10 Completion Badge Ideas for Your Next Course or Webinar

Certificates and digital badges are creative ideas and offer some unique benefits. Therefore, they can be a better solution in certain situations than anything else. Read on.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: June 19, 2024

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Issuing digital badges is a common practice, so you've probably heard of their use more than once, but perhaps you're not sure what occasion you could issue such awards for in your company.

Don't worry.

Today we'll give you up to 10 creative ideas for adding digital badges to your online training courses or webinars.

Benefits of awarding your audience

One: Gamification

Awarding beautiful certificates and badges after completing an online course or a great webinar is a brilliant gamification strategy to engage and reward people participating in your online meeting.

For example, for their participation, making great progress, being active, and sharing their expertise. In this way, they can significantly influence people's involvement and thus increase the quality of your meeting!

Two: Promotion

When issuing a certification badge, you will encourage your potential audience to attend precisely the events organized by your company, not by your competitors, who do not offer such recognition.

In case someone was wondering whether to take a course from your company or a competitor, such issued badges could be the factor that prevailed in your favor.

There are a lot of people who are looking for courses or education that guarantee a certificate when they complete the course. Such courses are most in demand. As a result, credentialing programs can increase sales of your events.

Three: Achievement

Certificates and badges are a visual reminder of what your employees have accomplished and how far they have come. Employees or students very positively perceive monetary awards, but they are no mementos.

Meanwhile, a certificate is more than a reward. You can download a badge image and embed in an email signature, hang it on the wall, or put it on a desk or other prominent place so that it constantly motivates people to continue working, rather than as a one-time inducement for continuous development. 

Four: Network appreciation

Badges and certificates can serve as a way to show social networks and co-workers your achievements. If someone participated in a webinar and earned one of the certificates, then they can show others what they have accomplished by sharing the badge URL.

This satisfies the need for friendly competition and also arouses the involvement of even those employees who are not fond of any form of competition. It has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the team, breaks the boredom, and maybe even makes new friends. Nothing stands in the way of that!

10 best completion badge ideas for your next course or webinar

Okay, the benefits are many, but what about ideas for issuing such badges and certificates? In what situations will these awards work best? 

Well, we have some ideas.

#1 First steps in the field

It is worth considering attending relevant courses and webinars to develop in a particular industry.

So, if you are conducting meetings for beginners, you can issue badges to participants appreciating them for their first steps or certificate of membership.

In this way, it's worth highlighting the fact that a course or webinar participant made an important decision and decided to take part in your online meeting. 

Such awards are great for motivating further development and are ideal material to include in a resume or cover letter, as they are of great value to recruiters.

And as we mentioned earlier, nowadays, courses and webinars are top-rated for the market and among job candidates. As remote work has been popularized and online meetings are now an everyday occurrence, courses, and webinars have become commonplace. It is worth taking advantage of this.

#2 Learning new skills

It is also common to reward participants in online meetings for learning new skills in a particular area. Each class and webinar has specific materials from which it is conducted.

A woman is sitting behind a computer, leading a webinar.

This means that after completing such a single meeting or series, as much as possible, you can issue a digital image that will confirm newly acquired skills, qualifications, knowledge of the subject matter in a given area, etc.

Recognizing a student for acquiring new skills and professional development is a great concept that will work in almost any situation, especially as an award after certification exams when you want to motivate your audience and provide them with a valuable document.

#3 The biggest involvement

Sometimes the audience prefers to assume the position of passive listeners rather than active interlocutors. How to change this? How about rewarding those meeting members who, despite stress and nerves, answer questions or ask them themselves?

Well, you should certainly pay attention to those who frequently participate in the conversation. Such a solution will perhaps make more people from the crowd speak up.

Plus, everyone likes rewards, so if people see their activity pay off, you may see more hands raised!

That’s why a great option would be to reward them with a paper certificate or digital badge for the greatest involvement. Just send such a badge via email end, and that's it - the recipients will receive an email notification, and they can open a message with a direct link and download the file.

#4 Homework master

You can also award a completion certificate to the student who takes the most homework in your next course or webinar. Either for the participant who solved the tasks the fastest or in the most creative way. There are many possibilities, but one goal: don't forget those who followed your instructions without blinking an eye.

In a situation where these tasks were not mandatory, and only for the willing, such a reward will be an excellent distinction from the crowd. And even if the homework was compulsory, since their solution would depend on passing the meetings, it would still be nice to provide such a document that also shows involvement in the sessions.

#5 Quiz breaker

How about taking a series of quizzes during the course? It will be a fantastic, engaging element that fits all types of meetings. 

Such a quiz can:

  • test newly acquired knowledge, 

  • relate to something unrelated to the topic,

  • connect to some psychological tests,

  • test knowledge about the company's products,

  • introduce some fun and relax the atmosphere.

Not only did you move the audience a bit, but you also gained a lot of valuable information. Such studies are also the most effective way to generate leads and a way to drive customers to your website or online store.

But anyway, everyone who completed such a quiz and did their best on it deserves a prize, don't you think?

#6 Sharing a knowledge

Course participants and webinar attendees are interested in the topic you are about to present. For this reason, both beginners and professionals can hide in the audience. And both groups have some knowledge in the field, so if at all possible, encourage them to give their opinions and share their experiences with a professional network!

Sharing your knowledge and thoughts, for example, in the Q&A section, is a great way to get even more out of the meeting. Learning is a lifelong process, so listening to others' perspectives is essential. As a result, the conference will be more valuable since badge earners will share their knowledge and, through the participants, more information will be gathered.

#7 Significant progress

Have you noticed that during your online meetings, some participants have put a great deal of effort into absorbing new information? Or maybe their level of knowledge has increased significantly compared to the beginning of the session? Your best option is to recognize them for their significant progress with such a learning outcome!

That's one of the best reasons to hand out a verifiable badge that will show that you haven't missed their hard work, and you can see the road they've traveled to be where they are.

Further, this type of award serves as a great motivation to keep growing and improving, not just a PDF badge or paper-based certificate.

#8 The best teamwork

Did you conduct any group exercises? If so, which group turned out to be the best? And why didn't you give them certificates? It doesn't cost you anything, and it gives others so much fun and arouses a positive desire to compete in the whole group. So yes, such praise can be precious and motivating for them.

Team is enjoying their achievements and having fun with working together.

The ability to work in a group is a highly valued skill. Those who can't work with others find it hard to get along with team members. If, on the other hand, a job candidate has such digital certificates that prove their skill, then this certificate is no longer just a PDF file but has already become an important document that can signal achievement.

#9 The best individual work

Well, since there is the possibility of an award for the best teamwork, we can't leave out the best individual work. If in the previous webinar, you introduced the possibility of team competition, then now it would be a good idea to introduce individual competition so that everyone willing to show their compelling skills. Individual work shows that a badge owner can solve tasks on his own without the help of team members.

Again, for the best, provide digital badges or certificates, which, as in the example above, are an essential document for recruiters.

#10 Perfect attendance

Our last suggestion for completion badges or certificates is about perfect attendance. If you conducted a series of lessons or webinars, this is an ideal opportunity to appreciate your audience and show them that you were in charge of everything and could see who cared most. 

Unless these meetings were mandatory, then it's obvious that those interested had to attend. But if they were voluntary, why not give the best attendees digital or physical badges? Or send them a certificate thanking them for perfect attendance? Well, that's precisely what you can do, so if you like the idea, use it soon!

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How can Certifier help you with awarding your audience?

You already know in what situations you can give these beautiful certificates and digital badges, but of course, you don't have to design all these materials by hand! We wouldn't leave you alone with that, so that's why we offer you our tool!

Certifier is a cloud-based software that provides the best experience for building, managing, verifying, sharing on social platforms, analyzing, and generating certificates.

So if you're interested in rewarding your learners or webinar attendees with this type of recognition, take advantage of the wide range of features from Certifier, and certification 24/7 access, and you'll be able to create fantastic projects in minutes.

Certifier CTA

You can say goodbye to paper certificates with our system as we provide a digital version of paper-based certificates. It is ideal for both design enthusiasts and those who value quick and efficient work. Make awesome certificate designs with customizable text, fonts, and objects. Add personalized branding, colors, and style, or easily resize your document. 

Don't have time to design? You don't have to worry! This collection of 300+ certificate templates isn't for nothing. Don't give it a second thought. Choose your preferred template and send those documents in bulk even faster.

That's not all, of course, as Certifier still provides:

  • plenty of marketing insights, 

  • lets you track your recipient's engagement, 

  • see LinkedIn sharing statistics. 

Managing your recipients is easy, too. You have complete control over the certificate distribution process from start to finish - create groups of recipients, upload a spreadsheet with essential data and map your data to dynamic attributes. 

All these features are provided so that you don't have to worry about anything and can enjoy the benefits of PDF certificates. As a result, we also guarantee fast shipping. A unique link to the certificate will be emailed to every recipient's email address. Then, they can download their document, share badges on social media sites, add it to LinkedIn, or put it on their resume.


After reading this article and learning how many ways to reward your online event attendees, we hope you'll take advantage of all these benefits associated with issuing certificates and a digital badging program. Remember, it's a great idea to reward both experienced employees and people new to a particular industry.

Don't worry about the step of creating such documents - it's something fun with Certifier!

This tool provides certificates that are an online indicator of accomplishment or skill that can be managed, shared, and verified. You can play around with many features and try them all out, and if you don't feel like doing creative work, just use any of the templates! We, on the other hand, provide you with all the support, answers to your burning questions, and a free account. 

See for yourself today and start for free! 🙌🏻

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