What Is a Credly Badge?

See what Credly badges are, how to issue them, and learn about their main usage. Find out a cheaper Credly badge alternative worth checking out.

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Updated: July 04, 2024

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Today, showing off what you've achieved and what you're good at can be done online with something called digital badges and certificates. One way to make these is by using a tool from Credly Acclaim, which is known for helping people share their skills and successes easily. In this article, we talk about Credly Acclaim as one of the choices for making digital certificates.

But we don't stop there – we also tell you about another good option you can use. Plus, we explain why digital badges are important and how you can share them.

Let's get started.

What are Credly Badges?

Credly Badges are digital certificates made for recognizing and verifying achievements, skills, and competencies. Unlike traditional paper-based certificates, Credly Badges are digital image files that serve as a visual representation of an individual's accomplishments.

Badge example with the gold background and the Credly caption.

These badges can be shared across various platforms, including social media, digital resumes, and email signatures.

The core of this system is the digital badging platform provided by Credly Acclaim. It lets organizations officially acknowledge and reward achievements with a badge image.

Credly Badges replace static, paper-based certificates with dynamic, digital image files. This transition contributes to easier sharing and verification of achievements. It also aligns with the digital nature of today's workforce and education systems.

Credly is a relatively good tool for individuals to communicate their capabilities to employers, peers, and educators.

But if you want to create badges faster, Certifier is a better alternative.

Certifier doesn’t let you down with customization options – it’s the tool that adjusts to your needs, not the other way around. With its badge maker, you can create credentials with expert-made templates or create your design from scratch. You can also upload recipients' lists and generate and send badges in bulk right from the tool.

Create and Send CertificatesTake your digital certificate creation process to the next level!

How to earn and issue Credly badges?

To earn Credly badges, people have to complete specific achievements, courses, or certifications set by organizations that use the Credly platform.

Once these requirements are met, the issuing organization can award the badge directly to the individual's Credly account.

To issue Credly badges, organizations need to:

Image icon

partner with Credly Acclaim

Image icon

define the criteria for earning each badge

Image icon

and then use the platform to distribute the badges to those who have achieved the necessary milestones

This process lets everyone verify whether badges accurately reflect the skills and knowledge acquired by the recipient.

What is the use of digital badges?

Digital badges, such as those provided by Credly, are digital assets that serve multiple purposes across different sectors.

Here are some common use cases:

Verification of learning outcomes

Educational institutions and credible organizations issue digital badges to authorize the completion of digital credential programs. These badges include badge details that highlight specific learning outcomes. This makes it easier for employers to understand the skills acquired.

Notification of achievement

Upon earning a badge, individuals receive an email notification. It's often a confirmation email, which might land in the spam folder if not checked. Recipients need to monitor their email, including marketing emails, for notifications about their new digital certificates.

Display of professional achievements

Badge images can be added to digital resumes or LinkedIn profiles and serve as web-enabled versions of professional achievements. These images link back to a badge landing page that provides comprehensive information about the badge, including skill tags relevant to the labor market insights.

Enhancement of job opportunities

Digital badges are a bridge between learning and the job market. They offer labor market insights through skill tags. These insights can guide individuals toward job opportunities that match their newly acquired skills, as recognized by company digital badges.

Sharing on social networks

People can share their badges on social networks to leverage the badge image as a visual representation of their achievements. This not only enhances their professional story but also signals to potential employers the credibility of their skills.

Integration into digital portfolios

Digital badges, or digital certificates, can be considered key digital assets in an individual's portfolio. They provide a detailed view of badge details, including skill tags and learning outcomes. Those are valuable for showcasing to potential employers or for personal branding.

Receiving and managing badges

Recipients typically manage their badges through platforms like Credly or Certifier where they can view badge details and decide how to share them. It's key to check for a confirmation email or look in the spam folder for any missed communications about newly earned badges.

Digital badges offer a dynamic way to present one's qualifications. They're backed by the credibility of issuing organizations and enriched with detailed insights into the skills and competencies they represent.

Are digital badges worth it?

Digital badges are indeed worth considering for both individuals and organizations! It's all thanks to their versatility and the value they add to professional and educational achievements. Here are several reasons why:

Enhanced credential visibility

Badge providers offer digital badges that can be easily shared across various platforms, including social media, professional networks, and personal websites. This visibility is important for individuals looking to showcase their skills and achievements to a wider audience, including potential employers or clients.

Professional design

With the help of a badge designer, digital badges are crafted to convey the significance of the achievement in a visually appealing manner. This professional design not only adds credibility to the badge but also makes it more likely to be shared and noticed.

Credibility with badge issuers

Receiving a digital badge from reputable badge issuers adds a layer of credibility to an individual's professional profile. Issuers often include educational institutions, certification programs, and professional organizations whose endorsement can be valuable in the job market.

Flexible badge sharing options

Digital badges come with various badge sharing options to let earners display their achievements in the way that best suits their needs. Whether it's embedding badges in a digital portfolio, sharing them on LinkedIn, or adding them to an email signature, these options provide flexibility in how credentials are presented to the world.

Recognition of skills and achievements

Digital badges serve as a tangible recognition of specific skills, knowledge, or achievements. This recognition is important for professional development, as it provides a clear indicator of an individual's capabilities and readiness for new opportunities.

Motivation and engagement

For many, earning digital badges is a source of motivation, continuous learning and skill development. Badge issuers can take advantage of this by designing badges that represent meaningful milestones. That's just one way to engage participants in their programs or initiatives.

How to share digital badges?

Sharing digital badges is a straightforward process. And that's especially when platforms like Certifier offer tools designed to make the experience intuitive and user-friendly, such as a recipient's wallet.

Certifier Credly's alternative and its recipient's view to manage badges.

This wallet allows badge recipients to easily manage and share their badges to deliver a more seamless experience than some other platforms, including Credly.

Here's how to share digital badges effectively:

Image icon

Access the recipient's wallet: You don’t have to be a Certifier member to get access to the recipient’s wallet. Just open the email with the badge. It will redirect you to the dashboard from which you can easily share the badge further. 

Image icon

Review compliant metadata: each digital badge comes with compliant metadata that includes all the essential details about the certification program, the certification providers, and the credentials awarded to individuals. 

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Select the badge to share: choose the badge you wish to share. This could be a badge that represents a significant professional achievement or completion of a certification program relevant to your peers or potential employers.

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Share with peers and on social networks: platforms like Certifier make it easy to share your badges directly to social networks or with peers.

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Embed in digital resumes or portfolios: Certifier provides a badge code that you can copy and paste digital resumes, portfolios, or personal websites. This offers a comprehensive credential management system that makes your credentials readily accessible to potential employers or collaborators.

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Use email and professional networks: you can also share your badges via email or professional networks by sending a direct link to your badge's landing page. This way you showcase your successes in a professional context and make the value and authenticity of your achievements clear.

Thanks to using intuitive features of platforms like Certifier, you can make sure your digital badges and their credentials are seen by the right audience. This not only enhances their professional visibility but also contributes to a broader understanding and appreciation of the skills within a marketplace of knowledge.

Why should you issue digital credentials to individuals using Certifier?

Certifier stands out as a digital badging provider for several reasons. It's a compelling choice for organizations and individuals looking for an alternative for badges. Here are key factors that highlight why Certifier's digital credentials are a better choice:

Comprehensive badge editor

Certifier offers a sophisticated badge editor that simplifies the process of badge creation. This tool allows users to customize their professional badges with ease. We've got a range of badge design tools that cater to various needs and preferences.

User-friendly badge creation process

The platform's intuitive interface includes a badge button that initiates the badge creation process. This makes the creation of digital badges accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

More informed decisions

Certifier provides detailed analytics and insights about badge engagement and performance. This data helps organizations make informed decisions regarding their credentialing programs. We know how to ensure that you offer value to badge earners and align with market needs.

Great badge design tools

The badge design tools available on Certifier allow for the creation of visually appealing badges that stand out. These tools offer flexibility in design. We let you create badges that accurately reflect the professional identity and achievements of badge earners.

Enhanced engagement with badge earners

Certifier focuses on the experience of badge earners. We like to make sure that receiving, managing, and sharing badges is a seamless process. This positive engagement increases the likelihood that earners will actively share their badges.

Alternative for badges with greater reach

Certifier's digital credentials can be easily shared across social media platforms, professional networks, and personal websites. This broadens the reach of each badge, as well as increases its impact and value for the earner.

Support for professional badges

Certifier is designed to support the creation and distribution of professional badges that carry significant weight in the industry. These badges serve as a testament to the skills, knowledge, and achievements of the earners. We make them more attractive to potential employers or collaborators.


And that's a wrap!

We thoroughly enjoyed walking you through the topic of Credly badges. Now you know what they are and how you can issue or receive them. Since digital certificates have numerous awesome benefits, it's no joke what tool you pick to create them.

If Credly doesn't necessarily tickle your fancy, we suggest Certifier.

Certifier offers a robust and user-friendly platform for digital badging. It's equipped with advanced badge design tools, a comprehensive badge editor, and features that boost engagement with badge earners. These perks make it an excellent choice for organizations looking to create professional badges. Try it today to experience it all yourself.

What about a simpler way to manage badges? Try out Certifier.
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