Best 12 University Diploma Templates to Inspire

Do you want to issue beautiful diploma certificates but have run out of ideas? Wipe away your tears because here we rush to help you! Check out various university diploma template inspirations and learn why they are good examples.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: June 06, 2024

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When we think of university achievements, the first image that often comes to mind is the prestigious diploma or certificate, a testament to years of hard work and learning. However, beyond their symbolic value, these documents should also be a masterpieces of design.

Today we will explore some university diploma templates, and will get into a world where art meets academia. Each featured design is a carefully crafted piece with a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and identity. 

So, without further ado, check out what we have prepared for you.

#1 Boston University Diploma

Boston university diploma template.

Source: Pinterest

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The Boston diploma boasts a design that is both traditional and elegant. It has a prominent university seal that not only signifies authenticity but also elevates the diploma's prestige for the university's vibrant community.

The classic calligraphy adds a touch of respectability, embodies the essence of an academic journey, and makes it a great choice for a college graduation gift or an editable diploma template for decorative purposes.

Why it’s a good digital diploma template

  • Emphasizes tradition – the design reflects the university's long-standing academic history

  • Symbolic elements – using the university seal adds authenticity and prestige

  • Readability – despite the ornate elements, the information is clearly presented

Tips for creating this type of diploma

#1 Avoid copying designs 1:1; instead, draw inspiration and adapt.

#2 Incorporate elements that symbolize the ethos and history of the university.

#3 Check twice if the certificate is visually appealing but also easy to read.

#2 Oxford University Certificate

Oxford University Diploma template in vertical orientation.

Source: University Frames

This University of Oxford diploma merges the modern world with a dignified elegance. However, it’s suitable for anyone looking for an awesome diploma template that reflects the academic institution's dignity. 

The historical university crest is a standout element. It offers a sense of validation to this perfect document. A delicate, basic font gives formality and lightness and is ideal for use as a homeschool diploma template or as an inspiration for a custom digital document.

Why it’s a good university certificate design

  • Modern elegance – shows the modernity of one of the oldest universities in the world

  • Iconic imagery – the crest is instantly recognizable and symbolizes academic excellence

  • Timeless appeal – the design has a timeless style that bridges tradition and modernity

Tips for creating elegant certificates

#1 Use symbols that are meaningful to the institution.

#2 Ensure that decorative fonts do not compromise readability.

#3 Consider high-quality elements, paper, and printing techniques for a lasting impression.

#3 Texas University Certificate

Texas University Diploma template with QR code.

Source: The University of Texas at Austin

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The University of Texas diploma presents a design that also perfectly blends traditional style with modern. The prominent display of the university's seal, along with the bold and legible typography, conveys a sense of prestige. Therefore, it is ideal for creating a formal diploma certificate.

This design is an excellent choice for educational institutions seeking a distinguished and contemporary style.

Why it’s a good university certificate design

  • Gentle style – reflects the approach to the most important information

  • Consistency – the emblem is used effectively to brand the diploma

  • Simplicity – the minimalist design ensures focus on the key details

Tips for creating this type of college degree certificate

#1 Don’t be afraid to use contemporary elements like QR codes.

#2 Use elements that align with the university's branding guidelines.

#3 A minimalist approach can be both elegant and effective.

#4 Harvard University Diploma

Harvard university diploma template with traditional design.


Want more traditional and customizable diploma templates? We have many editable designs.

Harvard University's diploma shows a traditional design with a rich history. The prestigious Harvard crest adds originality and makes it a perfect document for commemorative purposes. The classic typography enhances the formality and echoes the dignified nature of this renowned academic institution.

Why it’s a good classic diploma design

  • Prestigious imagery – the overall design is breathtaking and highlights the prestige and history of Harvard

  • Elegance – the design, while simple, exudes elegance

  • Time-honored tradition – the project contributes to the long-standing traditions of Harvard University

Tips for preparing such an official document

#1 Use elements that reflect the university's history.

#2 If you choose to print, invest in specialty paper for a better impression.

#3 Bet on a harmonious balance between text and imagery.

Want to get more tips on how to create stunning diplomas? Hit the play button and check it out:

#5 Cambridge University Diploma

Cambridge university diploma.


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The University of Cambridge diploma is elegantly crafted and incorporates the iconic Cambridge University coat of arms as well. The blend of fonts contributes to its dignified appearance. It makes it a perfect choice for those pursuing a formal diploma certificate or a custom certificate for educational achievements. 

This original diploma design serves as a great template for creating additional documents, like degree titles or appreciation certificates for creative entrepreneurs.

Why it’s a good university diploma paper

  • Symbolism – the coat of arms symbolizes Cambridge's storied history

  • Background – the elegant cream color is subtle and adds a touch of artistic chic

  • Dignified presentation – the blend of fonts enhances the diploma's formal character

Tips for creating such graduation diplomas

#1 Use a subtle background, as it can boost the diploma's appeal.

#2 Choose fonts that convey formality and prestige.

#3 Use our online college diploma maker, which will help you send diplomas and certificates in minutes.

#6 Yale University Diploma

Traditional Yale university diploma to inspire.


More timeless and classic designs are available at Certifier.

Yale University's diploma marries traditional with academic prestige. That's why it's an excellent choice for a historic custom certificate for academic achievements. The elaborate university name and ancient typography capture the essence of Yale's storied history and can inspire Education Institutions. 

This template is perfect for those who prefer to commemorate their diploma in graduation with an original and formal design.

Why it’s a good university official document design

  • Timeless tradition – emphasizes Yale's long-standing academic history

  • Elegant crest design – the crest adds a layer of distinction and elegance

  • Classical typography – enhances the traditional and prestigious feel of the diploma

Tips for building archaic-looking diplomas for educational institutions

#1 Take advantage of historical design elements.

#2 Use some fine details – they can add a touch of sophistication.

#3 Create a harmonious layout between text and decorative elements.

#7 Melbourne University Diploma

Melbourne university diploma template.


Explore traditional and formal designs in our template library.

The University of Melbourne diploma features a design that looks like a handmade piece. The prominent display of the university's coat of arms adds a unique identity and makes it a perfect document for academic purposes. 

The crisp and bold typography, combined with calligraphic fonts and classic design elements, makes this design eye-catching. It would be a perfect choice as a legacy custom gift certificate.

Why it’s a good college diploma design

  • Sublimity through tradition – the certificate is made entirely in the old style, which contributes to its loftiness

  • Distinctive coat of arms – adds a unique identity and sense of belonging

  • Elegance – the font enhances elegance

Tips for preparing college diploma samples

#1 Use unique elements that represent the institution's tradition.

#2 Check if the text is clear and easy to read.

#8 Cape Town University Certificate

Cape Town University diploma template to get inspiration from.


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This University of Cape Town diploma has a simple design, so it can be tailored for any issuing occasion at the university. The clear typography and the university emblem highlighted on the diploma create a strong visual identity. It's good for educational diplomas or as a source of inspiration for simple yet valuable documents. 

It's an ideal example of a formal diploma certificate that reflects the simplicity and academic prestige of the institution.

Why it’s a good university certificate design

  • Strong visual identity – the emblem enhances the university's identity

  • Bold and clear – typography that is both aesthetically pleasing and readable

Tips for creating certificate examples

#1 Use bold elements to make the certificate stand out.

#2 Make the typeface attractive while still functional.

#9 Sorbonne University Licence

Sorbonne University licence to get inspiration from.


Find out our formal and classic templates.

Sorbonne University's diploma is the epitome of classical French design, infused with artistic elements. It's ideal for anyone seeking a refined diploma template or a custom certificate.

The elegant use of the university's seal and the classical typography reflect a deep respect for academic standards. You can modify this inspiration if you work for educational institutions that want to create original diplomas with a timeless appeal.

Why it’s a good university licence design

  • Artistic elegance – a lot is going on in the design because of the background, but it is still an elegant paper

  • Refined typography – enhances the classical and prestigious feel of the diploma

Tips for creating such a real diploma

#1 Use symbols that have historical and cultural significance.

#2 Don't be afraid to add artistic elements, for example, place them closer to the frame. Let them match in color with the design.

#10 Buenos Aires University Diploma

Buenos Aires university diploma template.


Check out modern yet formal templates at Certifier.

The University of Buenos Aires diploma combines modern design with stylistic elements. The sleek typography paired with the university's logo captures a blend of innovation and modernity. It is suitable for academic institutions that want a diploma template that resonates with modern university standards. 

This template is also ideal as a base for creating a formal diploma certificate with a unique twist.

Why it’s a good university diploma design

  • Layout – the text uses a lot of space, but still, the certificate is not cluttered

  • Big logo – the university logo is used effectively to establish identity

Tips for preparing such types of college diploma templates

#1 Don't put the text too close to the edge so that it won't be cut off when printing.

#2 If you don't want to print certificates you are only interested in digital download, you can place items closer to the edge.

#11 Toronto University Certificate

Toronto University diploma template with simple design.


Discover elegant and stylish designs in our templates.

The University of Toronto diploma shows elegance and classic design. Those who are looking for an outstanding diploma template or a custom certificate for academic achievements would like it. 

The inclusion of the university's distinctive coat of arms and the unusual typography reflect a commitment to academic excellence and tradition. The design is well-suited for institutions seeking to create original diplomas that balance classic with modern design sensibilities. This combination would also be appealing, for example, when creating a general high school equivalency diploma that captures the essence of academic success.

Why it’s a good university certificate design

  • Classic elegance – showcases a never-boring design that honors academic tradition

  • Gold ornaments – enhance the diploma with a sense of heritage and pride

  • Formal touch – the use of serif fonts adds a formal touch

Tips for creating real diplomas and certificates

#1 Aim for a design that conveys formality and respect.

#2 Use style with standout pieces like this gold ornament.

#12 Singapore University Certificate

Singapore university diploma with orange borders.


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The National University of Singapore's diploma showcases a modern design. It's ideal for global education standards. The use of the university's emblem combined with simple typography offers a unique blend of modernity.

It is also perfect for those looking for a simple, easy-to-create project or a printable high school equivalency diploma with a neutral style.

Why it’s a good university certificate design

  • Colors – don't be afraid to use colors, they too can add elegance to the design

  • Handwritten signatures – custom signatures draw attention and can fill undeveloped space

  • Contemporary and clean – the typography is modern and maintains clarity

Tips for working with editable certificates

#1 Colors can improve the overall perception of the certificate, so experiment with them.

#2 Consistency of fonts makes it easier to read, so use up to 2 different types.

Create an editable diploma with Certifier

What about creating a university diploma with our powerful tool, Certifier? It's really a straightforward process that can be accomplished in just a few steps. 

You can start by choosing a ready-made certificate design template that caters to various themes and color palettes and is ready for instant download. After selecting and customizing your template, the next step is uploading a list of recipients. Then, you can send the ready PDF certificates via automatic email. 

Certifier offers an all-in-one editor that allows you to create professional certificates without the need for design or coding skills. It is a go-to editor tool for those looking to design custom certificates or digital credentials. 

Can’t wait to discover more?

Wow, that was a lot. We are sure some of the suggestions for university diploma templates will particularly appeal to you. Should you need any help, we are always available.

And, of course, check out Certifier for diploma certificate designs so you can honor your students like never before.

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