9 Top Features of Certification Software

Check out what features the certification tool should have. We’ve gathered all top-of-the-top capabilities in a handy checklist to help you find your go-to credentialing software with ease.

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Sergey Butko

Updated: June 18, 2024

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Looking for certification software? But you’re not exactly sure what features matter most? We’ve gathered all of them here, so you can create certificates that will wow your recipients. 

And some good news – we’ve provided a piece of software that has them all!

But first...

What is software certification?

Software certification is a program, cloud-based platform, or app that creates documents proving someone’s skills and expertise. Such software makes it possible (or at least should) to personalize the certifications and add all the relevant information.

Whether digital or physical, getting one is a final touch after a long time of learning and acquiring technical skills. Let's make certificates special, then!

How can certification software simplify your work?

Certification software, if robust, is one of the workflow tools that may speed up your work. But it’s not the only benefit on the list. 

See what comes next. 

  • It makes it easy to customize the certifications. You can add your logo and other components of your visual identification as well as the recipient's name, event details, and other details, without manually adjusting them.

  • You can use pre-made templates. Some of the tools offer a wide range of adjustable pre-made certificates. You can add new elements, change the arrangement of existing ones or customize colors.

  • All participants can get completion certificate via email. In most cases, sending them in bulk to participants is possible and happens automatically. It may save you hours of work.

  • It can be used as a marketing tool. Many recipients want to show the world their achievements. And that’s fantastic! Let’s inspire each other. Also, add your logo to the certificate and increase your brand recognition.

However, to take advantage of these benefits, you need to verify the tool includes specific features. Which ones?

We’ve prepared a handy list for you. With these, completion certificate creation will be a breeze.

Here is the list of 9 top features of the best credentialing software

Creating digital certificates may take only 15 minutes. But only when using solid certification applications. Let's look at what features it should have.

Tip: Start by listing down the essential features you need in a certificate management system to ensure you choose the right tool.

#1 Flexible built-in editor

The editor is the heart of the credentialing solution. It is the place where you can create your masterpiece. So, the key is flexibility and user-friendliness. 

The best would be if the editor had a drag-and-drop interface and customization capabilities. Then, resizing and adjusting elements turns effortless.

Also, the tool should give you room for mistakes. Figure out if you can correct them quickly using the undo and redo options.

#2 Library of templates

Not in the mood for creating a certificate from scratch? Or maybe the deadlines keep you on your toes? Choose a solution with a template-rich library to always have a multiple choice.

You have design options at your fingertips, ready to save time and effort. Just pick from a variety of pre-designed certificate templates, tweak them a bit, and voilà! They’re good to go.

Before choosing certification applications, do a little research and see if they work for different occasions and themes.

#3 Dynamic attributes

These are real-time savers and a great feature when choosing digital credential software. Dynamic attributes are like tags – you can assign attributes to the participants’ names, emails, course names, certificate IDs, and more.

And they ARE dynamic. At Certifier, they allow sending certifications in large numbers automatically. Otherwise, you would send them manually. 

Can you imagine doing it with over 100 participants? OK, Doable, but why do so if you can use dynamic attributes and send them all in just a few clicks? That’s tempting, isn’t it?

Read training materials on how to use dynamic attributes.

#4 Automated recipients’ data export

Handle all the tedious data work automatically. Export recipient information from external sources, such as spreadsheets or databases, directly into the certificate templates. With this feature, you’ll avoid data entry headaches or typos. 

A graphic of a man that is holding a certificate generated in certification software.

Automated export will save time and enhance your certificate management if you’re about to organize large-scale events where multiple certificates need to be generated. But it works for smaller online courses as well. Automated data export save time, nerves, and effort. No matter how many certificates you need to create. No more hard work!

#5 Certificate management dashboard (and status updates)

A well-designed dashboard gives you a bird's-eye view of all your ongoing certificate projects. You can track their statuses and see if they’re in the design phase, ready for printing, have already been issued, or posted on LinkedIn. All to make credentialing workflows a breeze.

Also, before financially committing to the tool, sign up for a free trial to see if the software interface is intuitive to use.

#6 Customizable features

Almost every industry organizes certification exams. Starting from IT and ending with healthcare professionals. That’s why many credential software providers make the features customizable. And the more flexible they are, the better.

Even within one industry, the certificate design can vary significantly. So, an ideal certificate solution should let you customize certificates for any occasion, event, or branding style. Look for one that gives the freedom to choose from various fonts, colors, and graphics. And makes your certificates unique with a personal touch. 

Certifier delivers many customizable options. 

You can create a certificate from scratch or use one of the templates and adjust as your heart desires, adding and changing the elements.

But not only! You can surprise your recipients with a personalized, attention-grabbing email. Add your logo there, customize the button, and write a few words to congratulate on new achievements. 

Email template as a certification software feature.

Creating such an email takes minimum effort, but the outcomes are great! Come up with a few sentences, and Certifier will do the rest.

#7 Double-check preview

When your professional certificates are ready, don’t click the send button yet. Why? Because it's good to take a final look before they fly to the recipients. And if you’re still considering what digital credentialing software programs to choose, get one with the double-check feature. It’s the second pair of eyes to catch any typos, mistakes and oopsies.

Certifier centralized platform makes it very comfortable, thanks to the preview option. You can recheck the recipient's data and elements that add value to the certificate.

#8 User-friendly interface 

Robust software is vital. But what if the UI is so bad that you can barely use it? That’s why a certification system's interface should be user-friendly. There’s no other way to check it than signing up for a free trial. Next, issue a couple of them to see if you like it or not. 

On top of that, check the users’ opinions on review pages like G2. They are a great source of information about the certificate management solution. Users share their feedback on the software and also on customer care. Mind that having support when using a new tool is super helpful.

#9 In-bulk issuing 

It’s the nitro button in creating digital certificates. And it's a great feature in your certification application when you need to generate lots of documents. With in-bulk issuing, you eliminate the need for manual distribution one by one. 

Editing in bulk features of certification software.

Smooth certification process with Certifier

Certifier is certificate management software for everyone. It’s perfect for educational institutions, training programs, or corporates. It helps automate the certification process – you can send the certificates in bulk in just a few simple steps. 

No matter if you have ten, one hundred, or thousands of certifications to send. It really takes minutes. See it yourself.

Step 1: Design your certificates 

  • Log in, or sign up if you don’t have an account yet.

  • Head to the Design tab.

  • Click Create design and let the fun part begin.

  • Choose a pre-made certificate template from the Templates tab or set up your own design in the Design tab.

  • Use dynamic attributes, like [recipient.name], as placeholders for recipient information that will be imported later. 

Step 2: Create certificate groups

  • Go to the Groups section to create one for a specific occasion.

  • Press Create Group and give it a name (it will be displayed on the certificates and in the emails to recipients).

  • Select the certificate design you created in Step 1.

  • Choose the email template for certificate distribution.

Step 3: Generate certificates in bulk

  • Upload a spreadsheet containing recipient names and email addresses.

  • Map the columns from the spreadsheet to the dynamic attributes on your certificate template.

  • Click Validate to check if everything is correct.

  • Preview them before sending.

  • Choose Save and issue certificates later or Save and Publish to send them directly to recipients' emails.

And done – issued. You can download, resend, or delete them from the Certifier dashboard. Remember, if you delete a certificate, participants won't be able to get them via email anymore. 

Did you make a typo and discover it after sending the email with the certificates? Certifier got you covered. You can edit credentials even after issuing them.

For additional information and training content, read how to create and issue certificates in bulk using Certifier.

Start using the best credentialing software today!

There are many available certificate applications for creating electronic forms of professional certification. But the key is to find one that delivers all the features we’ve mentioned. Are you still looking for one? You don’t have to. Certifier covers them all.

Sign up for a free trial, and issue your credentials in just a few clicks. All quick, easy and affordable. 

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