15 Free Graduation Certificate Templates to Customize

Celebrate your students' achievements with our collection of 15 free, customizable graduation certificate templates. These templates are designed to add a special touch to any graduation ceremony. With Certifier, you can easily personalize each certificate to match your students' unique accomplishments.

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Updated: July 02, 2024

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Graduation season has arrived! And with it comes the critical task of recognizing students' achievements.

Personalized graduation certificates are cherished traditions that represent years of hard work. But who has time (or money) to get fancy with professional printing and calligraphy? 

That's why we've rounded up 15 free, customizable graduation certificate templates that'll let you create a perfect-designed school diploma design in minutes. From classic to unconventional, there's something for every type of grad.

Three clicks to download a free graduation certificate

Certifier provides free graduation certificate templates that can be customized further within the Certifier certificate builder. You can tailor them to your needs, change the colors and fonts, add your own elements, and then – automatically generate them for every student.

They have no watermarks and can be branded with your own logo (even within the forever-free plan).

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Step 1: Choose the graduation certificate template.

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Step 2: Click the button that will lead you to the chosen graduation certificate template.

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Step 3: Choose the format and customize the graduation template however you wish to!

The button to edit the graduation certificate template online within the Certifier builder for free.

If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly way to create and manage graduation certificates, Certifier and its templates are an excellent choice. They’re free, customizable, and have all the elements you need to create a smooth certification process.

Create and Send Digital Credentials
Take your digital certificate making to the next level.

Here are the best graduation certificate templates that cover all the details

Browse through our recommended graduation certificate templates. They’ll made by experts and ready to be printed or distributed. Remember that you can customize particular certificate elements within the Certifier editor.

That said, let’s get into the new collection of free graduation certificate templates.

01 Violet ornate graduation certificate template

Violet ornate free graduation certificate template with decorative borders and badge at the center.

The first diploma of graduation on our list is a combination of old and new. The intricate violet border adds to its classic look. Neatly placed below the achievement are signatures and a modern-looking logo. A subtle, wavy, checkered background gives it some movement. 

The certificate also contains the location, date, and a unique certificate ID placed right in the middle. There is some space to place your own elements or switch them up – use Certifier’s customization tool for that.

02 Simple blue-bordered certificate of graduation template

Simple blue-bordered certificate of graduation template with signatures and dedicated space for certificate ID and issuing date.

The next postgraduate diploma exudes simplicity. Its a perfect diploma with a dark blue border that neatly encompasses the whole layout, which gives it a stylish yet basic look. With all the details in the center, the certificate looks readable and polished.

The university logo is a large part of the document, as it takes up a lot of space between the signatures. You can easily upload your own logo within the Certifier builder through the Elements tab.

💡 Pro tip: Put your institution's logo, school colors, and branding elements on your certificate to reinforce its credibility. Consistent branding builds trust and recognition.

03 Elegant white graduation certificate template

Elegant white graduation certificates free templates with red badge at the middle.

This electronic diploma almost shouts at you with its red seal positioned below the achievement. Its atmosphere is formal and professional. It has a classic look thanks to the white background, and the thin but fancy border goes around the whole centered layout. 

The comprehensive details are symmetrically placed around the red seal – signatures, and date of issuance. All academic certificate templates should have a unique certificate ID number to prevent fraud.

04 Vintage-style graduation certificate template

Vintage-style brown free graduation certificate template with red badge at the center and dedicated space for certificate ID and date of issue.

The next graduation certificate displays a polished and formal proposal with a light beige background adorned with a loud red seal, which highlights the successful completion of a degree. It features bold, uppercase titles and strategically placed emphasis on key achievements using larger, bold graduation certificate fonts.

The layout is symmetric and balanced, with central alignment for significant text, and followed by official signatures and a prominent seal at the bottom center. The restrained color palette of black, beige, and red enhances its professional and elegant look.

 🖨️ Pro tip: After issuing your official documentation, you can download PDFs, print them out, and hand out a hardcopy diploma to better commemorate the recipients' educational journey. Keep in mind the correct certificate size, though, as it's especially crucial for printing.

05 Wide-bordered certificate of graduation template

Wide-bordered elaborate certificate of graduation template with golden badge at the center.

The graduation diploma template has an elegant and formal design. It features a detailed maroon border with intricate patterns that frame the content. The background is light and provides a clean and professional appearance. 

The title, in bold uppercase letters, is placed at the top. The recipient's name is also bolded and centered. If you don’t like that many embellishments, feel free to use Certifier’s built-in editor to remove the elements you don’t like.

At the bottom left and right are signatures and titles, separated by a gold badge. A gold seal gives it a final embellished appearance. If you need something elaborate, go with this one!

06 Navy blue graduation certificate template

Minimalistic dark navy graduation certificate template with borders and transparent logo in the certificate background.

The sixth diploma certificate template on our list features a white background with a large, almost transparent, university logo. Bold fonts draw attention to the achievements and the name. The layout is centered, with important elements like signatures, issuing date, and ID, placed next to each other at the bottom. The dark navy border with gold details finalizes the look and gives it a professional feel.

🧑🏻‍🎨 Pro tip: Your graduation certificates should maintain a professional aesthetic. However, you can give your certificates a tinge of uniqueness through personalized design elements like special certificate backgrounds, watermarks, patterns, or textures to make your certificates visually appealing and distinct.

07 Formal blue certificate of graduation template

Plain and formal blue certificate of graduation template with red badge and place for signatures and degree details.

This certificate is a nice combination of white and dark blue for a polished and professional look. The logo is very subtle and doesn’t distract from the main achievement of completing a specialized leadership training program. 

A classic red seal situated strategically at the bottom gives the whole look a formal atmosphere. Elements like certificate number and issuing date are placed below the achievement. 

08 Classic brown certificate of graduation template

Classic university of Illinois free graduation certificate template with red logo at the top and subtle decorative elements in the background.

This classic graduation certificate features a clean and formal design with an off-white background reminiscent of a shell texture. The title is prominently displayed at the top in bold uppercase letters. This is followed by a smaller subtitle that presents the recipient's name in bold.

The upper portion includes a distinguished crest in maroon that adds a touch of elegance. Each signature is accompanied by its title in the bottom section. The certificate details, such as the certificate number and the award date, are centrally placed.

📱 Pro tip: Do you know how to design a certificate that will look good on mobile devices? Check that your digital certificate templates are mobile-responsive, as many recipients will view and share their credentials on smartphones or tablets. Responsive design helps the user experience across devices.

09 Minimalistic grey graduation certification template

Modern and minimalistic white free graduation certificate template with golden badge at the center.

This minimalistic certificate template showcases a clean design. Expertise comes from using universal sans-serif fonts, and a large gold logo provides a bit of authority. Below the layout, there's another subdued logo, which makes it look better. 

The achievement, degree, and institution are in bold font to signify their importance. A black border finalizes the look and gives it a sleek and polished appearance. Signatures are sitting on each side of the gold university logo.

10 Oldschool certificate of graduation template

Oldschool brown certificate of graduation template free with sections for name of the university, certificate ID and date of issue at the top.

This graduation certificate template features a unique layout. The bold title is followed by the institution, certificate number, and date of issue. Underneath is a bolded name of the student with a description of the achievement. Signatures and a large red seal are situated symmetrically at the bottom. 

The beige background adds a touch of class, and the black border ties it all together. There is some space for a gorgeous badge or company logo – use Certifier to add the element that will go perfectly with your certificate.

🌏 Pro tip: Have you got international students? Consider localization. Offer custom certificate templates in multiple languages to cater to different linguistic needs.

11 White and blue certificate of graduation template

White and blue certificate of graduation template with red badge at the center and dedicated space for achievement details.

This clean and modern white graduation award template has a white background and a blue border that gives it a glossy feel. At the top, the title is bold, and all capital letters. Below is a note that shows the recipient's name in bold.

Important information is clearly shown, like the degree title given and the school. On either side of the bottom part are signatures and titles of the people who signed it. In the middle is information about the certificate, such as the number and date of the award. The red seal nicely contrasts with the light background.

12 Classy certificate of graduation template

Classy brown graduation certificate template with detailed elements that make it official and authentic.

The classy beige certificate of graduation template has a simple but elegant design. Its light beige background has a subdued institution logo on it. The style is well-organized and balanced, which makes it look expert. The title is shown in big, bold uppercase letters at the top, and the recipient's name is shown in bold below.

A mix of normal and bold fonts are used to draw attention to important information, like the degree given and the school. On either side of the bottom part are signatures and titles of the people who signed it. In the middle are information about the certificate, such as the number and date of the award. A fancy logo in the bottom-middle makes it stand out.

13 Formal certificate of graduation template

Formal beige certificate of graduation template with seperate section on the student name, completed specialty, date of issue and certificate number.

Yet another simple certificate in our collection, this one features a unique layout. The title is prominently displayed at the top in bold font, with important information like name, specialty, date, and number placed below one another. A toned-down logo in the top right corner adds some clarity.

Underneath that is the description of the achievement and signatures. To the top-right corner is a subtle logo of the institution. Bold fonts are used to bring attention to the key details. Finalizing the look is a narrow brown border that gives it a sleek feel.

🚀 Pro tip: Personalize your certificates. Dynamically fill in each certificate with the recipient's name, degree/program details, and any other relevant personal information automatically. Use bulk creation to add a professional touch and prevent misuse.

14 Simple certificate of graduation template

Simple brown graduation certificate template editable with red badge at the center and signatures at the bottom.

The simple bone certificate of graduation template features a clean and minimalist design with a bone-colored background and a wide, ornamented, light-beige border. The layout is straightforward and well-organized and presents key information clearly. A red badge adds a touch of prestige and contrasts well with the background.

The institution's name is in bold at the top, and a subtitle that includes the recipient's name in bold follows. Once again, a low-opacity logo is placed in the middle. Below the main layout are signatures, date, and ID.

🔎 Want more inspiration? Get to know our university diploma template collection!

15 Official graduation certificate template

Professional graduation certificates free template with a huge university logo and two signatures at the bottom.

The final certificate on our list is a staple of sophistication and professionalism. The dark navy graduation certificate template features a minimalist design with a light background and a bold dark navy border. With a clear and organized layout, the information is super-readable for the recipient.

Remember that you can add the signatures both ways – you can either upload the signature image or choose one of the fonts that look like signatures.

Why is Certifier a great option for graduation certificates?

Do you want to know more about Certifier? Here are the key features that are great for the pedagogical community:

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Verification of credentials. Provide verification options such as a QR code on the graduation certificate or one-click verification within a digital wallet.

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Ease of distribution. Quickly and easily send certificates to your students right to their inboxes.

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Social media sharing. Add share buttons to the download view so students can share their certificates right away.

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Management dashboard. Manage and organize all issued certificates in one place.

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Tracking. Monitor the status and distribution of certificates so you can see if they’re viewed or shared.

Give your students the perfect graduation certificate

With these easy-to-download and customizable templates, you can effortlessly create graduation certificates that honor your students' accomplishments. Personalized keepsakes make graduation more special.

Customize every graduation certificate template detail. Join Certifier and issue 250 credentials absolutely for free.

FAQ about graduation certificates

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about graduation certificate templates.

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