15 Work Anniversary Templates

Celebrating a work anniversary is a milestone that deserves recognition. Our collection of 15 work anniversary templates offers a variety of customizable options to honor the occasion. Explore these carefully crafted templates and download your favorites to make your employees feel valued and celebrated on their special day.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: March 07, 2024

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We know how important it is to celebrate work anniversaries – they're not just a milestone but a testament to loyalty, hard work, and the wonderful journey employees have embarked on with your company. 

That's why we've put together a collection of 15 free work anniversary templates designed with anniversary celebrants in mind. So, no matter if you want to prepare 10-year work anniversary card or a 25th work anniversary certificate, we've got something for everyone. 

How to make work anniversary special with free certificate templates?

If you want to make a work anniversary unforgettable, free digital certificate templates stand as a valuable aid here, since they:

  • are ready-made

  • are easy to use

  • add personalization to anniversary design gifts

  • contribute to employee appreciation

And Certifier is the perfect tool for this occasion.

Certifier offers user-friendly features, instant downloads, and ready-to-use designs that can be used by anyone, even those without technical experience, a sense of style, or a design eye. It also provides a visual design builder that allows you to create stunning anniversary designs effortlessly.

How to download certificate templates from the list below?

Go to the Templates tab and select the free template you are interested in. Next, you can either edit the template by clicking on the certificate template button or simply download the template in the appropriate format (Figma and Microsoft Word included!).

15 free anniversary certificate templates to download

Now, let’s look at the 15 free work anniversary templates we have prepared for you. They are perfect for making your team members feel extra special on their big day!

 #1 Formal and elegant work anniversary template

Anniversary template with green colors and simple layout.

>> Free work anniversary template <<

This design template is an ideal choice for those who appreciate elegance in formal documents. The uniform font and color matching make the document easy to read, while the large, gold digital signage highlights the employee's recognition for having worked for five years. You can edit the graphics and text of the certificate if you log in to Certifier.

#2 Dark and classy work anniversary template

Dark green anniversary certificate with slight borders and a golden badge at the center.

>> Eye-catching certificate template <<

This work anniversary card idea attracts attention with its dark colors and gold elements. Here, too, we have a gold badge, which this time highlights the employee's ten years of service. In addition to the certificate ID, you can add a QR code to enhance the authenticity of the certificate.

#3 Simple and modern work anniversary template

Modern certificate of appreciation with tags for certificate ID and issue date.

>> Download this digital certificate <<

Our next template stands out for its simplicity and modernity. It has a rectangle in various shades of blue, underlined certificate ID and date information, and handwritten names. In Certifier, you can add a company logo, add digital signatures, and adjust crucial data. You can also quickly issue and print this document and acknowledge an individual or even the entire team efforts, during a team meeting or anniversary party. If you're looking for a font that looks like handwriting, check out our article about 10 fonts that look like signatures.

#4 Clear and traditional work anniversary template

Traditional beige work anniversary certificate template with highlighted years number.

>> Download work anniversary cert <<

This clear and traditional gift of appreciation emphasizes the importance of the work anniversary. The name and title of the certificate are in large font. The darker frame draws attention, and the ornaments add dignity. You can use your imagination and change the elements, such as adding your favorite colors or just corporate colors. The background has barely visible waves, but there are no watermarks anywhere – as with all designs from Certifier.

#5 Professional and slick work anniversary template

Celebrating anniversary certificate template with QR code, certificate ID, signature and company's logo places.

>> Employee work anniversary template <<

This company award also has subdued colors and an interesting frame, but it contains a modern element as well, which is the QR code. If you like this template but prefer a more traditional style, you can remove the QR code and add more text – for example, a short, personalized thank you message – by using Certifier features.

#6 Elegant and universal work anniversary template

Universal work anniversary certificate template with a central place for the company's logo and name.

>> Get special work anniversary card template <<

Another personalized anniversary card template is an example of how elegance combines with universality. Here, we have a blend of three colors: white, black, and gray – so the design can fit any occasion. The details in the corners add a touch of charm and grace. We can also see that the design background has a subtle texture, but if you'd prefer it to be plain, you can customize it in our tool to fit your needs.

#7 Casual and simple work anniversary template

Clear light yellow anniversary certificate for employees.

>> Free work anniversary printable certificate <<

The current template will meet the needs of all those who are looking for a casual design, want to maintain professionalism, but do not want to be boring. The presence of handwritten signatures gives a sense of personalization, and the bold text highlights the merits of the employee and the data of the people issuing the certificate. Of course, you can also bold other text in the document and draw attention to the information you want.

#8 Formal and clean work anniversary template

Editable work anniversary template with tags and clear layout.

>> Custom-made anniversary acknowledgement <<

This 25th anniversary work template is all you need if you're looking for a clean and formal reward for the employee. With no unnecessary details, no lavish borders, and no needless information – this template has just what you need to issue formal and authentic certificates. The colors are toned down, which adds even more seriousness.

#9 Minimalistic and modern work anniversary template

Years of service certificate template with black borders and a golden badge at the top.

>> Get this editable anniversary card template <<

Our next proposition is this minimalistic work anniversary certificate. The dark frame contrasts with the white background, and the gold medal adds prestige. At the bottom in the middle, there is space for the company logo, but with a few clicks in our certificate maker, you can include another element there, according to your preferences.

#10 Classy and sophisticated work anniversary template

Work anniversary template with special place for the text and highlighted years number.

>> Download free anniversary diploma <<

Now it's time for this classy and sophisticated anniversary card template, which just looks stunning. Its colors, i.e. beige background and brown lettering and elementary, make the whole thing look warm and fall into a slightly golden shade. Thanks to our tool, such an award can be easily printed, so next, an employee can frame it and hang it on the wall for others to admire.

#11 Stylish and effective work anniversary template

Stylish work anniversary certificate template with ornamental decorations on the corners.

>> Grab this stylish online anniversary card <<

This work anniversary template easily catches the eye because of three elements: the name written in a dignified font (you can change it to another one in Certifier), a large company logo on a blue background, and extras in the corners of the design. The whole design looks effective and with a taste for good style.

#12 Modest and professional work anniversary template

Simple years of service certificate template with green elements and a QR code.

>> Download modest appreciation template <<

Here, there is no question of exaggeration. This design is not only modest but also efficient, easy to read, and – above all – professional. The number of ten years of service is highly emphasized. The predominant colors are white and dark green, and the background has soft, light gray waves. There are handwritten signatures and a QR code at the bottom, but there is still room for additional elements if you would like to add such.

#13 Streamlined and formal work anniversary template

White certificate design for work anniversary with blue ribbon on the left and a QR code.

>> Get this ready-made file certificate <<

This example of a work anniversary template is also not complicated, and therein lies its advantage. It is simple yet effective and serves its purpose. The navy blue stripe and font color add to its formalism and raise its importance. The background has a delicate texture and completes the whole.

#14 Simple and classy work anniversary template

The anniversary of work certificate template with green ribbon at the top and simple design.

>> Choose this classy work gift certificate <<

In this case, we are dealing with a classic design. The text is centered, there are not many decorative elements, and the whole concept is universal. If you prefer the text to stick to the border, change it in Certifier. You can also adjust other elements or add new ones, and you already have a new template for another occasion. 

#15 Clear and crisp work anniversary template

White crisp work anniversary certificate template with a gold badge and space for the special message.

>> Get this personalized template <<

Our last proposition is a template that is clean, clear, yet crisp. The certificate's title and the recipient's name are written in large font. Next, what catches the eye is the medal with the number of years worked. There is no color shabbiness, and therefore, the whole piece is easy to read.

Don't forget the work anniversary and reward your employees

These are all our work anniversary templates for today. Which one caught your attention the most? If there is any, don't hesitate to use it for your employees!

As you can see, you do not need either skills or professional designers to have such masterpieces. All you have to do is download ready-made templates from Certifier or adjust them in our certificate maker.

Have a great time awarding your co-workers!

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