January 18, 2023

12+ Free Figma Certificate Templates

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12+ Free Figma Certificate Templates


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Everyone has design tools they like to use. Many of those apps offer features that let people create projects outside the scope of the tool's meaning. 

Therefore, you can create certificates with Figma. All the more so if you use ready-made and colorful certificate templates from Certifier that are customizable online.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you our ideas for customizable certificates in Figma. You will find here many ideas for your diplomas, including modern contest awards, classy training awards, and fancy webinar certificate templates.

Buckle up, and let's get started! 🚀

How do Certifier certificates work?

Before we move on to creating certificates in Figma, we want to explain to you how Certifier works, as this knowledge will come in handy later on.

Certifier is a professional design software for creating certificates and digital badges that has all the features that will enable you to create modern and eye-catching certificates, credentials, diplomas, badges, etc. 

It allows you to create amazing designs that are ready to be sent for different occasions:

  • charity events

  • business seminars

  • marketing courses

  • corporate events

  • educational events

  • and even governmental events

The great thing about Certifier is that it is intuitive and easy to use,  so you don’t need any design team. While some users may find Figma an overly complicated tool for creating certificates, Certifier is easy to use. 

With messages on what to do in the next steps when saving and sending your business awards, you'll really get a handle on the distribution. 💪

📚 See how to handle certificate distribution faster: How to Create Certificates from Google Sheets and Excel?

And, of course, Certifier will provide you with plenty of marketing insight and information on what happens to your certificates right after mailing. And that's what's missing from Figma. 

Certifier library of certificate templates available for Figma.

But Certifier is more than a tool. It also offers a library of design Figma templates where you can find many captivating designs that you can customize.

This allows you to create such documents as:

  • workplace awards

  • honorary awards

  • internship awards

  • ceremony awards

You can use many of these designs in Figma.

How to get free Figma templates [3 easy steps]

1️⃣ Find a design with the Figma icon

In our component library, you will find a lot of templates. Many of them have Figma icons. Every amazing UI design is modifiable online. Choose the one you like.

2️⃣ Decide the size and the color

After selecting your favorite template, it's time to choose its size. Certificates come in vertical or horizontal versions. In addition, many of them have different color options, so you can decide which one you want.

3️⃣ Download the design and open it in Figma

Now download the design and open it in Figma. When the artwork is finished, save the certificate in a PDF file and send it to the recipients. 

And that's it! That's the whole philosophy.

In Certifier, you will find as many as 31 design options. We'll introduce you to some of them below!

Best Free Figma Templates

#1 Classic certificate of recognition template

Minimalistic certificate of recognition template.

[Get the template]

This template is suitable for language seminars, ad hoc meetings, local contest winners, distributing sponsorship grants, and expressing gratitude. But it’s also perfect as a fancy course certificate template. With this simple certificate of recognition template, recipients will no doubt feel appreciated for receiving a recognition award. 

There are four colors available for this modest classic certificate template: blue, brown, green, and red. 

Fonts used for this customizable template: Libre Baskerville, Montecarlo, and Poppins.

#2 Formal and stylish certificate of training template

Green Figma certificate template with golden name and surname element.

[Get the template]

A formal and stylish certificate of training template can be used as an award at the end of language courses, online webinars, to close a seminar, or to close training sessions. The document can be customized to highlight your brand's credibility. 

Choose from blue, burgundy, green, or onyx colors to match your brand.

Fonts used for this template: Alex Brush, DM Sans, and Manrope.

#3 Professional and elegant course certificate template

Blue and gold professional and elegant course certificate template.

[Get the template]

Course diplomas like this one are perfect for workplace training sessions, educational seminars, or as a certificate of recognition template. Featuring a classical design and formal features, you can also add the names, extra information, and event logo to this award.

But, no matter if you want to create a certificate of training template, a universal webinar certificate template, or a certificate of appreciation template, you can choose this design.

When editing your course diploma, you can choose between green or navy blue.

Fonts used for this template: Alex Brush, Poppins, and EB Garamond.

#4 Fancy and modern webinar certificate template

Flourish Figma certificate template with QR code.

[Get the template]

Modern webinar certificate templates are excellent for beauty courses, essay contests, or recognizing academic achievements. If you are looking for a universal webinar certificate design, you've come to the right place. Your recipients will be delighted to receive this certificate, no matter who they are. 

The brown and red color scheme in this modern certificate design can be adjusted to match your brand.

Fonts used for this template: Marcellus and Montserrat.

#5 Modern and simple training certificate template

Free Figma colorful training certificate template.

[Get the template]

Seminars, conferences, training sessions, and a variety of courses will benefit from this modern certificate design from Certifier. It has dark and bright colors and a lot of white space. 

But you can customize and edit templates by choosing from two fonts and colors and create the design you want.

Fonts used for this template: Manrope and Montserrat.

#6 Atmospheric achievement certificate template

Colorful certificate of achievement Figma template.

[Get the template]

Suitable for beauty webinars, local competitions, and sports events, this achievement template is modern and atmospheric. This free and fully editable achievement certificate design can be used in Figma by anyone.

There are four color options available for this template: blue, blue-pink, orange, and purple.

Fonts used for this template: Josefin Sans.

#7 Formal webinar certificate template

Formal Figma certificate template with the blue stripe.

[Get the template]

Your medical courses, marketing sessions, and team trainings would benefit greatly from this formal and modern webinar certificate template. And the authentic certificate can then be sent simultaneously to all recipients with Certifier. 

Two different colors were used to create this modern design: blue and green. 

Fonts used for this template: DM Sans and Marcellus.

#8 Traditional certificate of training template

Traditional certificate of training template with green colors and golden elements.

[Get the template]

Suitable for award winners, championship leaders, and team competitions, this certificate of training template is simple and traditional. Add your brand attributes to the design to emphasize your brand's name. 

It is available in blue, green, orange, and burgundy colors from Certifier.

Font used for this template: Montserrat.

#9 Classy recognition certificate template

College style classy Figma recognition certificate template.

[Get the template]

Whether it is for sports competitions, school awards, or medical conferences, this professional and classy recognition certificate template will fit the bill. Your recipients will feel proud of their achievements when they receive this professional recognition certificate design.

This classy design is available in four different color schemes: blue, dark blue, green, and brown.

Fonts used for this classic template: Birthstone, Cinzel, and Manrope.

#10 Simple certificate of achievement certificate design

Dark blue simple certificate of achievement certificate design.

[Get the template]

With this completely customizable and simple certificate of achievement template, you can highlight professional accomplishments and academic success. It has bold graphics and text. Each recipient will receive a certificate that impressively highlights their accomplishments. 

But, you also choose this design as a classy webinar certificate template or a modest course certificate template. What’s more, this certificate is available in three colors: blue, mint, and navy blue.

The font used for this template is Montserrat.

#11 Bright course certificate template

Violet-blue gradient Figma certificate template.

[Get the template]

With Certifier's simple and bright template, awarding a course or webinar is simple. Whether you're presenting a beauty webinar, a language workshop, or a professional seminar, a simple course certificate design is suitable for you.

Fonts used for this template: Birthstone, Libre Baskerville, and Prompt.

#12 Professional training certificate template

Modern yellow professional training certificate template.

[Get the template]

This professional and formal training certificate template is ideal for government events, funding awards, and work achievements. The certificate's unique design is sure to impress your recipients. 

We offer this professional and authentic template in a variety of colors, such as blue, olive, brown, and purple. Feel free-to-edit formal and fancy certificate.

Fonts used for this template: Inter and Marcellus.

Over to you

So, in Certifier, you will find our certificate editing platform and a lot of modern designs that are customizable online.

Use our high-quality designs and take advantage of auto layout in Figma, and create credentials prepared for your needs. With them, you don't waste time creating a certificate from scratch, and you can still use the tool you like. 

However, if you want to issue a certificate to users with a professional certificate builder that is designed for this purpose, bet on Certifier. Create an account and issue beautiful certificates! 🧑🏻‍🎨

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