Top 7 Alternatives to Acclaim Badge

Maybe Acclaim it’s your favorite tool, or perhaps you’re looking for a new app. One way or another, today, we’ll show you the Acclaim alternatives and why you should even consider them.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: January 22, 2024

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We’re sure you have heard about Credly Acclaim and its digital badge maker. Undoubtedly, it’s a valuable platform for online badge issuance.

But there is always a question: Is it the best option for online accreditation and verification in your company?

We’ll discuss this in a minute!

What is Acclaim for?

Credly digital credentialing software.

Acclaim is one of Credly’s products. The Credly platform aims to close the skills-to-opportunity gap by offering global open badges. As a result, people can take advantage of this company to express their education, skills, and competencies in a common language. 

Created by Creadly and backed by Pearson – the world’s learning company – Acclaim recognizes professional accomplishments and connects individuals to worldwide career opportunities through digital badges. Companies can manage, share, and verify their professional achievements with this tool to move forward in their careers.

Furthermore, this system enables organizations to manage the badging and certifying process better, as well as to attract and engage new talents.

Why is Acclaim not irreplaceable for badges and certificates?

Credly Acclaim isn’t the one and only option for digital certificates, credentials, and badges. 

Although there’re many features that speak for this badging platform, there’re also many aspects that aren’t as encouraging and don’t speak in favor of this tool.

What are we talking about? For example:

You know nothing about costs

If you want to use a badge through Acclaim, you need to take the risk and blindly buy access. The pricing plans are not listed on the site, so if you would like to obtain pricing information, you should contact their sales department.

You can’t try it out

Credly has not provided a tree trial for Acclaim. Unfortunately, this makes you unaware of your company's features and their value. As a result, you can try Acclaim after you make a purchase. Or you can schedule a demo if you wish.

It isn’t a perfect solution for small companies 

Without a doubt, Acclaim is a powerful application and offers very comprehensive features. But small businesses that choose this digital badging and certificate provider perhaps will overpay for features they probably won't use. In this case, much doesn't necessarily mean better. 

Which features are essential for the best Acclaim Badge alternative?

Before moving on to the most crucial part of our article, one more point. When choosing an alternative to Acclaim, consider that any application should be similar to Acclaim to some degree.

It needs to be able to generate documents that prove skills and qualifications such as certificates, credentials, or badges; have templates to create these documents quickly; give you the ability to share badges on social media or the ability to verify documents. 

And it would be nice if you could try out the platform so you don't just rely on its description – a free trial or free account is better than a 5-minute demo.

7 Alternatives to pick up instead of Acclaim Badge

#1 Certifier: Best Acclaim Badge alternative

Certifier as a Acclaim badge alternative.

The Certifier platform is dedicated software for beautiful certificates. It’s a robust, connected digital credentialing solution that makes your achievements visible.

You can create, manage, and monitor all aspects of your certification program with this tool. You will also be able to save time by using pre-built certificate templates rather than creating them all from scratch. This digital certificate platform offers you the most comprehensive features to design and issue documents:

  • its cutting-edge security features make your data secure

  • 300+ ready-made templates are great for any industry

  • a certificate generator lets you send certificates in bulk

  • certificate managing is easy and enjoyable

  • the verification process is quick and trustworthy

  • social sharing is straightforward - since certificates can easily be shared on LinkedIn or other social media platforms, Certifier becomes a powerful marketing tool

Also, besides all things that certificates typically include, like title, date, signatures, the name of the person or organization giving the award, etc., this platform provides you with dynamic elements and lets you add custom attributes: your branding, company colors, and custom logo.

What’s more, Certifier is suitable for designers as well as people who don’t have any prior experience; for big companies and small businesses as well.

But Certifier is more than just a certificate creator. This cloud-based system also provides you with: 

  • insights and analytics

  • QR codes

  • signatures

  • popular fonts

  • many languages

  • expiration dates

  • mass certificate sender

  • and many, many more

Try this certificate maker and see how to use Certifier to design, create, issue, and send digital documents.

#2 CertifyMe

CertifyMe as a Acclaim badge alternative.

If you want to reward your students, employees, and attendees with verified digital certificates, you can choose CertifyMe. It’s also a comprehensive online credentialing SaaS platform that offers a verifiable and sharable digital certificate, badge, and credential.

A few clicks enable trainers, teachers, event marketers, and HR professionals to award verifiable digital badges. It all makes students and employees bigger job opportunities.

This end-to-end solution lets you:

  • issue digital certificates, digital credentials, and digital badges

  • automate your credential issuing process

  • publish digital documents on social media platforms

  • attach advertisements with a call to action to your credential webpages

  • generate leads and web traffic to your programs and events

  • monetize the advertisement space by selling it to your sponsor

Additionally, CertifyMe makes it possible to maximize brand visibility using organically generated references from participants. This platform also provides good customer support, is easy to understand, set up, and makes issuing certificates straightforward.

You can take advantage of the Standard Plan, which is free and gives you, for example:

  • 2400 credentials

  • analytics

  • verifiable QR-code

On the other hand, all plans are only available to companies and organizations, so you cannot try them as an individual.

#3 Accredible

Accredible as a Acclaim badge alternative.

Another Acclaim alternative is Accredible. This digital badging platform is also for credentialing programs and enables users to securely issue, manage, track, and verify credentials faster and easier. 

The Accredible includes, for example:

  • digital certificates

  • open badges

  • and digital wallet cards

Furthermore, all these documents can be shared on social media with one click. And what about you don’t need some features as they are unnecessary for your certifying process? Well, you can always choose the parts you need! With their platform, you can select which features you'd like your recipients to have access to and which you'd instead turn off.

It’s worth mentioning that Accredible belongs to safe platforms, and the data you bring into the system belongs only to you. So it’s also good software for small and medium-sized companies. 

Many integrations are ready to implement, and they include: Canvas, Moodle, WordPress, and Zapier. Plus, here, you'll find Learning Management Systems (LMS), Customer Relationship Managers (CRM), Content Management Systems (CMS), and automation platforms.

Accredible is a really cool tool, but it’s also very expensive. 

Yes, you have the possibility to choose the free plan, but it’s so minimal, not to say not enough. What’s more, there is a big gap between the Free plan and the Lite plan in terms of features and purchases ($960). Clearly, it is too expensive for individuals who are just beginning to use digital credentials as a part of their business.

#4 Badgewell

Badgewell as a Acclaim badge alternative.

The next Acclaim competitor is Badgewell. This cloud-based system also aims to give recipients proof of achievement or recognition. That’s why it specializes in badges.

This digital badge platform is a very robust solution for identification. As a result, badges aren’t limited to courses, webinars, lectures, or tests attended; additionally, they can be extended to:

  • reference letters

  • an employee of the month awards

  • and other forms of recognition

As a result, Badgewell connects individuals by helping them track their programs and companies by offering them verified candidate profiles.

What’s more, you can share certification badges with a job application or on social sites. Additionally, badge earner can verify their badges immediately using the QR code.

All of this sounds good, but there is a problem; this platform doesn’t display its pricing or offer a free trial. 

Therefore, you won't know if it’s affordable for you or if it’s appropriate for the company. Unless you make a purchase, of course.

#5 SimpleCert

SimpleCert as a Acclaim badge alternative.

Another proposition instead of the Acclaim platform is SimpleCert. It’s a complete and user-friendly certificate management system, a software tool designed specifically to create beautiful certificates. In addition, it's an open source that allows credential issuers to verify every distributed certificate as an independent authority.

With it, you can, for example:

  • build personalized certificates

  • upload your own data, like a list of names and other information that is unique to each certificate and email address

  • send emails with links to download certificates

  • track badge email delivery

  • store certificates

SimpleCert provides many features in one online tool, which can be a good Acclaim alternative for badges. Bulk certificate capabilities allow you to build a certificate template and automatically fill it with your personalized information.

In addition, it enables you to create email templates by adding your own text and images as well. You can take advantage of social sharing, double-sided certificates, recipient portals, add a LinkedIn profile, custom fonts, etc.

SimpleCert has as many as 5 pricing plans – including the free plan. It sounds good, but the free plan lets you create only 10 credits in months. And that’s inefficient. 

With their very basic free plan, you can't use exciting features like those listed above.

#6 CredSure (Certif-ID)

Credsure as a Acclaim badge alternative.

Now it’s time for CredSure. Organizations can use this quite expensive platform to securely issue, track and verify digital credentials, certificates, and badges. With analytics, a SkillPass directory, and white labeling, CredSure digital credentialing platform is applicable to a variety of use cases.

This software is also a comprehensive solution that integrates with different businesses. Using it, you can: 

  • manage and issue certificates and badges with more than 100 features

  • enable collaboration

  • and manage admin roles

Using the blockchain, digital certificates can also be verified instantly as they are recipient-owned and independent of vendors. Additionally, you can verify them with a single click by using public verification URLs. Sharing documents and issuing them is easy for recipients too.

You can check Certif-ID solution and get a demo. Apart from that, pricing starts at around $900.00 based on usage per year. 

So, like Accredible, this tool isn’t cheap.

#7 Hyperstack Credential Cloud

Hyperstack as a Acclaim badge alternative.

Our last Acclaim alternative is Hyperstack Credential Cloud. It’s used to issue certificates and badges to recipients by many institutions, for example:

  • universities

  • non-profits

  • online Edtech and training providers

  • medical/healthcare organizations

  • etc.

This digital badge program is for designing, issuing, sharing, and verifying credentials with ease. All documents are secured by hedera's hashgraph decentralization technology, which bulletproofs them. They also provide some integrations, with, for example, Canva allowing you to create a professional design.

Furthermore, they provide a built-in wallet for students, which allows them to manage their credentials in one place. As a result, they can receive documents from multiple providers and store those credentials in their Hyperstack wallet.

Hyperstack Credential Cloud offers a free plan for 100 users/certificates per year. A free trial of Hyperstack Credential Cloud is also available. However, any other pricing information is listed. You must request a quote if you wish. 

If you don’t do that, you won’t know if you can afford it. 

A little recap: Acclaim vs. Certifier 

As a member of your team, you are responsible for managing several tasks, including issuing certificates. Automated tools, like Certifier and Acclaim, allow smart professionals to focus their attention on more complex duties rather than repetitive tasks.

Now you know how Certifier compares to Acclaim. You are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both brands.

Although Acclaim is a more extensive platform, at Certifier, you will also create a beautiful certificate from scratch, as our platform includes comprehensive and necessary features in one place.

Certifier is where you will find all you desire for your digital credentials and certificates.

Acclaim pros

  • extensive application

  • besides certificates and attestations issues badges

  • good for large companies

  • good for professionals

Certifier pros

  • all features are useful

  • is excellent for businesses of all sizes

  • the system is very easy to use

  • is suitable for beginners and professionals

  • it has over 300 templates

  • it has transparent pricing plans

  • you can try it for free

Not enough? Check out this ➡️ Credly Pricing: Is Credly Worth It in 2022 (+ 6 Alternatives)

The choice is up to you

Today's organizations are increasingly focused on the skills needed to do a job and making those skills the minimum requirement for candidates. This increases applicant competition broadens the talent pool and allows qualified individuals to apply to roles that are key for their development.

Therefore, manually managing certificates, professional credentials, and badges can be a challenging and daunting task. But you can change it using the proper software.

If you enjoy a badge in Acclaim – it's good as long as it's enough for your company. However, if you would like to change it for something new, don't hesitate to pick up Certifier – the perfect Acclaim alternative!

Sign up and try Certifier by yourself.

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