Online Test Certificates: A Guide for Teachers [+ Free Templates]

Online test certificates have become a powerful tool among teachers. Take a look at how they can benefit you and your students. Read on and get access to free templates as well!

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Sergey Butko

Updated: January 27, 2024

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Due to the increased popularity of online education, there is a growing need for online test certificates that demonstrate the skills that students have acquired as a result of their online training. The process of making such certificates is quick and easy, and they can be a great reward for completing online exams.

But how do you create such online test certificates? What do they have to offer in terms of online learning? And are they really worth considering? 

Stay with us because today we will discuss this topic! 

Game changer alert: automation of online test certificates

If you're not yet taking advantage of the goodness of online certificates, you may be wondering if operating online test certificates and certification exams is a good option for you and your students. Let us give you an overview of the top three benefits that will change your job and make it more pleasant.

💨 The speed

The biggest advantage of issuing online test certificates is the speed associated with their creation and management. Thanks to the digitization of processes, your tasks that used to be done manually are now automated by technology. 

And that means you don't have to manually build certificates or insert names or grades. In addition, you have less room for mistakes since many things are done for you by the system. You can also send your score reports to your principal or other superiors to show them how your students are doing.

As a result, as a teacher, you have extra time to do other things, for instance, prepare lessons or create new and more engaging exam types.

🥇 The ease

Creating online exams and certificates does not require you to know the world of computer science or programming basics. The tools are easy to use, and the certification process is intuitive. And this means that you will certainly manage to deliver certificates on your own, even if you have no experience.

Currently, there are many tools on the market that will help you deliver online certificates to students with speed and ease. Forget about problems with delivering or printing such credentials. 

All you need is a reliable internet connection, and you can quickly make the tests available to students and then provide them with certificates.

📲 The convenience

The exam process, as well as exam content, are generally easier to prepare and more enjoyable to students and teachers. Tests can be taken on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, or even on a computer.

What's more, students don't have to show up to exam appointments in class and instead can take the lessons from their room. As a result, everyone saves time since they don't have to commute.

Teachers, on the other hand, will feel the difference in classroom management. Take the example of English language courses, which are important for building English proficiency. Imagine how the education of this language would be more convenient with the use of automation in online courses, online tests, and the issuance of English certificates. 

This is certainly an attractive option for more than one lecturer. 📚

💪 The satisfaction

As a teacher, you certainly have a lot on your plate, so you don't complain about boredom. That's why it's so important to prepare your exam workspace and fill it with the right tools.

For example, using Certifier, you will be able to create beautiful projects and issue completion certificates to all students

As all students get their test certificate with one click, you increase both their and your satisfaction level. They get the results quickly, and you finish the task more efficiently and can move on to the next one. 

📚 Learn more about automation in the learning industry – eLearning Automation: The Future of Learning Is Here

How to automate creating online test certificates for students?

Let's cut to the chase and discuss how to automate your online tests, so you have as little effort to do with them as possible and enjoy smooth work.

However, remember they are some exam rules you need to stick in. What’s more, the tools you choose need to fulfill minimum system requirements to really help you take online tests. 

As soon as you understand this, you will be able to use our solution to resolve your problem.

Just three tools you’ll need

👉 Survicate or SurveyMonkey to run online tests 

👉 Google Sheets to collect answers

👉 Certifier to create and issue certificates

The combination of these three tools will make conducting exam processes hassle-free for you.

#1 Create a quiz

At the very beginning, we will focus on choosing the right platform to make a proper exam online. In this regard, you will need to use Survicate or SurveyMonkey.

Both Survicate and SurveyMonkey will allow you to make educational quizzes that can play the role of tests. They offer you the use of many ready-made templates, so creating quizzes with them will not be a difficult task.

To choose the right exam provider, you also need to decide what features you care about, as the two tools differ a bit. However, their goal is one: make quizzes in minutes and give you reliable outcomes from them.

⭐ Tip: If the school you're working at offers an in-house platform that you've used before, you can use it. You can also use a different platform for creating tests than the ones we recommended. 

So, to get started, log in to your chosen exam software or create an account. Next, create a survey or choose a ready one from education templates. You can define your exam details, edit the questions and answers, and adjust them to your needs. As soon as you have saved your quiz, you are ready to move on to the next step in the process!

Certifier logo on a board as a tool for online test certificates for teachers.

You can integrate Certifier with Google Forms, Typeform, Survey Monkey, Jotform, Gravity Forms, and Paperform, among many other survey software platforms.

📚 See all the benefits of gamification in schools – Gamification in Education: Improves Learning for These 5 Reasons [+ Tips and Tools]

#2 Create a Google spreadsheet

The next step will be to prepare the document in Google Spreadsheet. This is needed because it will store information about your student's grades and email addresses.

Once the students finish the test and you receive their results, you will need to complete the spreadsheet and assign each student their grade. This way, later on, the data in the certificate will fill in by itself. And all that's left for you to do is to send it.

You simply need to create a new Google Sheet, add the title Email address at the top of Column A, and add the title Grade at the top of Column B.

Spreadsheets for sending certificates in bulk.

To be sure that the students' mailing addresses are correct, you can send each of them a confirmation email. Also, you can send this way the exam policy, answers to frequently asked questions and guidance to individuals, or exam contact support. 

⭐ Tip: If you don't want to use Google Spreadsheet, you can use Microsoft Excel or other software that will save the document in CSV, XLSX, or XLS format.

#3 Create a certificate in Certifier

The next thing you need to do, of course, is to prepare a certificate project. Fortunately, in Certifier, many tasks happen automatically or by using ready-made elements.

Certifier is a professional certificate creation tool that has a number of features that allow you to quickly build certificates, credentials, and various types of diplomas. It allows you to create, issue, manage, verify and prove certificates. It also provides analytical functions.

With Certifier, for example, you can use one of our many ready-made templates and then customize them to your preferences. You can also build a project from scratch, but to speed up the process of creating online test certificates, we recommend using the templates.

To do so, log in to Certifier or create an account. In the menu, go to the Designs tab and click the blue +Create Design button. Next, choose a template and adjust it to your preferences. 

The process of creating online test certificates for teachers in Certifier.

You can automatically fill in the templates with personalized information to automate the creation of documents. This will be crucial when you get students’ outcomes from tests and will define their grades. 

In addition to the recipient name, you will also automatically insert the student's grade, so go to the Attributes tab and click Add custom attribute.

Click Save design.

⭐ Tip: Don't close the program because you will come back to it when you need to send certificates.

#4 Run your online test and evaluate the results

Now it's time to take the quiz in SurveyMonkey. But before, if you prefer, conduct a real testing session before the exam to catch any mistakes. 

Once everything is fine, schedule the appointment time for the test and wait until everyone finishes their quiz. To ensure the integrity of an exam, a teacher can monitor an exam via a webcam.

Collect the results, determine the rating scale and enter grades into the document you created in Google Spreadsheets. 

Make sure each student has the right grade because later, that grade will appear on the certificate.

#5 Send certificates in bulk

Certificate design ready, spreadsheet ready, quiz completed, so now go back to Certifier. Now, your role is to deliver certification candidates their awards.

In the menu, go to the Groups tab. Then click the blue button +Create group and name it. Next, you will automatically add information like the student’s name and grade. 

To do this, click the Add recipients button. Select the I would like to upload a spreadsheet with a list of recipients option. 

Creating group of recipients in Certifier to send online test certificates in bulk.

Go ahead and upload an already-complete spreadsheet with recipients' data that you made earlier. Verify if the grades match students. If so, send your exam certificates in bulk!

⏩ Here is an article deeply explaining How to Send Certificates Through Email

Select Save and Publish. Using this method, each member of the list you uploaded to Certifier will receive an email with an individualized certificate.

⭐ Tip: Be sure to give the proper email title, so students know they received their certificates.

Examples of best online test certificates

And that’s all! Online test certificates have just been issued after you made the online exam!

To make it even easier for you to work with online certificates, we'll give you some of our certificate ideas. You can download each of them and use them when creating an award.

Many companies use Certifier certificate templates library for their advantage. It doesn't matter if you work in education or for an IT company like Mustard IT, you will be satisfied.

But today, we will show examples of the best online test certificates. 🎉

Formal online test certificate template

Black and white with golden elements formal online test certificate template.

[Download the template]

This type of template is perfect for the recognition of the students of the academic course. The template is available in two colors – navy blue and red – and in two formats. It contains only the necessary information, so it is clear and organized. Your logo will stand out in this design. 

The fonts used in the design are Cinzel and Manrope. 

Classic online test certificate template 

White with golden elements classic online test certificate template.

[Download the template]

This classic stencil with decorative elements will also be a great idea for a reward for your students. There's plenty of space so that you can add some new elements. To give your certificates an original look, feel free to add your logo, signature, seal, or anything else you want.

There are four different colors available for this modest classic certificate template: blue, brown, green, and red. The fonts used in the template are Libre Baskerville, Montecarlo, and Poppins.

Modern online test certificate template 

Baby blue modern online test certificate template.

[Download the template]

But how about betting on a modern online test certificate template? This design may especially appeal to your younger students, as its colors are eye-catching. The colors you can choose from include apricot, blue, and brown. So you can choose the shade that best represents your brand. 

The fonts featured in this certificate template are Manrope and Whisper. This modern achievement certificate template would please your audience.

Professional online test certificate template

White and blue professional online test certificate template.

[Download the template]

You can also use one of our professional templates. This one above has bold lettering and a simple color scheme to give your award a professional look. Choose from two professional colors – blue and green – to make the recognition certificate perfect for your event. Awards can be customized and sent in the format and orientation desired by companies.

The fonts used in this certificate template are Montserrat and Pacifico. 

Create online test certificates on your own

We hope this article has shown you that creating online certificates is also possible for you. They are simple to create and can bring you so many benefits!

In addition, there are many exam types you can build to further engage your students. The possibilities are many, and Certifier will support you every step of the way.

🔥 Sign up for a free account and see what our tool can do!

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