Case Study: How A Kind Life Saved Time with Certifier

Efficient Credential Management with Certifier: How A Kind Life Saved Time and Improved Customer’s Experience

Case Study: How A Kind Life Saved Time with Certifier cover image


Sergey Butko

June 23, 2023

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A Kind Life is a business consulting and services company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company specializes in helping organizations build kinder cultures by providing tailored advice and support. A Kind Life conducts workshops to help organizations implement their recommendations and build a kinder workplace. These workshops cover a range of topics, including communication, leadership, and conflict resolution. With a proven track record, A Kind Life has already assisted more than 50 organizations in achieving a kinder workplace.

How A Kind Life Overcame Certification Challenges with Certifier

Previously, A Kind Life was manually sending out certificates via mail merge. This process was time-consuming and prone to human error, such as misspelling names or sending certificates to the wrong email address. Additionally, there were limitations on email sending, which created further complications. To address these issues, A Kind Life began to look for an alternative solution to streamline the certification process and ensure that it was quick, efficient, and accurate.

The need for an efficient certification process was particularly important for A Kind Life, as their clients required continuing professional development (CPD) points to be used in portfolios and to apply for higher positions. They also needed to be accredited to deliver their training to colleagues. With these factors in mind, A Kind Life sought a new approach to certification that would enable them to better serve their clients and meet their business needs.

Delivering Timely and Accurate Certificates since 2021 

In September 2021, A Kind Life found a solution to their certification challenges by using Certifier, which streamlined the process and allowed them to deliver timely and accurate certificates to their customers. Certifier's ability to fit seamlessly into their online training was a key advantage. With Certifier, A Kind Life could easily send out certificates in less than five minutes, freeing up time for more important aspects of their job. 

“Certifier has a huge time-saving impact on us. Now I can export my list of workshop attendees and have certificates sent in less than five minutes, which frees me up to provide a more personalized experience to our customers” - mentions Laura Bareham, Project Coordinator at A Kind Life 

Certifier also made it easier to differentiate between accredited and non-accredited courses, automating the process and ensuring that all necessary certifications were provided. The whole credential management process became way more convenient for A Kind Life team since every step of it is in one place. 

Creating a smooth customer experience and building a stronger reputation  

A Kind Life's use of Certifier not only solved their certification challenges but also had a positive impact on their customers, particularly those working in the NHS. Through the use of professional credentials, NHS staff were able to create a portfolio and advance to higher positions, making digital certificates an essential part of their career development.

With Certifier, A Kind Life was able to provide customers with certificates that were easily accessible, arriving directly in their Inbox. Recipients no longer need to contact A Kind Life team for support since every credential is available for as long as needed via its unique link. 

“I believe it’s easy for recipients to navigate through credentials. They just arrive in their Inbox, and our clients can access them anytime without having to come to us. It definitely makes us look really good as a company” - states Laura Bareham, Project Coordinator at A Kind Life 

By providing an efficient and professional certification process, A Kind Life was able to strengthen its reputation as a company and stand out as a reliable and trusted partner for businesses and organizations looking to build kinder cultures.

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Sergey Butko

Tech entrepreneur. Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe. At Certifier, Sergey’s work focused on revolutionizing the way credentials, certificates, and badges are issued and managed through cutting-edge APIs and software infrastructure.

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