July 21, 2022

What's New at Certifier? Full White Label And More

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Uliana Kysheniuk

What's New at Certifier? Full White Label And More


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On July 18, we deployed one of our most requested features – the Full White Label add-on. Together with this feature, we released some other important updates to improve your experience with Certifier. Let us describe them in detail:

Full White Label Add-on 🛠

The most requested add-on is finally live! With the Full White Label add-on, you can host your certificates on a custom domain (e.g. certificates., remove Certifier’s footer from all the emails, and the Distributed by Certifier label from Credsverse. You can now deliver your certificates more professionally than ever.

Promote your events via certificates 🔈

You can now promote your learning event via certification by adding its link to the group. Each certificate issued will have this link in the certificate description section. This will help you promote your event via certification, generate new quality leads, and boost your event page visits!

Visually appealing & more professional sign-in & sign-up 💎

To make your experience more pleasing, we’ve redesigned our sign-in and sign-up pages. We’ve also added some minor changes aimed at improving the account setup, password reset, and password confirmation.

Email builder improvements ✉️

We’ve drastically improved the links management in our email builder. You can now easily link and unlink the text objects of your email template.

We will be happy to hear your feedback about new features, so feel free to share it via email or chat. You may also book a product demo call where I will show you a tour around the product. Book a 30-min call here. 

We are working really hard to enhance your certificate issuing experience. Await a new batch of improvements and features within the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned! 

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Uliana Kysheniuk

Product Manager at Certifier