15 Academic Certificate Templates to Get for Free

Explore 15 stunning academic certificate templates that you can download for free. These templates are easy to customize and perfect for celebrating any achievement. With Certifier, you can create professional, unique certificates in just a few clicks. Browse our designs and find the perfect one to honor academic success today!

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Updated: June 10, 2024

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Academic certificates have become the norm. Every course needs a certification that can be easily verified for credibility. This means two things: the recipients get beautiful certificates, and these have to be created, customized, and sent.

You need something that simplifies this process. Ideally, an easy-to-use platform, where you can select a template, personalize it, and send it out in just a few clicks. 

What if Certifier can help you? Our platform guarantees that your certificates are both professional and unique. And, each certificate comes with a unique ID for easy verification.

Are you looking for free academic certificate design templates? Take a peek at our collection and start creating impressive certificates today. Fill them out with any certificate ideas you want.

How to download the academic certificate template?

It’s really easy to get started with Certifier academic certificate of achievement templates. Simply follow these steps:

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Choose the template you like the most from the list below and click the download button.

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Select the certificate orientation (portrait or landscape) you want to download.

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You have two options: either download the template directly in Word or log in to Certifier and edit it with our straightforward drag-and-drop editor.

Free academic certificate templates to customize and download

Here’s the newest academic certificate of achievement template collection. Each academic certificate design can be customized to fit your branding and requirements. Treat them as a framework, then – adjust however you want to.

01 Professional white academic certificate template

Academic certificate example with brown borders, gold badge, certificate ID and a place for date of issue.

The first academic certificate on our list features a clean white design with a brown border. It prominently displays a mix of different fonts, which improves the readability of the achievement – successful completion of a curriculum. The white and dark brown color scheme gives it a formal and authoritative look. 

There’s also a gold seal, which you can remove or replace with a logo or another feature. The layout is balanced, with the title and recipient's name centered and other details such as certificate ID, date of issue, and signature arranged symmetrically below them.

🎨 Pro tip: Do you like the certificate but not exactly all of it? No worries! You can fully customize your certificate design with Certifier. Too cluttered? Remove or downsize an element. Too little going on? Add anything you want with our import feature!

02 Burgundy border academic achievement certificate template

Academic certificate template with bold fonts, wide burgundy borders, GPA, certificate ID, issuing date, and gold seal with red ribbon.

The next certificate of attendance features a classic diploma template with a predominant use of white and burgundy colors. It has a symmetrical layout, with the title and main text centered, showing the name, achievement, and GPA.

The fonts used are bold and sans-serif, which accentuate the achievement. A gold seal with a red ribbon adds a prestigious touch to the overall look. The borders are simple and understated, adding to the clean aesthetic. Signatures and other information are placed evenly on both sides of the badge. 

03 Beige certificate of academic excellence template

This academic certificates has a beige background with brown borders, italic font, ID, date of issuing, and a gold seal.

The third one of our new academic certificate template options features a distinguished and polished design with a beige background and dark brown borders. The layout is neat and symmetrical. It uses a mix of typefaces, with the name in italics and other elements in a universal sans-serif font, adding a bit of variety. 

A gold seal with an academic award emblem is prominently displayed, which is also a great spot for a logo. All of the text is centered, and the overall design exudes a sense of professionalism and sophistication. The borders have intricate patterns, giving the certificate an ornate and refined finish.

👋 Pro tip: Are you feeling creative? With Certifier’s easy drag-and-drop editor, you can create your own certificate from scratch. It allows you to customize the template to fit your needs and add your own logo, colors, backgrounds, and other elements. The sky’s the limit!

04 Sophisticated and distinguished academic certificate template

Academic certificate sample with a white background, gold embellishments, ID, name, issuing date.

This certificate of academic excellence template has a sophisticated and elegant design with a white background and strong gold accents. The layout is well-organized, with important details – name, award for academic performance, and badge – at the center and other information at the bottom. A professional sans-serif font is used, which adds some class to this honor roll certificate.

Decorative gold borders on the corners add a touch of distinction without overwhelming the overall look. A centrally placed gold seal signifies recognition. This one is perfect for those who value prestige.

05 Elegant and modern certificate for academic excellence template

Certificate of academic excellence featuring dark teal background, dynamic abstract elements, name, date of issue, and certificate number.

Our next academic certificate example boasts a sleek and modern design, primarily featuring a deep teal background with white and orange accents. It uses versatile sans-serif fonts, contributing to a contemporary look. 

Geometric patterns on the right side add a dynamic and visually appealing element. There’s quite a bit of space for adding your own logo and other items. This one is perfect for dynamic industries like marketing and advertising.

📥 Did you know? Certifier not only has thousands of templates but also simplifies the process of issuing certificates. Simply choose a template, customize it, upload your recipient list, and schedule or send certificates via email. Then, manage the issued certificates and track engagement with Certifier’s built-in analytics.

06 Blue and white academic certificate template

Certificate of academic achievement featuring a gold seal, signatures, certificate ID, date of issuing, logo, and name.

With a sleek design and the use of blue and white colors, the next academic certificate presents a respectable recognition. The layout is well-structured and balanced, with the title and main text centrally aligned for clarity. It uses sans-serif fonts, which add to a modern aesthetic. 

A gold badge with an award insignia provides a sense of recognition. Below it, you could place your logo. The left section features a blue vertical banner with important details, which gives a visually appealing contrast.

07 Clean white-blue gradient academic certificate template

White-blue academic achievement certificate with serif font name, subtle dotted background, signatures, a gold seal, and no border.

Next on our list of academic certificates is a document that showcases modernity and elegance using a soft blue-and-white color scheme. The layout is clean and well-organized, with the main text prominently centered for easy readability. 

It employs a combination of serif and sans-serif fonts, which add an element of sophistication and clarity. The subtle dotted background pattern provides visual interest without distracting from the text. This certificate is ideal for marketing-related achievements.

08 Stylish framed academic excellence award certificate template

Academic achievement certificate template with a white background, subtle waves pattern, bold fonts, gold seal, certificate ID, and date of issue.

This academic certificate sample features a crisp design, primarily using white with green accents. The layout is straightforward and well-organized, with a clear vertical division at about ⅓ of the document. Subtle waves that scatter the certificate add delicate movement.

Bold, sans-serif fonts convey a modern appearance and make the achievement stand out. A gold seal prominently displayed to the left adds an air of distinction and credibility. To the right, bolded text emphasizes the accomplishment. The borders are minimalistic, creating a sleek and polished look.

🖨️ Pro tip: Do you want to download your certificates before sending them out? No problem! Certifier allows you to download your amazing certificates for printing. But keep in mind that digital academic certificates are much more secure and friendly for the planet! 

09 Vibrant and dynamic academic certificate template

Academic certificate template for free download with vibrant green background, abstract patterns, sans-serif font, certificate number, logo, and issuing date.

The next certificate of academic excellence has a lively design, prominently featuring a green background with bold yellow accents. The layout is modern and eye-catching, with text and elements arranged at various different spots, making it more engaging. It uses sans-serif fonts for a clean and contemporary look. 

The abstract certificate features patterns that add a sense of creativity and movement. The overall appearance is lively and energetic, suitable for recognizing achievements in artistic fields. This design conveys a sense of enthusiasm and celebration, which makes it both unique and memorable.

10 Gray-toned adorned academic certificate template

Academic excellence award certificate with gray accents and border, gold seal, name in italic font, identification number, and date of validity.

This certificate of academic achievement features a graceful and sophisticated design with a predominantly white background and subtle grey accents. The layout is elegantly structured, with text and elements neatly centered for a harmonious appearance. 

It uses a mix of serif, sans-serif, and italic fonts to mix things up and make this diploma design more polished. The decorative borders are intricate yet understated due to the color, adding to the overall elegance. The certificate exudes a sense of professionalism, ideal for high-academic recognition.

🔐 Did you know? All certificates generated through Certifier will come with a unique ID. With unique credential IDs, the certificates will be easily verifiable. Anyone will be able to run a one-click verification process through the certificate’s URL and validate the legitimacy of the credentials.

11 Dark blue framed academic certificate sample

Certificate for academic excellence with white background, blue accents and border, gold seal, signatures, certificate ID, and issuing date.

With blue highlights set against a white background, this academic achievement certificate has a traditional and sophisticated design. Key components and text are neatly placed to the right and around in a tidy, well-balanced layout. There is quite a lot of text, which allows for a detailed description of the achievement. Instead of the gold badge, you could place a logo or other elements there.

It looks contemporary but formal because of the strong sans-serif typefaces used. Enhancing the whole appearance is the traditional and elegant frame provided by the ornamental blue border, which slightly resembles the medical symbol caduceus. Perfect for healthcare-related accreditation.

12 Beautiful olive green academic excellence award certificate template

Academic achievement certificate template with a beautiful olive green border and accents, gold seal, signatures, issuing date, and ID.

The white background with green accents on this academic excellence award certificate gives it a classic and unique look. The layout is well-balanced and well-organized, and the main text is in the middle to make it easy to read the important details, such as the name and what it was for. 

All of its elements use the same sans-serif font, which gives it a distinctly modern look. The embellished green border framing makes it appear more elegant without being too busy.

🚀 Pro tip: At Certifier, your academic certificates can be more accessible to others. Your recipients get a link to a digital wallet from which they can share their beautiful certificates more easily. You can customize the digital wallet too. Add share buttons, include website URLs, and highlight the skills. One-click is all it takes for recipients to add and share their certificates and digital badges on LinkedIn.

13 Formal and timeless blue academic certificate template

Academic certificate template free download with ornamented blue border, gold seal, date of issue, and certificate ID.

This certificate for academic excellence features a classic and refined design with blue accents and a white background. To make sure the text is easy to read, the layout is balanced and straightforward. Bits of white space are sprinkled throughout, which contributes to its readability.

It combines modernity with formality through the use of a combination of serif, sans-serif, and italic fonts. A touch of honor and prestige is imparted by the prominent placement of a gold seal at the base. Adding to the overall aesthetic is the decorative blue border, which serves as a classic frame. Ideal for university diploma.

14 Ornate white academic certificate example

Certificate of academic excellence template with a white background, subtle brown accents, gold seal, signatures, certificate ID, and issueing date.

With its pure white background and subdued brown accents, this certificate of proficiency radiates a classic sophistication. The well-designed arrangement of text and elements creates a harmonious flow that carries the eye easily across the page. The certificate emanates great respect and accomplishment from the gold seal, which stands out brilliantly. A level of fine detail is added by the elaborate border, which improves the whole appearance. 

 ​📈 Pro tip: Academic certificates often require larger lists of recipients. Luckily, Certifier has bulk certificate capabilities and allows for generating thousands of certificates in one go. You need to add dynamic attributes to the template, upload the recipients’ list, and then, with one click, the tool automatically creates a personalized academic certificate for each recipient.

Certificate of academic excellence template with a white background, solid, wide, ornate, dark navy border, gold seal, signatures, ID, and date.

Slight blue highlights set off the white background of this academic achievement certificate template, giving it a polished and businesslike look. With elements and text well-centered to improve readability, the arrangement is tidy and orderly. There’s plenty of white space for customizing the design.

The content is nicely framed by the elaborate and quite impressive border. All things considered, the design is tasteful and sophisticated, ideal for respectably honoring academic accomplishments.

Academic certificate best practices

We cannot leave you without some academic certificate pointers. Creating effective academic certificates requires attention to detail. For professional and meaningful certificates, follow these best practices.

Image icon

Make academic certificates verifiable. Academic communities place a high value on the authenticity and transparency of certification. Integrate features like certificate QR codes linking to secure digital wallets storing verifiable credentials (Certifier provides a one-click verification option from there!). It's a great way to make sure your graduates' achievements are legitimate. 

Image icon

Use a clean and professional design. An academic certificate should have a classy design that reflects the prestige of the institution awarding it. Avoid overly decorative or busy designs that can appear unprofessional. There are some exceptions to this, such as art certificates, which are often more creative.

Image icon

Choose the appropriate colors. Select colors that are associated with academia, such as navy blue, burgundy, or forest green. Avoid bright or neon colors that can appear unprofessional.

Image icon

Use clear fonts. Choose fonts from the Google Fonts collection (they’re free and readable on all devices). If you don't want to deal with downloading and installing fonts, choose Certifier. The editor provides many fonts that are suitable for certificates. Remember also the fact that the font size for the recipient's name and award title should be larger and more prominent. Creative certificate designs will help you choose the right font.

Image icon

Include appropriate certificate wording. Keep your certificate wording concise. A clear and focused message is impactful. The most vital elements are the recipient’s name, the reason for a certificate, brief details, the issuing entity, and the date. If you want to get some inspiration, check out this guide on the best certificate wording.

Image icon

Include a high-quality logo. A crisp logo adds instant credibility and recognition to your institution. Make academic certificates look more professional by uploading your school or university's logo. Within the Certifier editor, go to Elements, and choose Upload Image. Then, select the best location.

Image icon

Maintain a proper hierarchy. Use hierarchy and layout to organize information, emphasizing the most important elements like the recipient's name and award title through larger font sizes, bold text, or prominent placement.

Image icon

Prepare an effective certificate email. The email with the certificate should be tailored to the purpose. Take care of every detail, from branding to text. With Certifier, you can easily customize the email template to the certification program. See more tips on how to write an email for sending certificates.

Image icon

Personalize with a student photo. Many institutions include a photo of the student on their customizable award certificates to personalize it and prevent misuse.

Image icon

Follow institutional branding guidelines. To maintain a consistent brand identity, check that the certificate design adheres to the institution's branding guidelines for colors, fonts, and logo usage. Use editable award certificates featured in Certifier to adjust as needed.

Select the most appropriate academic achievement certificate

And there you have it! With these 15 academic certificate templates and best practices in hand, you're well-equipped to recognize and celebrate achievements in style. Use Certifier's customizable certificate templates to create certificates that are professional, unique, and easily verifiable.

Ready to personalize the template? Adjust the colors, fonts, add signatures, and change the details – Certifier certificate maker makes it easy to create beautiful, meaningful certificates that stand out.

Certifier is the easiest way to create academic certificates. Check it out!
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