificate template]

Short on time but in need of some simple recognition? With this modern certificate template, you can customize it to your liking and save it for your next event. Simple and effective, it’ll keep time on your side.

#4 Golden certificate template

Google Slides golden certificate template free to download.

[Download the free Google Slides award template]

Just when you thought gold couldn't get any more exciting, Certifier golden certificate walks in. With custom colors and design elements, the options are endless. This certificate template Google Slides will be sure to impress even the most distinguished guests in attendance. It’s worth noting that some may even frame it!

#5 Achievement certificate template for a professional look

Professional Google Slides template for certificate of appreciation.

[Download the certificate Google Slides template]

Want to give off the impression that you are trustworthy? We have a professional-looking achievement certificate to meet your needs. Perfect for those wanting to acknowledge academic achievements or recognize outstanding performance. It'll show them what's up.

#6 Certificate template to engage children with abstract shapes

Certificate with abstract shapes and colorful elements.

[Download the Google Slides certificate template]

If you’re looking for a certificate that'll engage everyone – even children – you can’t go wrong with this design. This imaginative concept will bring creativity out in anyone. This certificate is sure to stand out from the boring old ones and maybe even inspire a budding artist (or two!).

#7 Certificate template to celebrate the successful completion

Green, modern certificate for Google Slides.

[Download the Google Slides diploma template]

You did it! Now it’s time to celebrate with our free Google Slides award template. Easily customizable with your personal branding, you can celebrate your success in style. We’ll provide the template, and you just need to provide the bubbly.

#8 Corporate success diploma certificate template to thank your team

Corporate success diploma with abstract elements.

[Download the certificate Google Slides template]

A little company recognition can go a long way. Give your team the recognition they deserve. Perfect for award ceremonies and for circulating amongst staff. Watch as it motivates and inspires the team to keep up the great work.

#9 Certificate template to reward a job well done

Recognition certificate Google Slides template with orange colors.

[Download the Google Slides certificate template]

There’s nothing better than rewarding a job well done with a cool-looking Google Slide certificate template. This template is just the thing you need to make the occasion feel extra special. Watch as the recipient jumps with excitement when they see it.

#10 Training certificate of completion to recognize specific skills

Certificate of training with colorful patterns on the corners.

[Download the Google Slide certificate template]

Want to recognize specific skills and show that you're serious about education? This training certificate is the way to do it. Mix and match one of our customizable templates with your logo, and done! Education certificates never looked so good!

#11 Certificate template with college-vibe elements

College-vibe certificate of recognition, free to download Google Slides template.

[Download the certificate template Google Slides]

Its sophisticated, contemporary design with a classic undercurrent will leave recipients feeling like serious business management students. Plus, with a wide range of colors to choose from, you'll have no problem picking out the perfect match for your branding.

#12 Certificates for school diploma

Traditional certificate of completion as a template for Google Slides.

[Download the Google Slides diploma template]

This template is a great way to recognize academic achievement for graduates, undergraduates, and postgraduates. You can even customize it with your school’s colors and logo. It’s a sleek design that will leave a positive and long-lasting impression.

#13 Appreciation diploma certificate template

Certificate of appreciation with blue corners.

[Download the Google Slides diploma template]

Want to recognize an employee or student who has gone above and beyond and show them that you care? This is the perfect certificate for the occasion! Customize it and add a little note of encouragement to both celebrate and inspire.

#14 Amusing certificate template

Google Slides template with colorful gradient.

[Download the certificate template Google Slides]

Sometimes, work can be a little serious. Bring a little joy to the office. Perfect for recognizing office comedy or perhaps even as your very own office comedy award ceremony.

#15 Certificate with blue color background

Basic google slides certificate.

[Download the certificate template]

Looking for a certificate design that’s totally cool and soothing at the same time? Check out this – it’s relaxing and easy on the eyes. Perfect for minimizing stress while still appreciating someone’s hard work and dedication.

#16 Burgundy colors certificate template

Burgundy elegant certificate of training.

[Download the Google Slides certificate template]

Make a statement with this template. Whether it's for academic or professional recognition, this layout is designed to leave a mark. It has a rich, sophisticated feel that will ensure your recipient knows they are appreciated, and it will look just as good on a wall as it does in hand.

#17 Blank version of certificate template

Blank Google Slides certificate template for full customization.

[Start creating your own certificate]

We want to show you that with Certifier, you have endless possibilities. You can create a certificate from scratch and transfer your ideas into the certificate design. With Certifier, you are a designer! Our drag-and-drop editor is user-friendly and intuitive – you'll be ready to start right after logging in. Create to your heart’s content!

How to use Google Slides certificate templates?

Here's where Certifier pre-made templates come into play. All you have to do is download the Google Slides certificate template of your choice, customize it with your own details and colors, and send it over. It's really that simple!

Step 1: Choose the Google Slides certificate template

Certifier library of customizable certificate templates is full of options. Pick the one that fits your needs best. Are you looking for some creative designs, or maybe you want to stick to a traditional template? Everybody will find the type of certificate there to suit their needs.

Step 2: Download the free Google Slides award template

Look for the Google Slides icon next to the certificate template. Click it, and voila – the template is downloaded.

Step 2 of using Google Slides certificate templates - choosing Google Slides certificate template.

Step 3: Open Google Slides 

As soon as you click the Google Slides icon, it moves you directly to this window. 

Step 3 of using Google Slides certificate templates - opening Google Slides.

Click “Make a copy,” – and it automatically moves you to Google Slides.

Step 4: Edit the Google Slides diploma template

Once you open the downloaded template in Google Slides, you can customize it however you like. Change fonts, colors, and layouts — create a unique design for your certificates.

Step 5: Download the ready certificate and send it over

Go to File > Download and choose the format that suits you best. Once you download the certificate, you can either send it over to the recipient or print it.

Not enough?

If you’re looking for more Google Slides certificate templates, you should check out the Certifier Google Slides certificate template free. With hundreds of different designs to choose from, you'll find the perfect template for any occasion.

🚀 Certifier's library is constantly updated with new designs and templates, so create a free account and won’t miss a thing.

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