One Free Certificate Template in Google Docs for Every Purpose

Do you want to save lots of hours on creating certificates in Google Docs? With Certifier, you won’t just save time but you’ll also get lots of great, free templates to use for pretty much any occasion. Find out how now.

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Sergey Butko

February 27, 2024

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Creating certificates in Google Docs can take a lot of time if you don't have a template. Our article makes things easier. It gives you templates from Certifier that you can quickly use and put into Google Documents. This saves time and helps you make professional certificates fast.

Ready to explore them all? Let's begin the fun ride.

How to download Google Docs certificate templates from Certifier?

Downloading certificate templates from Certifier is a straightforward process that opens up a world of creativity and professionalism for your digital credentials.

  • Choose the template from the Certifier collection (click the Google Docs icon to filter them)

  • Click the blue Google Docs folder button

  • Enter your email address to download the template

A way to download free certificate template in Google Docs via Certifier.

[Go to the Certifier certificates collection]

These templates are not only versatile but also easily customizable within the Certifier platform. As such, you can tailor them to your exact needs with ease and flexibility. 

But that's not all! Keep in mind that there’s more. 

If you decide to sign up for Certifier and create an account with us, you’ll also get multiple other benefits on top what what we’ve already mentioned – 500+ editable certificate templates, send and export credentials in bulk, track recipient engagement. Sounds interesting, right?

If you like the sound of it, let's check out our templates.

Top free Google Docs certificate templates

Whether you're looking to design certificates for academic achievements, professional recognitions, or any other event, Certifier's user-friendly online platform makes your certificates stand out. 

Start designing your certificates today for free and take advantage of Certifier's top-rated tools to boost your credentialing process:

#1 Formal and elegant certificate of recognition template

This nice and formal template for a recognition certificate is great for people who win awards, top students, and school achievements. You can get and change this certificate for free. It's made to say "well done" in a special way for different successes, like doing great in school or being the best at something. This template is easy to use and change, so you can make it fit perfectly for the person you want to celebrate.

Beige certificate of achievement with dark blue certificate elements in Google Docs file.

>> Download Google Docs template <<

#2 Traditional and formal college diploma template

This complimentary college diploma template is designed to highlight academic success and professional credentials. It features a classic blue motif and is ideally suited for high school and college diploma presentations. This template celebrates educational successes and serves as a testament to the bearer's qualifications and readiness for the professional world. Its elegant design makes it unique – as a formal recognition of one's hard-earned achievements. We think it's the perfect choice for graduates looking to showcase their educational milestones.

College diploma in blue and landscape orientation in Google Docs format.

>> Download free Google Docs template <<

#3 Vibrant and simple completion certificate template

Boost any celebratory occasion with our colorful and straightforward certificate of completion template. Adorned in a lively purple color, this template is available at no cost and features a detailed yet effortlessly customizable design. It's precisely what's required to honor the accomplishments of achievers. Whether it's for academic, professional, or personal milestones, this template allows for easy personalization to suit the specific achievements of the recipients. Our opinion? It's the ideal choice for recognizing recipients' hard work and dedication in a vibrant and memorable way.

Gradient violet certificate of completion for online courses in Google Docs format.

>> Get free Google Docs template <<

#4 Bright and modern certificate of recognition template

This high-class and contemporary template for a certificate of recognition is nice for various occasions, including language classes, beauty seminars, and business gatherings. Whether you're celebrating the completion of a course, recognizing the hard work of an employee, commemorating someone's loyalty, or congratulating a participant in a massage therapy session – this template allows you to adjust the certificate to suit the occasion perfectly.

Google Docs recognition certificate template in blue.

>> Get this Google Docs template <<

#5 Clean and professional non-profit certificate template

Demonstrate gratitude towards your non-profit board members by presenting them with this sophisticated blue certificate of appreciation template. This important document is free and serves as a printable and editable certificate – it's also simple to customize. It is an elegant method to recognize their successes and express a heartfelt "thank you."

Light blue certificate template for Google Docs.

>> Get this certificate in Docs <<

#6 Professional and classy recognition certificate template

Here's another example. This polished and stylish month certificate template is an excellent choice for a variety of events, including sports tournaments, academic ceremonies, and medical seminars. It stands out as a free Google Docs template that is both editable and printable. All because we love to offer convenience and accessibility. Templates from professional designers like this make your recognition certificates look top-notch.

Elegant certificate of recognition for Google Docs.

>> Get this certificate in Docs <<

#7 Simple and classic certificate of recognition template

This design for certificates offers a simple yet classic certificate of recognition template ideal for various acknowledgments, including local contest awards, sponsorship grants, and expressions of gratitude. The template is perfect for those seeking a straightforward and elegant solution that is free and customizable online. With our templates, your awards and honors are presented in a memorable and dignified manner, don't you think?

Simple and minimalistic certificate design in Google Docs.

>> Get free certificate in Docs <<

#8 Formal and stylish certificate template in Google Docs

Now, this certificate is one of a kind. It offers a formal and stylish design. Designed with the quality in mind, this piece stands as a document that guarantees the authenticity of the recipient's accomplishments. Furthermore, this formal training certificate is accessible (of course!) as a certificate Google Docs template, which is free and can be easily modified online to meet your specific wants.

Elegant Google Docs certificate of training, free to download.

>> Get Google Docs template <<

#9 Modern and eye-catching certificate of training template

This certificate of authenticity template comes with a modern and visually appealing design. We believe it's an excellent choice for various occasions, such as culinary classes and language workshops. It doubles as a gift certificate template as it offers a versatile solution for formal recognitions and personal gifts. Best of all, this modern certificate of training template is also available at no cost and can be easily customized online using Google Slides or Google Docs.

Free modern certificate of completion in Google Docs format.

>> Get Google Docs template <<

#10 Free Google Docs professional certificate of training template 

This recognized achievement certificate template is made with professionalism and authenticity. It's a wonderful pick for acknowledging funding winners and commemorating governmental events. Whether for participants in massage courses or any other significant achievement, this professional training certificate template stands out for its easy customization. If you want to surprise someone with a personalized token of appreciation, you can do so effortlessly.

Yellow diploma template with subtle patterns as Google Docs certificate template.

>> Get free Google Docs template <<

Should you use a free certificate template in Google Docs?

Honestly, Google Docs is not designed to create certificates. 

Let's leave the creation of text documents there and use a certificate maker instead. Certifier offers an excellent selection of templates that improve the standard of your certificates. 

Certifier's certificate templates are easy to use and highly customizable. You can personalize each certificate to recognize individual achievements or milestones. 

Whether you're acknowledging academic success, professional achievement, or any other significant life event, Certifier's templates provide a robust and flexible solution to create certificates that truly stand out.

Boost your certificate journey with Certifier

And that's a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this article featuring our top free Google Docs certificate templates.

Remember that with Certifier, you'll easily create any certificate – even a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a graduation certificate, a scholarship certificate, an employee of the month certificate, or an award certificate of appreciation (the list has no end). Enjoy for free!

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