January 10, 2023

How to Create a Certificate Template in Microsoft Word

Creating certificates is sometimes quite a challenge, but fortunately, there are many programs that will help you during the process of producing your digital awards. One of them is Microsoft Word

Although it's not a dedicated certificate design system, it can help you issue a digital certificate Word in just a few steps. That's what we'll describe in today's article.

So if you still don't know how to create a certificate template in Microsoft Word, stay with us, and we'll ditch your doubts!

What to consider before creating certificate templates in Microsoft Word?

Before you sit down to design, you need to think about a few aspects of certificates

First: What is your goal for building certificate designs

Are you conducting a course and want to issue certificates to validate newly acquired skills? Or have you organized a webinar and want to hand out membership certificates to all attendees?

Your goals matter because they help you define what type of certificate you need and what it should look like. And this, in turn, is important because once you know what you expect from your document, you are able to determine whether Microsoft Word can handle the project. 💪

Second: Can you be creative enough to build a digital certificate in Microsoft Word?

You probably already know that Microsoft Word isn’t a professional online certificate maker. Despite the fact that it's quite intuitive, simple, and free, it's possible that it won't meet all your expectations. 

And that is, it doesn't have a lot of advanced features to help you issue certificates quickly and efficiently. So you need to have some creativity and strong determination to make a certificate from scratch using this tool.

Third: Do you have enough time to design digital certificates in a tool that is not intended for that?

Since Microsoft Word lacks a lot of creative options and template options if we're talking about certificates (because for producing official documents, this tool is still very good), you have to expect that designing and issuing certificates may take longer

And time is money. 💰

Therefore, it matters if you want to deliver gift certificates, some certificate of achievement, a certificate of completion, or maybe an award certificate because each of them may differ in design, use different elements, and have different creation times.

So, if you want to create digital certificates and you decide to choose Microsoft Word, it's worthwhile for you to know how to do it correctly. 

There are two possible ways out:  

👉 either you create a certificate Word by hand and from scratch

👉 or you use some custom templates that Microsoft Word offers

The decision is yours, and we will describe these two ways for you!

How to create a certificate template in Microsoft Word?

Create a custom certificate template in Microsoft Word

Well, so we reveal the cards and show you how you can create a Word certificate in simple steps! 🃏 First of all, with the options available, you can create a certificate template in Word yourself.  

This is not a very quick approach, as it will take you some time to finish the project. Nevertheless, here's how to do it:

#1 Open blank paper 📃

First, start Microsoft Word. Then select the blank document option. A blank sheet will appear on your screen. 

If you want to design a certificate in vertical form, you are ready to proceed. However, if you want it to be in horizontal form, go to the layout tab and then choose orientation > landscape.

#2 Add elements ➕

Now it's a matter of adding such elements that will give shape to the design. 

For example - if you want to build professional certificates of achievement, choose cool colors, go for minimalism, and do not clutter the background.

But if you plan to issue a gift certificate Word, you can go wild and bet on a colorful background. 🎨

Either way, go to the Draw tab and choose from a variety of shapes. You can also choose to insert pictures and even 3D Models to make your certificate stand out even more.

We went for simplicity and chose a navy blue frame and white background. We also added space for a stamp and for the issuer's signature along with the date.

#3 Fill in the text 🖋

Now it's time to add text. This is an important element not only because it provides relevant content but also affects the attractiveness of the certificate.

You can use different fonts (but don't mix them too much. 2-3 should be enough), add bold, italics, etc. Combine colors and try different combinations of all elements.

We used the color gold, navy green, and navy blue. The fonts we chose were Century Gothic and Book Antiqua (Headings).

#4 Save your new template 📥

Thus prepared, you can save the template on your computer and use it at will. Usually, certificates in Word are not too complicated to create and contain simple elements. 

However, if you're looking for a faster way to design, use certificate Word templates.

Use Microsoft Word certificate templates

#1 Open Microsoft Word and search for online templates 

This time, open Microsoft Word, and instead of selecting the Blank document option, click on the More templates option. You will be taken to the New tab

In the search box for online templates, type certificate. A list of templates will appear from which you can choose any design you are interested.

We will choose a Vintage botanical gift coupon and turn it into a certificate ➡️ for more MS Word certificates, check out the Certifier templates library – (you can download them for free there).

After selecting the certificate template Word, click Create and wait until you are taken to the project.

#2 Adjust an online template 

Now it’s all about adjusting the certificate template Word to your needs. Change the text, customize the elements, and you can even completely change the certificate image. 

It is only up to you how much you change the ready-made template. You can even make small modifications, just change what is necessary. In particular, the recipient's name, the reason for issuing the certificate, the date, and the issuing institution. 

As you see, we made a certificate Word out of a gift card. Is it quick and easy? 

Yes! 🤩

#3 Save changes 

Now, just save the changes and save the design for later use. 

You can edit any template this way and make it fit into your communication with your audience. All you have to do is adjust it accordingly.

Bet on Certifier rather than on Microsoft Word

You already know what steps you need to take to build a certificate Word. But we have something really better for you. 

Meet Certifier, a program that, thanks to its capabilities, will make sure that from today your every certificate of achievement will be done quickly, beautifully, and efficiently.

We are not just talking empty words here, but once you use the features we provide, you'll be convinced.

And in the meantime, we will try to give you an idea of how you can use our certificate maker for your needs.

Professional certificate features in Certifier

Certifier can serve you with both its basic and advanced features

Thanks to them, you will be able to:

  • customize text - choose fonts, colors, layout

  • add elements - shapes, images, decorations, whatever you want

  • create a custom design - turn the white background into something amazing and combine other elements into a coherent whole

The examples above are just a few of the things you can accomplish by yourself.

You can also save your design and use it in the future. Thus, if you dream of building your own gift certificate templates, nothing stands in the way!

Free certificate templates to use in Microsoft Word

But you can also use our customizable Certifier templates to save time and thus quickly deliver beautiful digital certificates to your audience.

Certifier has a list of templates that can be used in Figma, Google Slides, and, of course, Microsoft Word. All premium templates that have a Microsoft Word logo next to them can be used in this program.

If you are looking for ideas for your certificates, you don't have to worry anymore. In our collection, you will find designs that will prove perfect as certificate of completion templates or even award certificate templates.

➡️ Check out this blog post to see the 23 Best Certificate Templates in 2023: 23 Best Certificate Templates in 2023 [Editable and Free]

So? Bet on professional-looking certificate Word templates, and you will increase the satisfaction of your audience!

Take your certificates to the next level

As you can see, Microsoft Word can handle building digital certificates, even though it doesn't have many advanced design features. You can either build the certificate yourself from scratch or browse templates and choose one of them.

But you can also use a professional certificate maker like Certifier. 

With it, you will create beautiful designs that will reward the special achievements of your recipients, deliver certificates faster and gain a lot of valuable data reflecting the documents sent.

Create an account and enjoy the new possibilities! 🥇


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