January 04, 2024

Free 7 Experience Letter Makers

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Free 7 Experience Letter Makers


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According to the NACE Job Outlook, a standout factor in hiring decisions is a candidate's work experience. If you've got it, show it off – with an experience letter.

It’s an official document for your future employers that sums up your job role, your skills, and what you've achieved.

Here are experienced letter makers that help you put together a professional-looking letter without the stress.

Benefits of the experience letter generator tools

Not everyone's a born writer, and that's okay! Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to help you make a job experience letter.

If you need to submit one as an employee or write one as an employer, a letter maker goes with many pros:

  • Time-saving – Quickly create letters with an extensive library of templates and pre-written content.

  • Professional quality – Ensure a polished look, even without advanced writing skills.

  • Ease of use – User-friendly online design platforms make letter creation straightforward for everyone.

We don’t leave you alone with the decision. Here are some market options we looked at closely. In our humble opinion, they are the best business letter creators you can use at the moment. Check them out.

#1 Adobe Express - a robust tool for writing experience letters

A bunch of cool, free experience letter templates right at your fingertips. They’re ready to turn your professional story into something that looks like it came straight from a professional designer. Let's explore what makes Adobe Express a hit.

(We're talking about Adobe here, so expect nothing less than stylish, perfect templates that make your experience shine.)

Adobe Express experience letter templates.

You’ll love Adobe Express for

  • Adobe Express doesn't compromise on options. Whether you're a classic person or someone who loves flair, there's a template for you.

  • Easy-peasy. Adobe Express is super user-friendly. You'll feel like a pro navigating through it.

  • Love to add a personal touch? Customize to your heart's content – change up the popular fonts, background color schemes, and more. Your letter, your rules.

You've got to sign up and create an Adobe account first. It's a small step, but it's still a step.

#2 eSahayak - simple document generator 

Imagine a tool that not only eases your employee paperwork but also adds a dash of your personal style to it. That's eSahayak letter tool. Tailored for both the detail-oriented business owner and the ambitious employee, this tool is invaluable in creating comprehensive employee documentation.

eSahayak as an experience letter maker.

You’ll appreciate eSahayak for

  • Fill out the letter as a form. All you have to do is provide all the necessary information, and the letter will literally be created on its own.

  • Different types of letters are available, including project-specific, skill-based, character reference, and internship experience letter templates.

  • Ability to upload the company’s logo and add online signatures.

#3 Growby - personalized business letters creator

Need a letter fast? Growby's generator can produce a personalized job experience letter within minutes. That’s why it’s ideal for those last-minute needs.

But Growby is not just limited to it. It also offers the creation of other important documents like offer letters, relieving letters, and experience certificates. It’s a one-stop solution for various professional needs.

Growby personalized experience letter builder.

You’ll like Growby for

  • Regardless of your tech skills, the interface is straightforward.

  • The letter can be generated by filling out the form.

  • You can add additional information to make the letter even more personal.

#4 Revv - experience letter templates editor

Revv provides templates that are designed to highlight your skills and experiences in the best light. You can literally have the spotlight on all the great stuff you've done on the paper.

(Please note that Revv provides a range of features that are additionally paid. For example, signatures, team members, and attachment options.)

Revv experience letter maker dashboard.

You’ll enjoy Revv for

  • Many customization options allow you to tailor the letter to your exact needs.

  • Cover themes to define the layout of your cover page.

  • Working with components that help you design the letter however you want.

#5 Zoho - basic HR letter generator

Zoho is a tool that helps boost employee motivation. Imagine creating letters that not only tick the boxes but also celebrate your team's growth and successes. You can detail job duties for potential employers or mark an employee's journey from graduation to employee. Zoho simplifies your work life and sharpens your documents with ease.

Zoho as basic HR letter generator.

You’ll adore Zoho for

  • You can tailor each letter to fit specific situations and roles. It's flexible enough to match your exact requirements.

  • This is perfect for small businesses or startups looking to save on costs.

  • Different HR letters included (offer letters, salary increments, and more).

#6 Wordkraft - content creator for busy people

Wordkraft AI-powered experience letter generator is like having a smart violet buddy who knows just how to showcase your professional journey. It's easy fast, and adds that touch of personalization that can make your letter stand out.

Wordkraft content creator for business letters.

You’ll cherish Wordkraft for

  • Just enter details like your name, position, company, and job title, and let Wordkraft do the rest. It's like filling out a form and getting a letter in return.

  • While it's AI-driven, you still have the power to tweak things. Make sure your letter reflects who you are and what you've achieved.

➡️ Click here to get more tips on how to make your resume stand out.

#7 OpenAI - AI-powered features for letters input

You just have a quick chat about your job, the cool stuff you did, and those impressive achievements. It's like telling a friend about your work life, and boom – you end up with a slick experience letter. That’s ChatGPT from OpenAI.

And it’s just great for tossing around ideas. Have a brainstorming session with your own bot to ensure you don't miss anything to make your letter shine.

ChatGPT by OpenAI as a generator for experience letter content.

You’ll appreciate ChatGPT for

  • Craft letters that reflect your unique career journey so that each letter is as individual as your experiences.

  • No more hours spent staring at a blank page. ChatGPT speeds up the process to deliver professional results quickly and efficiently.

Certifier certificate designs as an alternative to experience letters

If you want to acknowledge someone's professional journey, why not think outside the box? The Certifier online certificate maker offers a fresh and creative alternative to traditional experience letters. And, it gives you free full access to professionally designed certificate templates in popular orientations.

Certifier certificate maker as an alternative to experience letter generators.

Here's a deeper look at why Certifier stands out as a fantastic option.

  • They look awesome – Certificates just have this cool factor with their slick designs. They stand out more than the usual experience letters.

  • Right here, right now – Got a team member who just nailed a project? Hand them a personalized certificate right away! It's instant gratification compared to waiting until they leave the job for an experience letter.

  • Covers more ground – Whether it's a small win or a big leap, award certificates can celebrate it all. Experience letters? Not so much.

  • Shareable on social media – Pop your certificate on LinkedIn or Instagram. It's a digital world, and experience letters don't always cut it online.

In Certifier, you can create certificates from scratch or choose one of the ready-made beautiful certificate templates. Join for free now!


With letter generators, you don't have to worry about creating experience letters. They're here to help you highlight your professional path in a way that's impressive and true to you.

Remember, it's your experience and achievements on display, so pick the tool that best tells your story and get ready to make a great impression!

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