15 Anger Management Templates to Download

Need a standout certificate for your anger management course? With Certifier, you can create and share amazing credentials that attendees will love to post online. Grab one, customize it your way, and make your course the talk of the town!

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Ola Kozielska

Updated: April 08, 2024

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Anger management courses have become very popular, and most of them end up with a certification. 

That’s a great thing for both – issuers and participants. If the certificate can be shared on social media to communicate the achievements to the world, recipients will be happy to share their learning experience, and issuers can gain some recognition. 

Are you one of the course coordinators looking for sharable and printable anger management certificate templates? You’ve come to the right place – fully editable templates are waiting for you.

How to download the anger management certificate template for free?

You may find some printable certificates of completion, but the ones found on the random website might not be 100% secure and, most importantly, customizable.

Certifier provides many anger management certificate templates for digital credentials. And they’re pretty simple to download!

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Head to Certifier and log in (but it’s not necessary). 

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Choose among the templates available.

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Click the certificate template button next to the design

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Edit the template (it’s super easy with the drag-and-drop interface) or download the document in different formats (Figma, MS Word)

Create and Send Digital Credentials
Take your digital certificate making to the next level.

Free printable anger management certificate templates

Under each template, there’s a button that directs you to the Certifier dashboard. You can edit, download, and distribute the anger management completion certificates there. No third-party tools are involved. Fast, easy, and enjoyable.

#1 Elegant and simple certificate template

Minimalistic anger management training certificate template.

If you are looking for a straightforward certificate design for your anger management program, it’s a great choice. 

Before issuing, test the outlines, or ask your colleagues for opinions if you feel like it. All to build a document that meets all your needs.

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Protip from Certifier: You like this certificate of completion anger program, but it’s not exactly what you want? No problem. Certifier’s templates are fully customizable – remove some elements in case you don’t need them, or add the ones that are crucial for you.

#2 Bright royal anger management template

Bright anger management program with many decorative elements.

More fancy option, with elegant frames that give this royal vibe. This certificate of completion template is in purple-gray-white stylistics, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it your way. Try out different colors and certificate backgrounds. Maybe your company’s color palette will be a good fit.

Are you tired of spending hours creating and editing certificates for your learners? Look no further than Certifier's tool! Our creation software offers both basic and advanced options to help you design beautiful certificates in record time. With automated processes, you can generate certificates for all your learners without involving extra resources.

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Pro tip from Certifier: No matter the certificate type, there are different orientations available at Certifier. When going through the templates, tick the orientation in the Designs tab (the templates subtab), and the results will pop up right after.

#3 Brown toned certificate template

Certificate of completion with subtle decorative background in brown.

The document has a clean and stylish layout with brown swirls, and subtle ornamentation. On top of that, this and any other professional certificate for anger management features fillable fields. You can type in names and details like company names, issue date, and more. It's got a spot for a digital signature to make it official. 

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Pro tip from Certifier: If you want to add an electronic signature, you should think about the signature pad or use the signature fonts available in Certifier. You can add your company logo whenever you want to show who's giving the certificate. It's easy to use and looks really fancy.

#4 Light violet anger management certificate template

Anger management certificate template with light violet elements and golden badge at the center.

It's a certificate of completion that's super simple to use. It features a neat and tidy layout with a clear, bold title at the top and a spot for necessary pieces of information.

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Pro tip from Certifier: Certifier's Design Builder lets you spice certificate design up a bit to make it look more like your own style. No watermark, so it looks professional. Blank certificate templates are available as well.

#5 Framed anger management certificate template

Classy anger management template in landscape format and golden badge.

This certificate of completion design is clean and professional, with a blue and white color scheme that’s easy on the eyes. 

It's ready for the certificate recipient's name to be proudly displayed in the center. The golden verified seal adds a touch of class.

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Pro tip from Certifier: With Certifier's tracking and analysis feature, you can keep an eye on who's received and used their certificate, which is super handy.

#6 Stylish white certificate template

Simple and modern certificate template in white with navy elements.

This certificate in landscape format has a smart design with space for signatures and a place to put your company's own logo. The bottom part has a special spot for confidential details like the certificate ID, making sure everything's secure and official.

This white certificate is a great pick to show off hard work and learning. Also, ideal for those looking for something plain, concise, and elegant.

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Pro tip from Certifier: Even if you’re not planning to print the certificates, be ready for it! You never know. Read our professional certificate printing guide.

#7 Compelling grey anger management completion certificate

Anger management program certificate with grey bottom and gold badge at the center.

A visually appealing printable certificate template for an anger management program with a clear, professional design. 

It shows that someone has completed X hours of corporate business training. There's a spot for the company name and signatures from the head of sales and a mentor – of course, all details can be changed later with the editor tool.

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Pro tip from Certifier: At Certifier, credentials are ready to print straight away, so you don't have to stress about the format or quality – they'll look sharp right off the printer.

#8 Minimal certificate in white-blue

Anger management certificate with blue borders and highlighted certificate elements.

Well-structured design is something that you like? Then, you may find this template useful. 

It’s got all the necessary details but doesn’t look cluttered. The participant’s name is in the middle, put in the biggest font. Issue date and certificate ID are also highlighted in blue (necessary steps to make a certificate valid), so it catches the eye and leads the sight to the most important details. 

The golden seal indicating '48 Training Sessions' adds an official touch.

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Pro tip from Certifier: With Certifier, templates like this use dynamic attributes to update these details automatically. Each certificate is personalized and accurate without extra hassle.

#9 Warm brown slick certificate

Anger management certificate template in beige with a QR code and simple elements.

Here is a digital certificate of completion for an X-hour Anger Management educational program. It's a pre-designed document that's got all the right spots to fill in, like the person's name, certificate number, and the date it was given.

The layout is tidy, with a big title at the top and the name of the person in the middle, so you can't miss it. There’s room at the bottom for signatures and the company name, all ready to print and hand out.

And a QR code on the side that redirects to the digital version.

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Pro tip from Certifier: As an additional option, Certifier allows issuers to play with QR code color so they match the design, like in this case.

#10 Sophisticated swirls certificate of training template

Beige anger management certificate template in light yellow with golden badge and decorative borders.

This completion certificate template comes with a black-and-white theme and elegant corner designs. 

You can see spots for the course instructor and program director to sign off. The whole design gives a sophisticated vibe and serves as an excellent gratification touch at the end of the course.

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Pro tip from Certifier: When you use Certifier, you can export and download all your certificates as a PDF document, which is perfect for printing a whole stack for everyone who has finished the course.

#11 Calming green anger management certificate template

Anger management program with simple layout and subtle wavy background.

This customizable certificate template for anger management highlights the completion of a consistent behavior management program.

It's clean and professional, with the name standing out in big letters. You've got all the basic details – issuer's signature, the course length and date of issue, and more, all are dynamic fields. 

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Pro tip from Certifier: Speaking of the signature, Certifier allows you to add a real signature or pick from lots of signature fonts if you don't want to have a handwritten one. No signature tool needed.

#12 Distinguished brown certificate of completion in anger management program

Anger management certificate template with dark brown element, signatures, and golden badge at the center.

You don’t have to have advanced design skills to create a document for an anger management course completion. If you want to issue an elegant, toned certificate, use this template, adjust as needed, et voila. 

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Pro tip from Certifier: Certifier lets you manage and host credentials online. It is easy to store, organize, and verify all the certificates you issue. All information in one place.

#13 Professional and simple anger management certificate template

Simple and professional anger management certificate template with highlighted certificate ID and issue date.

The template serves up all the essentials for an anger management certification course, dressed in a neat blue header and foot, making sure the participant's achievement stands out. 

It's a digital file that's super easy to fill out and generate in bulk. No need to print. 

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Pro tip from Certifier: Certifier comes with an API feature – you can connect the certificate system with other apps and automate the whole process of creating and giving out your smart-looking certificates.

#14 Sleek green and formal anger management certificate template

Modern certificate template with green borders, certificate number and expiration date.

It’s a successful completion certificate with a fresh green border, giving it a crisp, energizing look. 

It's designed to celebrate a milestone achievement: completing a XX-hour anger management program. The layout is user-friendly, with clear sections for the participant's name, program details, and validation such as certificate number and issue date. 

Signatures from the company director and course instructor add a personal touch of authenticity. The Certifier template is ready to be filled, shared, and proudly displayed. Check out the expert tips and insights

#15 Framed certificate after anger management training

Anger management program with green borders and golden badge at the center.

Another certificate for people who've worked hard to better manage their emotions shows the completion of management training. 

The design features a sharp emerald green accent that adds elegance. With a dedicated spot for the certificate ID and a golden seal of time commitment, it provides a clear and official acknowledgment of one’s dedication. 

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Pro tip from Certifier: Encourage your recipients to share the credentials on social media. It’s super smooth with Certifier.

What else can Certifier do?

You can find there a wide selection of designs for different occasions. You name it. It’s not the only strong suit of Certifier. This certification platform comes with:

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bulk generator for creating dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of certificate without spending many hours

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credential management for tracking of all your certificates in one place

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tracking and analysis for checking how your certificates are being used and how popular they are

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design builder for making your certificates look impressive without artistic skills

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certificate distribution for sending out your certificates to everyone who should get one

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social sharing for allowing people to show their achievements to the world

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API for automating tasks and making things work together smoothly

Well-equipped and intuitive for users – that’s how one can describe the platform with just a few words.


Here you go – fifteen certificate templates you can use for your anger management training programs.

You don't need to be a computer genius or have sufficient skills in design to make these certificates work. With Certifier, you’re just a few clicks away from giving out a top-notch compliance certificate that everyone will be proud to show off. 

Give Certifier a try. Sign up and make your course certificates something to remember!


It's time to customize the anger management template to fit your brand. All within the intuitive builder!
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