How To Make Certificates for Zoom Webinars?

There are many popular webinar tools, but Zoom is one of the best. But what is a webinar without a certificate? See how to make it, and provide an outstanding experience to your attendees.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: January 29, 2024

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Sometimes, webinars are so important and valuable that they beg for any proof of attendance for meetings.

Maybe it was a long-term course or a webinar that ended with a follow-up test?

Either way, with the help of certificates, you can end your amazing Zoom webinars with a bang and reward your audience with a meaningful and beautiful certificate of attendance.

Today we'll talk more about these online documents you can give to your Zoom webinar attendees – why you should use them, what tool is great for creating certificates and how to build them.

Are you ready?

How to reward your Zoom webinar participants?

Zoom main page.

There are many benefits no matter how someone participates in Zoom events, whether on a laptop, phone, or any other type of mobile device.

Zoom is a great tool to increase engagement with your regular audience and drive potential customers to take an interest in your brand. Such online meetings help you quickly gain credibility, the necessary trust, and interest in your products. What's more, free webinars are very popular and are a source of valuable leads. For example, you might be an IMO or FMO looking to acquire new leads from the national insurance producer database.

But not everyone has the time or motivation to attend such online meetings.

Moreover, the content value of a webinar alone isn’t sometimes enough to attract an audience.

Thus, to ensure that registrants won't ignore what you have to offer, you need to give them more than one reason to participate in your online event.

Despite the extensive advantages of online webinars, many speakers still wonder how to encourage audience participation further. Of course, an exciting and current topic is essential. Content that brings value also needs to be covered during the online meeting.

But at the very end, it's worth adding something more.

Something that will be a reward for the participants. It isn’t about shopping vouchers or discounts but a confirmation of participation in an online meeting.

We are talking about certificates!

Why is it best to award attendees with a certificate?

If you have been thinking about different forms of rewarding your participants, you probably also thought about badges, diplomas, and credentials. Okay, you can choose them, the decision is up to you, but we'll give you some reasons why you should choose certificates for webinar attendees and improve your webinar registration process!

#1 Confirms that you attended a webinar from Zoom

There is no better document to confirm a participant's attendance at a Zoom webinar platform. Not only it’s readable, but it contains all the necessary details about the online meeting you were at.

Such a document of membership can have a lot of information because there is much more space to put some text, images, or other elements, unlike badges. As a result, attendees are satisfied, and so is your team because issuing a large number of certificates is no longer a huge chore but a piece of cake.

We know without knowledge and especially virtual experiences in a particular industry, taking your first steps in your career is a daunting task. That's why attending webinars where you get a certificate is so convenient and valuable and ultimately so tempting. And on top of that, if you know how to transcribe Zoom meetings, you can have another asset for attendees.

#2 Documents your new skills

Since a webinar certificate confirms that you have attended a particular online meeting, it also demonstrates your new skills.

Very often, the main reason why webinar registrant chooses specific courses and online webinars is that they want a certificate that will confirm the newly acquired knowledge and abilities of the participants. Consequently, interest in these meetings is particularly evident among students, trainees, or people just starting their career path.

Therefore, if your Zoom webinar doesn't give certificates, consider making a change!

Certificates from Zoom webinars will confirm new, meaningful achievements and make a good impression on all participants who took part in the online meeting. In addition, courses that provide certificates tend to be more well-received and seen as more credible for many companies looking for new joiners.

#3 Can be quickly delivered to learners

Well, you may have already known the benefits of running online webinars on the Zoom platform but were afraid of the excessive work involved in issuing certificates. Maybe that would have been a problem in the past, but not now! Currently, there are so many tools on the market that can send certificates to learners very quickly.

It can even take one click and a few seconds for hundreds of your learners to receive their documents.

Literally speaking, the right software will do all the work for you. Building the certificate itself is simple, and it takes very little time to issue. It means that sending certificates no longer requires you to manually create emails and attach documents, so you have nothing to worry about.

#4 It’s easy to verify

Another advantage is that such certificates are easy to verify. Most of them have a QR code that you can scan and, as a result, get more information about, e.g., the certifying institution or the course you have taken.

There is no question that the people who create course certificates for online seminars guarantee quality. But, on the other hand, if someone isn't sure if it's original or can be trusted, they don't have to ask the job candidate for any details but check it themselves. Employers, recruiters, and institutions can then check such a document when you apply for a job.

So you are free to replace a PDF certificate with an easily verifiable digital document.

#5 Can be easily shared on LinkedIn

Everybody knows information spreads very quickly on social media. But some businesses can take advantage of this and, for example, make their documents easily sharable. Therefore, digital certificates from Zoom webinars can be widely shared on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Again, it's just a matter of a few clicks to share them and talk about your new accomplishment with your friends. Plus, it's also the perfect opportunity to let potential employers know on LinkedIn that you're serious about your career and aren’t afraid of attending quality certification webinars.

Many companies feel better employing people who are really interested in getting new skills. In addition, by sharing your accomplishments on, for example, LinkedIn, you show your passion for specific topics and the whole brand.

This is a big plus because you compare better with other candidates!

#6 Promotes your business

We would also like to mention that such documents are also significant for companies because they are an excellent marketing tool. Consider, for example, the previously mentioned feature of sharing certificates on social media channels. Okay, it helps candidates talk publicly about their skills, but it also makes your company and your courses famous!

If somebody didn’t know before that such an online seminar like yours even exists, now they have the perfect opportunity to meet them finally! That means many benefits for your organization, among others:

  • improved popularity of your webinars

  • more interest in your business

  • growth in conversions

  • a sales boost

  • increase in your regular customer base

  • improved customer experiences

#7 Makes a great souvenir

We can't forget that the certificate you receive is also a great item to keep! You can save it on your laptop or print it out and hang it on your wall if you don't want to share it online.

This is a great thing and, above all, very motivating. Especially if the webinar sessions were one of a kind, ended with a test that you passed, was very valuable to your industry, or had a limited number of seats and you managed to sign up for it.

It’s always good to surround yourself with motivators for further development as we don't always have the will to find time for learning, personal growth, and training. Yet, such a document will remind you that hard work pays off, allowing you to develop yourself further.

What features should the ideal tool have to create certificates?

Since there are actually a lot of tools on the market for building, managing, and sending certificates, it's worth knowing a few key features that are most important for such files. 

Thus, your software should include:

  • Built-in creator: each tool should offer you a builder along with multiple editing tools to create and personalize your certificates.

  • Ready-made templates: for those who don't have time to create certificates from scratch.

  • Sending in bulk: to send documents in seconds, not hours (it's all about streamlining the process, right?)

  • Posting to social media: to make it easy to spread newly earned credentials.

  • Easy verification: so you can instantly verify the type and originality of the document.

  • Recipient management: so you can create groups of recipients and manage them.

  • Marketing data: to get valuable online marketing insights about your issued certificates.

  • Analyzing data: to get the information you need to improve your certification process.

  • Manage expired certificates: if a document is no longer valid and you want to delete it or revoke expired certificates.

  • Free account/trial period: so you can see if the tool you've chosen is right for you.

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Why should you choose Certifier for your Zoom meetings?

Graphic showing the Certifier together with the CTA button to start design certificates for free.

Certifier is one of your options when creating and publishing digital certificates for webinar attendees.

This all-in-one platform lets you build comprehensive online documents, manage them, share, verify, and issue. It also provides you with useful marketing and analyzing data, so you don’t need any other software to get access to them.

This digital certificate software is for everyone as it’s suitable both for small companies and big ones. Do you want to issue just a few hundred documents or handle a large-scale certification process with millions of recipients?

Feel free to try Certifier in both cases!

What’s more, you will find here some outstanding features that will help you customize every text, font, and object. You will also be able to add your personalized branding, colors, and styles. Dynamic and customizable attributes as well are for your disposition. The certificate size is also adjustable, so adjust it for your needs.

And, of course, take advantage of managing your recipient base on the Certifier platform - create groups of attendees, upload a spreadsheet with recipients’ data, choose people to whom you want to send your online documents, or select all contacts and send certificates in bulk in a few seconds.

Also, don't be afraid of using this platform, as it has many security features, so you and your documents will always be safe.

Many companies trusted Certifier, like Salesforce, Insider, Motivo, and Law Business Research. You can join our satisfied customers too. Just give Certifietr a try!

How to make certificates for Zoom meetings with Certifier

Step 1: Log in Certifier

First, you need to log in to your Certifier account. If you haven’t created it yet, you can get started here.

Step 2: Create the list of webinar participants

After you get into the system, you should have a list of webinar attendees. Zoom app provides you with such a list in the Reports tab. Choose the Usage Reports and the Report Type you wish to search. When you are ready, click Generate CSV Report.

A participant's email address should be included on the list so you can send certificates later using a certificate maker. Once you have a list of attendees, you can move to step 3.

Step 3: Design the certificate project

Now, you have 2 possibilities to make certificates for your online Zoom meetings.

Use ready-made templates

If you're pressed for time, you can use our ready-made templates. Just click on the Design tab, and select Create a new design. Then, a library of free certificate templates will be opened and you can use any certificate template you want and customize it. For example, add unique text and attributes, change the orientation, or whatever you want.

or create from scratch!

This option is for everybody who has plenty of time or just likes to use their imagination. In this case, you can from the beginning do everything on your own. Add background, title, and text. Choose size, fonts, colors, dynamic attributes, and images. Feel free to edit and adjust them. You can save the project so you won't lose it.

Step 4: Send in bulk!

Once you have finished the creation process, upload a list of webinar attendees. Choose the Courses tab, create a New Course, click Issue Certificates and upload the CSV file. After that, send your new certificates for webinar participants! 

With Certifier, it’s straightforward!

Create beautiful certificates for Zoom webinar participants!

A certificate as a reward for your Zoom webinar registrant is a hit! It’s an essential and useful document not only for experienced workers in the industry but also for people who are just at the beginning of their adventure in the profession. It's also a kind of profit that can motivate attendees to learn and self-develop.

Such software doesn't have to cost you too much - if you choose the right tool like Certifier. Our platform will help your company create, manage and send certificates. This investment will surely be a success, but if you have any doubts, you can simply take advantage of our free account!

As you can see, the benefits are there on both sides - you will enjoy an excellent tool for beautiful certificates, and your webinar attendees will look forward to signing up for future online meetings.

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