15 Leadership Certificates Templates

Creating leadership award certificates may seem like a cherry on top of the task, but designing, distributing, and issuing certifications may cost you a lot of time and sometimes money if you are just at this early stage of figuring it out. However, it doesn’t have to be your case.

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Updated: July 03, 2024

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You want to thank leaders in your company. Maybe you’re putting together some kind of ceremony or meeting to celebrate and appreciate the great people you’re working with. Or you’re organizing a leadership course, and one of the last things on your to-do list is creating certificates – but it’s the easy part, right?


If your plan is to create certificates manually, write down every detail, come up with leadership award certificate wording, and send them one by one to every recipient, then… suddenly this part is not as easy as it seemed in the beginning.

Unless you create credentials with Certifier, a certificate generator, or use one of our amazing and editable leadership certificate templates. What’s more, you can send them with just a few clicks, no matter how big your group is. In that case, it is the easiest part! 

Check out our leadership certificate samples. All available for free.

Leadership certificate templates from Certifier you can use for free

Here, you’ve got only a sample of what you can choose from. But if it’s not your style and you need more designs, check out the leadership certificate template gallery.

The process of downloading free leadership certificate template from the Certifier library.

There’s an array of certificate templates for all occasions. All are customizable.

And in just 3 simple steps, they can be yours:

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Choose the certificate template

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Choose the format (Figma, Canva, Google Slides, Google Docs, PowerPoint and Word included)

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Download the template or sign up to Certifier and customize every detail

Create and Send CertificatesTake your digital certificate creation process to the next level!

01 Simple yet elegant leadership template


A great choice if you care about the simplicity of your award certificate. This certificate template is designed to celebrate outstanding leaders, and can be used in any context (business, school, charity, etc.) due to its versatility. Include the company logo, date, and the names of the people presenting the award. If you feel like it, write down a couple of words, a personal note on the certificate.

✍🏻 PRO TIP: Change the wording so it reflects your company values. You can get to know more about wording examples for certificates here.

Here are some leadership award wording examples that you can use/adjust:

Image icon

Congratulations on your outstanding leadership skills and how you inspire your team to achieve great results.

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Thank you for your dedication and hard work. You are a true leader.

Image icon

Congrats [Recipient Name]! This Leadership Award is for being an awesome leader who gets the best out of your team!

02 Sophisticated and stylish leadership training template

Leadership award certificate template free with majestic borders and elements.

Why don’t you make it a bit more sophisticated? The template has a beige certificate background and golden brown text (but you can change it to whatever color you want to). 

Its elegance appears within a column-like frame around the template. The font is minimalistic, keeping all the templates classy. The certificate contents are clearly presented and easy to read. The most important information is either bolded or in a bigger font.

🎨 PRO TIP: If you don’t find the specific design among the leadership certificate samples presented in the article, look for a design builder that lets users create any custom certificate design (like Certifier does). Make sure you can add your own elements, change colors and fonts. Also, check the interface – it should be very intuitive and easy to use, so nothing will interrupt your creativity flow.

03 Golden brown leadership certificate template

Brown leadership certificate sample with dark ribbon on the left with dedicated space for issue date and certificate ID.

This brown recognition certificate template is a sleek way to recognize someone's hard work and success. Our elegant certificate of leadership training template is the perfect choice! It features an appealing blend of color palettes that are pleasing to the eye.

Signatures from respected leaders confirm the authenticity and prestige of the award. Check out how to create a signature on your certificate!

📬 PRO TIP: Send a personalized certificate email containing your logo and brand colors with certificates that are sharable on social media. 

04 Royal-like leadership award

Leadership award certificate wording example with subtle patterns in the background.

Elegance, brightness, and grace – these are the free words best describing this template.

The clear layout spotlights the recipient's name and achievement. Authorized signatures add credibility to the award. Right next to them, there is an issue date and certificate number claiming it’s an authentic certificate.

🔐 PRO TIP: Choose your preferred format for issuing certificates, like PDF certificate files, and go for a certificate builder that lets you generate them without sending emails. But we recommend choosing the most secure option – sharing them via a dedicated digital wallet.

05 Funky-style certificate of leadership

Leadership award certificate with subtle decorative elements on the borders and a lot of space for details.

If you would like to create a fun style document, but the certificate creation process cares you off, opt for this leadership training template. It’s attention drawing, less formal than the previous ones, but still clear, and aesthetically pleasing.

The template celebrates the individual's active role and their ability to inspire others. With its vibrant colors and clear layout, the certificate highlights the recipient's name and their notable contributions.

​​🚀 PRO TIP: Certifier helps streamline the certificate distribution process. No matter what type of course, corporate training, or program you're hosting, Certifier’s online template editor ensures everything runs smoothly.

06 Modern style leadership award

Leadership certificate sample with traditional design and simple certificate elements like recipient's name and signatures.

Choose this achievement certificate template to make your awards ceremony memorable! It’s rather elegant, with a simple font.

The design features stylish swirls and a sophisticated look that makes the recipient's name and achievement stand out. The leadership award wording confirms the recipient's outstanding competence and dedication.

07 Modern leader certificate

Leadership training template with dark border and organized layout.

The attention-grabbing golden badge on the left tells everyone that the recipient is a medal-worthy leader. That is the message you want your leadership certificate sample to carry.

This leadership template shows how to design a certificate in a clear and modern way. The clean lines and bold text make this certificate look sharp and professional. The colors are coherent — blue-toned with a gold element adding sparkle.

08 Personalized leadership excellence 


Our personalized leadership certificate may be just what you're looking for. It comes with an intricate design that puts the spotlight on the certificate title and the recipient's achievements. Your certificate can feature a unique number and a QR code for easy verification. 

With its clean lines and detailed borders, it’s one of our most amazing certificates for true leaders.

💡 PRO TIP: Use a QR certificate code that can be attached to a certificate or diploma in the color matching your design. When scanned, the code accesses your website or leads to the digital wallet (you choose!).

09 Sassy and classy leadership award certificate

Leadership award certificate template free with golden elements and yellow background.

Our classy-looking certificate honors individuals who show great skills in managing teams and achieving goals. The design of our customizable certificates allows you to personalize each award to fit the recipient perfectly. 

It has elegant borders, a gold seal, and it stands out as a beautiful way to acknowledge achievements. You can count on our personal certificates to make any recipient feel special and recognized.

​​💡 PRO TIP: All certificates issued through Certifier come with unique credential IDs. Anyone can easily access the certificate URL and verify its legitimacy with a one-click verification process. 

10 Modern, clean, green leadership certificate template

Leadership award certificate with green borders, golden badge at the center and space for certificate description.

Our template combines professional certificate design with clear leadership award certificate wording to celebrate achievements with style. Although the template says about the internal course on effective negotiation, you can change the text in Certifier’s online editor. 

The minimalistic font and green frame around make it modern and presentable.

11 Golden swirls leadership certificate sample

Leadership certificate template with golden badge at the center and ornamental borders.

Need to recognize someone who excels at leading a team? Look no further than our Master of Leadership Excellence Award template. 

Our modern certificate is part of our leader award certificate template collection, ideal for those who are highly motivated and skilled in managing teams.

📊 PRO TIP: Don’t forget to monitor how your credentials are used closely. Track credential interactions, view engagement history, and generate detailed reports on credential usage. 

12 Stylish leadership template with a purple twist

Leadership award certificate with dynamic abstract elements on the left and dedicated tags for issue date and certificate ID.

It’s a blend of traditional certificate elements with a contemporary design – one of the top choices among our certificate template options.

Recipients will appreciate the bold, clear leadership award wording and the unique design, both timeless and stylish at the same time. Perfect for any leadership course, workshops, and training session.

Are you about to organize a training program at your workplace? We’ve got you covered with training certificate templates.

13 Blue-framed leadership certificate sample

Leadership award certificate template free with two sections, golden badge and space for a QR code.

This completion certificate template is perfect for managers who want to show off their skills in motivating teams and handling big decisions. The certificate looks neat and professional. You can get it in several file formats (Word and Figma included), so it's easy to use and share.

⚙️ PRO TIP: When you're issuing certificates in bulk at Certifier, you can use dynamic attributes to automatically customize each certificate with specific details such as the recipient's name, course name, or date of issue. The system pulls data directly from a spreadsheet, ensuring each certificate is personalized without needing individual edits.

14 Smart, sleek, stylish leadership certificate template

Formal leadership certificate template with ornamental patterns and a dimmed certificate background.

The certificate has a fancy border and a clear layout, making it elegant and easy to read. If you're looking for a certificate template suitable for serious professionals, this one is worth considering.

If you feel like another font is more suitable for this template, you can change it in a few clicks in the certificate builder.

👋 PRO TIP: You can also use digital badges. Embedded them in email signatures or shared on social media and professional networks like LinkedIn. Badges serve as a visual representation of skills or accomplishments and can be linked back to details about the criteria and verification of the achievement.

15 Vibrant leadership workshop template

Leadership certificate sample with golden elements and dedicated space for certificate ID and issue date.

Our modern-looking certificate of award recognizes leadership skills. This document stands out with its bright designs with colorful elements all around. Compared to other leadership workshop certificates, it’s on the less formal side.

The certificate lists all the important details like the issue date and the certificate ID, ensuring everything is official. 

💡 PRO TIP: See certificate design ideas to get inspired. Customize your design and use features like adding QR codes for security and verification. 

Get your own leadership certificate template

Make every leader feel valued and recognized with customizable certificate templates!

The process for leadership certificate generation with Certifier is super smooth and automatic. Choose among 1000+ templates, adjust to your needs, and send amazing certificates to people who truly deserve them.

Unlock the Certifier power & create leadership certificates the way you want
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