May 10, 2022

How To Make a Diploma Online in 4 Easy Steps

Beautiful pre-made templates, custom congratulatory emails, marketing insights, and more.

Good news – designing skills are not required.

Today we will show you how to make a diploma in just four steps, but first...

What is a diploma?

Diplomas are official documents provided by educational institutions, for example, a college, online learning platform, or correspondence school. This type of document confirms the award of a degree, having a set of skills or knowledge.

Official diplomas and certificates seem to be similar documents, however, they are slightly different. A diploma program focuses on a particular subject in greater depth than a certificate course, which is usually for additional training.

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Why should you make a diploma online?

There are many reasons why you should make your diploma online, and below are a few of them:

You don’t have to leave the house

Getting a diploma in paper design is possible without ever having to leave your home. This is convenient since many people now work remotely or do not have time to find someone to do this for them.

You can customize the diploma as you like

Making diplomas at home with an online maker allows for the addition of a personal touch. For example, add a picture, your signature, the graduates’ names, etc. Diploma makers have many pre-made templates to adjust to your needs and preferences, or you can make one from scratch.

No coding or design skills are required

A good diploma maker will help you build, design, and issue credentials to your students or recipients in the blink of an eye, without any knowledge needed. When choosing a maker, check it has an intuitive interface and builder. This is a crucial aspect when you are in a rush or just do not want to spend time on that.

It saves your time and money

Working with a designer can be a great experience that produces impressive results, but you can achieve the same with a good diploma maker and save some money as well. Unfortunately, designers’ services can be costly. So if you don’t need any advanced modifications, a good diploma maker will do the job.

There are many online diploma makers available

Easy access to many different online tools specializing in diploma and certificate making is a game-changer. There are many available to choose from, so you certainly can find the right one for you. Moreover, you can make an official diploma in less than 20 minutes and, even better, send them in bulk to your students.

If you are looking for a tool to help you create and send diplomas, you are in the right place. With Certifier, you can effortlessly make amazing diplomas in only four steps.


Let's make a diploma with 4 easy steps

Without further ado, let’s see how to make a diploma with Certifier with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Sign up

To make a diploma with Certifier, you need to have an account. But this will take you just a moment 👉 click here to sign up

Having an account will let you create groups and gather your attendees’ data. In addition, Certifier keeps everything in one orderly place and helps with your workflow.


Step 2: Design your diploma – select a template and customize it to your needs

If your account is ready, you can start designing a school diploma for your students. Right after signing up, you need to fill in a quick form. It asks about general info, for example, what you will use Certifier for and who your recipients will be. This questionnaire gives us feedback to make our platform even better for you.

Now you can move on to creating a design that you can reuse in the future if necessary. Go to the Designs tab and then click Create Design.

There are five subtabs where you can edit custom diploma certificate templates:

  • In the Templates subtab, there are pre-made templates that you can use and adjust. First, decide what template you want to use, then change the size, certificate color, font, or text position if you’d like.

  • The Elements subtab allows for uploading images. Here you can customize your diploma by adding a school logo or some images that refer to your course or school.

  • You can change, rewrite, and add a new text box in the Texts subtab.

  • The Attributes subtab is used for managing the properties of your document. Here you can map your data to dynamic attributes used for creating and personalizing issued certificates. Thanks to them, you can send diplomas to the recipients automatically. They are not required unless you want to send your diplomas in bulk, in which case you do have to use attributes. Nevertheless, they are easy to implement by clicking Use and editing the text box. If you need some additional attributes not listed here, you can effortlessly create your own by clicking Add Custom Attribute.

  • The Document subtab allows changing the paper size (A4 format or US Letter) and orientation (landscape or portrait).

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With Certifier, making a diploma certificate from scratch is a piece of cake. First, choose a blank diploma background, add a text box and images, and choose size and orientation. It's all up to you. When everything is ready, click Save Design.


Step 3: Create a group

Head to the Groups tab.

Now, you need to prepare a CVS, XLSX, or XLS file with a list of your participants in order to create a group. In the first column, add all of the recipients' names. In the second column, write their email addresses, one by one. Then fill in the necessary information about the group in the Groups tab

Come up with a group name, select the design you created a moment ago, and choose the email template that will be used to distribute diplomas to the recipients.

It typically contains congratulations, information about the diploma format, and where the recipients should click to download it. Of course, the template is customizable so that you can adjust the content to your own needs.

Now you have to select a group of recipients by clicking Add Recipients.


Step 4: Issue diplomas

Upload a file with the recipient’s data and send their diplomas via email. To do that, follow these steps:

  • head to the Certificates tab

  • select Issue Certificates

  • select a group name and click Add Recipients

  • upload a spreadsheet with recipients’ data from your computer

At this point, you can get a spreadsheet template if you want to be sure what the file will look like.

When the file has been uploaded, you will see an overview of the participants' list and their email addresses. Check if everything is correct and look at Certifier’s preview before publishing to avoid any mistakes.

  • when you are ready, you can Save and Publish or Save as Draft

Why choose Certifier – your online diploma maker?

Certifier is an amazing platform for creating diplomas, as well as certificates. It is a professional diploma maker that generates and sends documents to the recipients.

Certifier is suitable for both small organizations that need certification from time to time and big companies that want to issue certificates or diplomas on a large scale. Here is why you should choose Certifier:

✅ Certifier is easy to use

Among many other certificates or diploma generators, Certifier is a fantastic tool in terms of its usage. Everything is clear because Certifier was created specifically for making credentials.

There is no chance of getting lost on the page or in a thicket of other features, which is definitely a benefit that saves time and stress.

✅ There are many types of diploma templates available

Certifier provides a custom template for every occasion you can think of. If you wish to have a parent-issued diploma, you can create a homeschool diploma for children.

If you are a lecturer, you will find a college diploma design. Distance learning program, diploma of graduation, or an apprenticeship – the sky's the limit, and making them is a breeze.

Aside from diplomas, Certifier offers many other certificate templates. There are endless choices of certifications you can design: award certificate, certificate of achievement, etc., or you can make your own from scratch as well.

✅ You can send diplomas in bulk

This feature is a game-changer. Instead of writing each email manually, you can send diplomas in bulk with just a few clicks. It’s fast, convenient, and ideal for those who don’t have much time.

✅ Recipients get customized emails with congratulations

A customized email with congratulations may seem redundant, but it plays a vital role. Thanks to such details, the experience of attending your course improve and positively influences the participants’ impressions. Your small effort put into such emails will be disproportionate to the recipients’ great contentment.

✅ Certifier has reasonable pricing as well as a free plan

There is one free plan and three paid ones available. Each has its own set of features, and they differ in price:

  • The Standard plan at $29 per month is recommended for issuing certificates to small groups.

  • The Professional plan at $79 is ideal for issuing certificates or diplomas on a larger scale.

  • The Premium plan at $199 is intended for certification programs with high volumes and branding requirements.

  • The Free plan offers features that are sufficient for occasional, non-professional use. It’s ideal for testing.

To see which feature each plan has, click here to see the full pricing.

By issuing diplomas with Certifier you can gain marketing insights: how many attendees publish their documents, open the emails containing them, view their diplomas, and share their achievements.

Also, you can see the number of shares on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These statistics are great for marketing analysis and making data-driven decisions.

Certifier’s documents are ideal for printing out. High-quality and PDF format make it easy for recipients to print out their diplomas if they wish to. Also, they can share their documents on various social media platforms.

This may bring another benefit – the more people who see the diploma, the more recognition your educational or academic institution will gain if there is a logo.


Don’t wait – choose Certifier

As you can see, Certifier brings many benefits for both issuers and recipients. Building, designing, sending all in one place – issuing a diploma has never been so easy.

You can generate credentials for any occasion: children’s diplomas, a diploma for occupation, school diplomas, whatever you need. It takes only four steps, and your attendees will have professional diplomas in their email boxes.

There’s no use waiting, so sign in to have an amazing diploma maker.


Uliana Kysheniuk

Product Manager at Certifier